Monday, December 31, 2012

31122012 Hello New Year 2013

Bye 2012 Hello 2013! 

New Year New Year! 
I am so excited and happy! *don't know why* LOL..

Initially, I don't plan to write this post since this month I have published a lot! *I knew that, no choice festive season ma* Lol..But I just feel damn excited towards this new year so decided to make a post to write my new year resolutions! Hehe...*bare with me*

Laughter and sorrow happened throughout 2012..I am not sure I have grown up or not from the experiences that I've gained, but I appreciate and being grateful towards the happy matters that happened on me! 
I am a person who easily forget those bad stuff and remember happy stuff only! Haha..

By the way, I am still figuring a chinese idiom which is 知足常乐。People always complain their lives is painful and they are suffering, this and that, but if you think on the other side, at least our necessities being fulfilled, we are not living in hunger, we have lovely family, last but not least, we are healthy as always!

This doesn't mean I am a person who are easily satisfied..I am not..but I will tell myself don't force yourself too hard to achieve something that is not supposed to belongs to you, and not to worry about things that are yet to be happened. I believed every achievement that one's did will certainly need some paid off. Like they have to sacrifice their leisure time, their time with family, they have to work extra hours, contribute all their time to work to achieve what they want *such as accountant, no offence, but this is real..haha* and so on. There is no free lunch in the world, if you are expecting something, then be ready to pay off in return. 

You can certainly fight for it to achieve your goals, but while you are achieving, please don't forget to look around those who are supporting you, back you up and always be there for you to help you achieve your goals! *give them a kiss before 2013* lol..They are the one whom you need to treasure in your entire life..including family, friends, mentors and your loved one! 

Haha..I am like giving lecture, anyway it is just my thoughts, it may be different from yours, just carry on with what you think is right and make no regret with every decision that you make! Seriously, no regret..think twice before you make your decisions..:-)

My 2013 Resolutions *very important to me*
1. Be more discipline, no more procrastinating. *bad habit that follow me like 10 years already*
2. Be more grateful to the great things happening on me. ^^
3. Committed continually to my blog. *like giving oath like that* lol *you don't know self-satisfaction*
4. Figure out how was my route after I graduate. *I need to know to have some goals to target on*
5. Improving on my soft skills *presentation, public speaking skills* may be I should join Toastmaster! Lol..
6. Love my family extra much. *they are so lovely*
7. I want to go for Summer Program! Too bad..*time clash* If I can make it, it would be extra wonderful for 2013. :-)
8. Travel to some of the wish-list countries. *with friends, family or loved one~*
9. Make new friends. *I guess is quite hard for this* Haha..
10. I can be happy almost erm..all the time! Hehe..
11. Everyone is good in health, blessed, no accidents, no diseases, no death!
12. No war, say peace! ^^
13. Darling's dream come true! *bling*
14. Parent's business everything sun sun li li
15. Do more savings! *Is very hard with my super little tiny pocket money* T.T 

Haha..I know is a lot! Just hope everyone is doing great and lives happily, all your dreams come true!
Say Cheese~ 

Peeps, where are you going for countdown tonight? Hehe..I know I am having study week, but don't care need to be compensate with some playing time one if not no ouhm! So I am going for countdown tonight! Who's in? People who are still study or open their text book during new year eve night either is weirdo or nerdy..hehe! *jk jk* Aiya study one extra night won't get you to dean list one la..have fun! 


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