Sunday, September 30, 2012

Forever Craving for Penang Hawker Food

Hello, I am back in action! Missing in the past few day cz went for all these yummy food! See how good I am..bring my DSLR along just to share with all of you! Lol..those food that I posted today is all my favourite! If you never taken any of them then is really a loss! *Go for it after you read this* XD You just can't imagine how good it tastes! Food that I posted are hawker food so I am sure everyone can afford it. So you can have the max satisfaction and save your pocket money at the same time! *gulp* Everything below RM10! XD How good!!

Proudly announce to you the best Hokkien Mee in town!

My boyfriend and his friends always crave for it when they are in KL. When they back to hometown, they will definitely wake up early and rather wait for 45 mins to an hour just for a bowl of hokkien mee! Eat within 10 minutes and finish the soup! So now you can imagine how nice it is! Don't forget to mention, you have to come early to order and wait for at least 45mins to one hour plus for it. They usually open at 8 something then if you come after 9.45am they may tell you the soup finish already! Lol...this happens during weekends. Anyhow, is not that bad during weekdays, if you are lucky, 10am you can still be able to have one! They close on Tuesday.

Have plenty of hawker food, you may order others as you wish!
One Corner Cafe 和喜茶室

It located behind Penang Plaza, Burma Road and just beside Nagore Road.

You can turn in from Larut Road as well. (behind Hotel Royal)

Ta-daa! It really called Super Hokkien Mee! I am not exaggerate though. :) Last time it is located behind Lai Lai Supermarket at Burma Road. *Spot the two person having hokkien mee as well?* :)

It is served! With big prawns and the generous portion of meat, oh gosh, it tastes awesome! Especially the soup that full of the prawn flavour add on with the chili paste, you will just ignore how long you have been waiting! The first spoonful of soup will make you feel like you are in heaven! Lol..*Sorry for the exaggeration* Too excited even just thought of it! This is the large one, RM4.50. Ya it is quite expensive compared to other hokkien mee and seriously the price keep increasing. To me, it deserves this price with the large portion of noodles and the maximum satisfaction that I gained!

Dinner time
The Raja Uda Tomyam Mee branch located at Asia Cafe!

Noticed about it long ago that the other branch is opening in Penang but never tried it before cz it is too far away from my house. Then one day my family decided to go to Air Itam for dinner and it happened that the shop is closed so end up we dine in Asia Cafe. So I decided to try it out since I always heard people mentioned how nice is the Tomyam Mee in Raja Uda. Therefore, I ordered Tomyam Porridge for myself, recommended by Yvette.

Go straight from Chung Ling High School, direction towards Penang Hill. Then you will see this Asia Cafe beside this roundabout. 

Direction to Penang Hill.

It close on Wednesday! Happened before that I came but it closed. Disappoint me so much when I crave for it!

I love fried fish fillet the most! I always picked 4 to 5 pieces! Lol..

My Tomyam Porridge costs me RM6.50. Next time going to try dry Tomyam Maggi already. You can ask for more spicy then they will add cili padi in it. By the way, the minced pork is quite nice, you can add if you like it. I love the combination of porridge and tomyam! Lol..

Chun Yuen's version Tomyam Maggi Soup. RM7.50 per bowl. They said the mint tasted too strong, if you don't like you may request not to add it. The price depends on the ingredients you choose. The more and good ingredients you chose, the more expensive it gets. :p 

Dear's version of Tomyam Maggi Soup. RM8.50. The most expensive among us! 

After our Tomyam dinner, initially wanted to go for Kek Lok Si Laksa but close already so end up in McD! Eat again and of course some catch up session with our dear friend, Chun Yuen who came back from uni. Spent a great night with him just eating around. :) *Crazily fall for Chicken Mcnuggets*

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happiness delivered to you

Story of the day:

#1 You will be happy when you realized there are someone who are actually reading your blog.
#2 They don't even know you but what you have posted catch their attention.
#3 You are happier when both of you are strangers yet they are following your blog!

I would like to thanks those who follow me in my nuffnangX!! Ya although I know the number is little..*shame* but I am just too happy. You all motivate me to update my blog regularly because I know there are someone who reading it. I won't crap in my blog for the sake of update it and earning money through blogging. What I wrote mean something to me and I would like to mark it as a diary and share it to people. Now I understand why people like to blog, they just feel happy to share their stories with others. I even wish to write my daily routine as interesting as possible so I could share the happiness with people. Don't worry I will never crap here just for the sake of update it! I will appreciate for all your follows!
Love you all...:)


See who has come back! He don't like the photo here cz his hair looked so long..*he think so* like grass, he said! Lol..luckily I managed to have some off day during weekdays which I don't have class, all thanks to Dr Azizah for cancelled this week Service Marketing's tutorial! Lol...Cz his holiday always fall on my school days. Especially this end of the semester, I am having exam then he is having his semester break instead! *cry out loud*

Then we went to SenQ glance through all the smart gadgets. Oh my god! I fall for Samsung S3 already! So so much..For your information, I am a Apple users and I just bought my iPhone 4S half year ago during Chinese New Year, now I felt so bad for falling in love with S3! Don't you think their resolution is so high and the picture taken is so clear?! Boyfriend did told me that if I use S3 I may not know how to "operate" it cz I am a techno-noob..but I just don't want to bother cz I like the huge screen, clear picture taken with front cam! I don't play games often so don't bother about the apps! ><

I just feel that the Samsung S3 looked so BEAUTIFUL with me holding it! LOLOL!
*All these photos were taken by my 4S* =="

OMG with the resolution! Have to control myself! 

I even asked boyfriend whether he want to buy my 4S then I could top up some money to buy this S3!

Later on we went for movie since it is movie night. We picked Bait since we heard people said this is not bad, must watch movie, bla bla bla...but end up I don't think it met my expectations! The storyline is too simple, after the sharks died, then that's it! You can prepare to leave the cinema! And the front part I don't understand why the want to explain it for so long. That time I thought I have entered the wrong cinema. *double check with the tickets immediately* LOL! Sorry with the very disgusting picture! I have tried to minimize it already! Lol..

That is how I spent my Wednesday! At least something special due to Darling coming back, S3 experience and my movie night what! ><

By the way, today just done with my first real hand on Squash lesson! My is so damn HARD! TO ME! Gonna post about my affair with Squash soon! I hate and must love you at the same time! *cry*
Tomorrow gonna meet friend, have food hunt in Penang! Happy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something new to myself

Ahh I am so excited to come back again..Sometimes just feel excited to update my blog instead of lazy to do so..different from some others huh..LOL! 

Something to update from Penang! It has been raining for two days consecutively and it is so inconvenient to go to class when it is raining. I believe many people love raining when they are at home, enjoy the cool breeze, sleep..BUT we hate it rains before we to class, work or school. Anyhow I still love the rain once in a while in Penang, at least I won't feel that I am living in a microwave! But is pitiful when I saw exchange students walking to the class with their raincoat but the lecturer paste a notice out of the lecture hall stated CLASS CANCEL! Oh gosh..this is painful! It is worst when you are there, class cancel then they inform you another replacement class! =="

Yesterday is my first day attending my first ever Bahasa Malaysia IV class in university. I think I am the eldest in class to sit for the exam with majority second year students. Luckily I have met juniors in this class, if not with such a tough subject, I don't know who to talk to..T.T! When we first met the lecturer, the first word he tell us is "Subjek ini memang SUSAH! Paling susah di universiti!" *This subject is really TOUGH! The toughest one in university!* You know how scary it is when you have been informed to this? Hopefully I can still survive and please score better results for my coursework! 

You have any idea on what is Kata Pemeri? Either me...the one who will be sitting exam in the end of this semester! :(

I just realized that laman web is Kata Bahasa Inggeris! Lol

OMG! What the hell is all these? 
I haven't been taking Bahasa Malaysia for ages and now you tell me this is the toughest subject! 
p.s I still wish to graduate from the university! ><

Anyway I know I still have to face it! Every students in USM have to take this subject!

Don't talk about the sad thing..LOL! Yesterday is my first co-curriculum class! I am taking Squash this semester! Previous sports was Swimming, is a easy sports to take as co-curriculum if you know how to SWIM! Certainly! And I am able to FLOAT now after the Swimming course! Last time I am able to swim instead of if you throw me into the water I am not sure whether am I able to survive! Lol...

This squash class is much tougher than swimming, you must have strength, skills, stamina, speed and etc. *according to the instructor* I don't think I fulfilled the above requirements! Lol..Seniors even said this instructor is quite scary..! God bless us then! Squash squash here I come! *determined face*

Play your part as a student

Today is Universiti Sains Malaysia Campus Election 2012/2013

I am glad that I fulfilled my responsibility as a USM students by voting who should be elect to be the representatives of student council. Obviously, I have voted to my friends, not because of the reason they are my friends. I have seen how much efforts they put in their previous activities, even working with some of them before. I know how serious they are when they work.

I should tell some students out there, sometimes we shouldn't comment or judge people on how they do things if you never work with them. Sometimes they are being hot tempered because they just want things to turn out perfectly. Even I will be hard to go along with when you work with me. You will know how serious I am when you do activities with me. LOL..

I salute to the hard work they put since they decided to join the election of student council. I admit some people may said they are not sincere cz what they have been doing is to get something in return which is to win the election. But who else in the world do things without hoping something in return and do it voluntarily with heart? I am sure there must be a lot of people out there with this attitude, but in such competitive and realistic world, a fresh grad student may need something extra to impress the employers, may be involve in student council is one of their options?

Sometimes just feeling bad to see friends has been insulted by other students. I understand everyone may dislike certain people but sometimes if what you have comment is not true, it may hurt the person badly. Words may be too powerful until you may hurt someone unintentionally. What you dislikes you may just choose not to vote the person, instead of saying bad about that person in a public platform. You may have your right, but release your temper on your vote instead of insulting people in public. :( Anyhow he is not doing something really bad, I wonder have you work with him before, if not, why you hate him so much, he offended you before? LOLOL!!

Sorry I have no knowledge on what's the purpose of them being so aggressive on winning it or I have no idea what's the political issues that is hidden from this election. I am just voice out what I have seen so far by  myself. This is my second time voted for the campus, hopefully I get to vote for the third time before I graduate. Everyone, please go to vote for the respective candidates! Don't let your personal emotion to stop you from voting, what you have to do is just step out of your room, go to the cafeteria to vote for them. 

I wished the luck is with all my friends who are participating in this election. Don't be disappointed even though you are not winning, it is a learning process to you, may be you deserves better than this! :)
Good luck!

p.s No one asked or request me to post this. Is just my thought after all, please do not politicized it! Thanks! 

Story of the day: 

When I went for the voting, a lecturer of mine whom I worked with before, asked me whether want to be a PETAS active member or not. PETAS is a department formed by a group of students who are living out of the hostel, I have been staying in hostel for two years, this is my first time travelling back home everyday started since this semester. I am not sure whether he recognized me or not but I am shocked when he asked me about that. I reject him on the spot by telling him I have joined activities since first year and now is my third year, I wish to do something different instead of actively involved in activities again.
Seriously I wish to do something different in this semester, even though it is just a routine of going to class, assignment, studying, blogging, exercising or even hanging out with friends. I am happy to what I am doing now, I wish to achieve something different compared to the last two years. Successfully planning an event is not my ultimate satisfaction already. It has been the past, now I am planning and start thinking what will be the path ahead me. Planning everything for the future.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Irresistible Love Bites

NOM NOM! Craving for French Toast? You may visit to Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
I am not sure whether is there any restaurant in Penang that serve with French Toast, but so far I know is from Love Bites. It is very similar to the one that I had before in Dazzling Cafe, Taiwan. I guessed some of you might know Dazzling Cafe. Perhaps the owners may bring in the concept and improvised here.
From the crowd that came to the cafe, it proves that the owners has made the right choice as they bring in something that the locals like! Something new to us, French Toast!
Many people came because of the French Toast including us! Yvette Foo jio us to dine in with her!

This is the name card of Love Bites Fusion Cuisine. When the owner pass me this, I don't even realized it is a name card cz it is so tiny! You will bring it back naturally without even noticed it cz it is too cute and at the same time it can be a bookmark! :)

When I heard about this place, I thought the design is retro feel which is something like those restaurant located in Georgetown area. After my first visit, it proves that I am wrong.
The entrance of the restaurant, you may not realized where is this.

But after you have seen this, then you know, it is at Nagore Road! Saw Continental Bakery? Is always my favourite! When you guys go to Love Bites during afternoon, you may go to Continental as well to grab some breads or their famous egg tart! :)

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine is between La Mei Zi and Piknik! Another hang out spot!

Even the sign is in Love Shape! Love is in the air~
Remember guys, they close on Tuesday! So make sure you go on the right day to avoid disappointment.

Interior with cosy ambience and dim lighting. Please be aware that the restaurant is quite small so make sure you have make reservation before you come during night time or weekends. 

The second part of the restaurant. You can see how much effort the owner put and concern about every single details of the restaurant, the tables, chairs, furniture and even the coaster. Hopefully the customers handle everything with care and don't spoil it!

The coaster. Very nice and girly indeed. 

Food served and we are happy girls.
Left to Right: Yuet Ying, Yvette, Jo, Sheau Jeng and Wan Theng

The French Toast served. The signature dessert of Love Bites Fusion Cuisine

Impression of Love (Strawberry Flavour) RM18.90

Half Block of Toast stuffed in stick toast and strawberry ice cream, full of strawberries, puree, and drizzled with White Chocolate. It's born for all berries lovers.

This is the one that I had in Dazzling Cafe, Taiwan. Same strawberry flavour as well. I would think that they still have to put tons of efforts for the dessert they served. Presentation is customer's first impression towards it. Frankly speaking, I don't think I will pay my second visit to Love Bites again. To me, the toast is way too sweet and the bread is very hard. I don't even dare to try the same dessert from Fa Guo Shan in All Season Place, Farlim cz they leave me bad impression after I tried it from Love Bites. 

I would rather wait till my next visit to Taiwan then go back to Dazzling Cafe although the price is much expensive than this. :-)

With my beloved ex-roomie, Yvette Foo! Aww..I miss "sleeping" with her so much! T.T

The second French Toast that we ordered. 

Temtation of Love (Green Tea Flavour) RM18.90
Half block of toast stuffed in Stick Toast with the perfect match of Red Bean, Green Tea Crumble, and Macha ice-cream, Sesame Marsh Mellow drizzled in Caramel Glazed. It is quite Decadent and Tasty. 

p.s They have three types of Toast but we ordered only two of them. The other one is cheese flavour. You can come to try it yourself if you are a cheesie-lover! To have cheese in toast is kinda weird to us.

We went there mainly for French Toast that is why we didn't order any main course. So couldn't share it with you all. By the way, the owner told us 5pm to 7pm is the time that they usually served with French Toast. If you come after 7pm, they may reject your order on French Toast as they are busy preparing customers' order on main course. For your information, the French Toast preparation time is about 30 minutes.

I personally think that the food is quite pricey cz I have seen from other's food and the portion is kind of small. You may come and evaluate by yourself. And this restaurant is suitable for girl's outing or a short catch-up session with your friends.

You may contact them for further details or reservations,
Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
11, Jalan Nagore, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-228 6188

Business Hour: 12pm to 11pm (Weekdays and Saturday) 3pm to 11pm (Sunday)
Closed on Tuesday
Love At First Bite