Sunday, September 30, 2012

Forever Craving for Penang Hawker Food

Hello, I am back in action! Missing in the past few day cz went for all these yummy food! See how good I am..bring my DSLR along just to share with all of you! Lol..those food that I posted today is all my favourite! If you never taken any of them then is really a loss! *Go for it after you read this* XD You just can't imagine how good it tastes! Food that I posted are hawker food so I am sure everyone can afford it. So you can have the max satisfaction and save your pocket money at the same time! *gulp* Everything below RM10! XD How good!!

Proudly announce to you the best Hokkien Mee in town!

My boyfriend and his friends always crave for it when they are in KL. When they back to hometown, they will definitely wake up early and rather wait for 45 mins to an hour just for a bowl of hokkien mee! Eat within 10 minutes and finish the soup! So now you can imagine how nice it is! Don't forget to mention, you have to come early to order and wait for at least 45mins to one hour plus for it. They usually open at 8 something then if you come after 9.45am they may tell you the soup finish already! Lol...this happens during weekends. Anyhow, is not that bad during weekdays, if you are lucky, 10am you can still be able to have one! They close on Tuesday.

Have plenty of hawker food, you may order others as you wish!
One Corner Cafe 和喜茶室

It located behind Penang Plaza, Burma Road and just beside Nagore Road.

You can turn in from Larut Road as well. (behind Hotel Royal)

Ta-daa! It really called Super Hokkien Mee! I am not exaggerate though. :) Last time it is located behind Lai Lai Supermarket at Burma Road. *Spot the two person having hokkien mee as well?* :)

It is served! With big prawns and the generous portion of meat, oh gosh, it tastes awesome! Especially the soup that full of the prawn flavour add on with the chili paste, you will just ignore how long you have been waiting! The first spoonful of soup will make you feel like you are in heaven! Lol..*Sorry for the exaggeration* Too excited even just thought of it! This is the large one, RM4.50. Ya it is quite expensive compared to other hokkien mee and seriously the price keep increasing. To me, it deserves this price with the large portion of noodles and the maximum satisfaction that I gained!

Dinner time
The Raja Uda Tomyam Mee branch located at Asia Cafe!

Noticed about it long ago that the other branch is opening in Penang but never tried it before cz it is too far away from my house. Then one day my family decided to go to Air Itam for dinner and it happened that the shop is closed so end up we dine in Asia Cafe. So I decided to try it out since I always heard people mentioned how nice is the Tomyam Mee in Raja Uda. Therefore, I ordered Tomyam Porridge for myself, recommended by Yvette.

Go straight from Chung Ling High School, direction towards Penang Hill. Then you will see this Asia Cafe beside this roundabout. 

Direction to Penang Hill.

It close on Wednesday! Happened before that I came but it closed. Disappoint me so much when I crave for it!

I love fried fish fillet the most! I always picked 4 to 5 pieces! Lol..

My Tomyam Porridge costs me RM6.50. Next time going to try dry Tomyam Maggi already. You can ask for more spicy then they will add cili padi in it. By the way, the minced pork is quite nice, you can add if you like it. I love the combination of porridge and tomyam! Lol..

Chun Yuen's version Tomyam Maggi Soup. RM7.50 per bowl. They said the mint tasted too strong, if you don't like you may request not to add it. The price depends on the ingredients you choose. The more and good ingredients you chose, the more expensive it gets. :p 

Dear's version of Tomyam Maggi Soup. RM8.50. The most expensive among us! 

After our Tomyam dinner, initially wanted to go for Kek Lok Si Laksa but close already so end up in McD! Eat again and of course some catch up session with our dear friend, Chun Yuen who came back from uni. Spent a great night with him just eating around. :) *Crazily fall for Chicken Mcnuggets*

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