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Hey guys,

If you are new here, I will tell you briefly about myself.

Back in year 2012, I am totally new to blog and have no idea at all what's bloggers and blogs. Audrey *fourfeetnine* is the first blogger that I stumble upon in blogoshpere. Reading back the post she shared about her university days in the States makes me think why not I join this community to share about my university life and my thoughts.

I started to blog since Year 3 in university. The thing that I come across the most is food. So in the beginning, most of my blog post is evolving around restaurant and cafe.

As time goes by, I shared about my travel experiences, beauty reviews, shopping hauls, so on and so forth. Then, I slowly discovered my passion on blogging. Along the way, I received sponsored post and invited review as well. Feel so blessed!

In the meantime, I am having my internship in KL. Thus, I need to give more commitment in blogging apart from my work. Is never easy to blog while working. Guess I need to find a balance over it.

You can read THIS to tell you why I blog!

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  1. Yea..I am glad that I studied in Saints and joined BOL!

  2. hahaha hello Guen De Line... underline underline... hahaha =p

    1. Hi there! :-) Strange name huh? Haha..