Friday, November 29, 2013

Funny post with Guen's on Intern #3!

Talaa...I was very moody few days back..but after yesterday outing with the sweetheart Mei Xun, I was feeling much better d!


Moody because I have received my offer letter..The very turn off offer letter that needed me to work since the 4th day of Cny, which means Chu 3 I need to head down to KL! What's life?!!! Okay..this is life! Working life..Guendeline, say bye to student life, say hi to working life!


I am so upset when I knew this..Wai Yee was sitting beside me and I keep petting her arm..telling her.."I need to start working on the 4th day of Cny..I am extremely down..I need one week to recover..bla bla bla.."

Then back home still very told my mum, she looks kind of upset too cz the first time her daughter leaving home to work *for so long, apparently only come back once in a while* and need to leave during cny..Chinese New Year is the longest holiday my parents had in a year so they certainly hope their children can be around, but shit me, first internship aka job, to me, need to leave home in chu 3! Not even have time for gathering with my relatives and bf's relatives!

"Guendeline, welcome to the corporate world! Congratulations!"
*Big big ang pau aka red packet for me*

Anyway good thing la..received offer letter..meaning you are not jobless and someone wants you..should be happy then..I received two offers from FMCG, two offers from Advertising agency, ended up I pick one of the FMCG. Great! Problem solved! I'm totally ok now..kind of excited that I am working soon and work with the company that I pray hard I could get in some day. 

That night itself I date Mei Xun out..have a heart to heart talk together on Thursday since many of my assignment submission date has been postponed to next week! Lol..*procrastinate mode on again lo* =="

We went to Lunarich for lunch, I still love their lunch menu, free flow salad and soup. Not taking pictures for that.

Then decided to go Brown Pocket since everyone hype about that. I didn't order immediately cz I plan to browse through the #brownpocketdessert pictures people hash tag in Instagram, but I don't find anything pleasing. So after Mei Xun finished her Americano, we went to Chocolate Passion! Hehe..she told me there is a dessert named Chocolate Bomb, if not mistaken is from Chocolate Passion cz we can't find it from Brown Pocket menu.

This is the one that we mentioned! Although priced the same like dessert in Brown Pocket but I find it more creative in terms of presentation la, brown pocket is overrated..sien..only waffle, ice cream, whip cream and that's it. Sorry I don't buy


I have the video of pouring hot chocolate into this dessert in my Instagram account. @guendeline

It ended up like this. Haha..


The happy us!


Splendid view and comfy place! Love this..I will come again for their chocolate drinks. Looks tempting! Hehe..Great hangout place! 


Then later on I told Mei Xun we go Sephora before heading off! Guess what..they are having 20% member sales storewide! Crazy shopping spree! I can't resist when it comes to cosmetics and skin care..luckily I work for the right industry! Lol..I know the consumer I am one of them of course I understand clearly! Lol..


Flake Away scrub present from my dear Sin Wah..thanks dear! Bliss lid+lash wash make up remover I have mentioned how awesome it is in my previous post with eye make up remover swatches, read it if you haven't! The best eye make up remover in town! Then Tarte primer! Really impressive..I did a comparison in the store with other products swatches..think it is better than Benefit! This is the only waterproof primer in Sephora! Yayy..finally bought myself a primer!

I will go with mummy again..she wants to buy Clinique skin care..20% off leh..must buy if you use them! Yet point accumulated! *evil grin* girls always have tons of excuses when it comes to shopping! When I called Mr. Yeap told him about that, you know what he said...

Me: Dear ah, I am in Sephora! They have 20% member sales storewide ah! I am going crazy soon! 
Him: Very easy ah, turn around and leave the shop lo..
Me: ==" oh ok..

End this post with our #selfie! I am totally fine now..will utilize my time in Penang spend with my beloved family and friends! Love and miss them loads! I rarely update my blog recently because I think too much..I thought I shouldn't post for the sake of publish and gain traffic..I should publish anytime when I wish! You don't wish to read low quality and crap post right..haha!


Planning a trip before start working..I can foresee I won't have time for travel in the coming days. ><

Actually I wanted to publish about a post namely the Instagram account that you shall not have been uploaded in Flickr d but not sure whether to upload it or!

Anyway anyone in Dayre? Followed Read my previous post if you have no idea what is this! you guys! XoXo!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who's On Dayre?!

Peepo, I am here to update a very quick post about Dayre!

Many of you who are obsessed about social media have been noticed about Dayre but don't bother to install cz some said they have too many commitments in social media. Indeed, I have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Imotiv and now I have Dayre! Bare with me this social media maniac. Lol..

Initially I refused to install but later on feel like giving it a try then if I don't like I may delete it anytime. All in all, I got so hooked up to Dayre. Lol..but you must have a bunch of friends who are updating it daily then only you will have fun doing it. So here I am to share with you briefly about this app! :-)

This is a mini-blogging app which allows you to share all sorts of things like a mini diary of yourself to others. User friendly and it doesn't crashed on my phone. 

This is the home page of Dayre. 
Choose any type of updating tools from the home page for example post a status as quote, upload a picture with words, upload a video with words, add a sticker describing your mood, and last but not least tag a location with updating some words. 

You are allowed to update every single post with maximum of 500 words. If you wanted to write more or update more pictures, then go back to your home page, choose a new tool again then write your story. It will sync as one day post. 


The one beside the home page icon is updates of the stories from the people you followed. You can keep track with other's daily activities. How good! I called it as "kaypo apps"..haha..stalk at others so conveniently but that is how social media serves right? 

Ok la I know this will reveal more about yourself to others then you will think about security reason or whatsoever. But at the same time, you can connect with your friends more closely and have a greater bonding if both of you are in different places studying or working. 

If I have a friend study in UK I don't mind reading his/her stories as a student studying abroad. They may upload pictures of their campus, food, travel, or any daily activities. I will be glad reading it and comment to keep in touch with them. We support each each in a virtual way! *wink*


Click the left icon with the 3 horizontal lines then it will lead you to this page. 

Your settings, explore page to look for your friends *look for me by typing guenxgwen in the explore page under blogs*, and notifications. Yup..Louis, Jaimie, Siew Phing and my secondary school friend Lay Yin are using as well! We need more friends here! Come and join us and be a active user! :p


Click on the bottom arrow in home page then it will lead you to your home page. 


Update on my breakfast in Dayre! 

I still write more words la..not spamming your wall only by writing "My breakfast RM6.20!" Lol..


Go to the bottom of your home page, there are like, comment and share column. Click left it will lead you to the previous day. Click right is the next day. 


You can have a bigger picture of weekly updates. 


And monthly updates. Very user friendly. :-)


It is still very new in the App Store. Install Dayre then we see each other there. 

Find me with the name: guenxgwen in explore page. 


If I know you and you followed me, I promise I will follow you back! :-)


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tears of Happiness or Unhappiness?

Actually I'm quite upset now.

I know it has been so damn long for never updating my blog and I have tons of work waiting for me to get them done once I arrived in Penang.

I know it is my fault for procrastinating all the assignments and do it so last minute but that is part of student life right? Rarely heard someone said they have completed one or two weeks ahead before the submission date. If you are one of them, you deserve to be credited.

I'm so upset reason being my 17 years of student life has almost come to an end. I know I should be anticipating the excitement of working life and is time to step out of my comfort zone to unleash the potential in me.

Ya I should be glad that I got short listed and successfully enter the company that I am desired for BUT at the same time it tells you, hectic life begins soon and welcome me with a big big hand. Oh gosh..right after my intern then that's it, the real working life is awaiting me.

Apparently I left 2 weeks before submission deadline of 5 to 6 assignments *next weekend heading to Ipoh with course mate, if I am not joining then I have no idea when will be the next meet up*, 5 weeks before study week begins, 8 weeks before my 15 days of holiday begins *but I don't think I have any time for travel as I need to prepare for accommodation and settled down in KL before the internship starts on 1st of Feb*, 10 weeks before my internship starts then..bye bye student life! 


I should be given enough time to get me mentally prepare about this since I'm doing 4 years course but don't know why at this moment I don't really feel like leaving. May be staying in comfort zone for too long already. :-(

My internship will be damn hectic and busy, I don't know whether am I going to have time to juggle between work, blog, personal interest, relationship, family, so on and so forth.

Guen, finally, the day has come. If you have never counted how many days left, you wouldn't know how much time you still left spending in university.

Things that you want has come true. Working in your desired company, manage to see your bf nearly everyday, new life begins.....but why are you not happy instead?

Perhaps I need more time to get used to it. Transition period I would say. Ok, transition period..luckily I have him and my family who always back me up. Thanks to my family who has always been a great supporter for me. My mum is more nervous than me when I went for the interview. She really hope to see me doing well in my career. I hope I did not disappoint her and my dad.

Appreciate for all the opportunities given. I'm blessed to have 4 years interesting university life, interesting and lovely people that I have met, thanks for the guidance and toleration from all the lecturers, thanks for giving me this learning platform which allows me to groom myself and grow at the same time. With all these experience gained, it leads me to work with the company that I'm desired for.

How about you? Have you reflected what you have done in this 4 years? Have you found the company that you love to work with? What do you think you will miss after leaving USM? I'm gonna walk around to snap the beautiful campus before leaving.

I will try to do my best to juggle between so many things after settled down in KL. Give me some time to step out of my comfort zone. Is time to grow. 

p/s draft this post with iPad mini. So convenient! Easier for me to blog anytime, anywhere with wifi connected. ^^

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary, My Love!

Play this while reading the post! Hehe..


I think I should draft the entire trip to KL celebrating my anniversary with the love instead of the anniversary dinner only. :-) He bought flight ticket fly me to KL instead of me going there by bus but I still prefer to travel by bus. Lol..quite troublesome as I need to go KL Central by Skybus and it is quite a distance. He is working so he can't pick me up from LCCT.

On the 24th October 2013 which is the exact date of our anniversary. Fly fly fly...

Bye bye Penang!


See you after few!

Aloha Penang bridge!

Uncle Jang dinner! Not as good as the first time we dine in. May be I compare it with the authentic korean food after came back from Seoul! Lol..Some of the pictures uploaded below actually keep for ourselves but ended up uploaded here. Impulsive decision la..><

Including this! Lol..

After dinner, we go KL city "long kai". Then pass by Texas Chicken bukit bintang so he went in to buy one set to share among us! Damn full and fattening lo I tell you! Unhealthy! But very sweet of him!

Tadaa the yummy Texas Chicken! Will go again!

The picture of me without eyebrow! Eyes bloated like what! Haha..


On the 25th October 2013, dress up to fetch the love from work then dinner together. 

Traffic jam selfie time

I tell you lo! I have no idea what to have for my anniversary dinner. Initially we picked home dining but unfortunately it is full booked so I was searching around then at last decided to go for international buffet in The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur since they have everything! =="  

Love my food! International buffet have everything! Haha..

Here comes pictures with my camera. So better quality of pictures. 

Yummy! I love the duck breast! He told me high cholesterol! But I really love that la. Anyway expensive food, I won't take them so often so don't bother la. Eat as much as I like! :-)


Omg I damn love this plate! Tempura! The mini octopus and scallop! Super super love!!!

See..I take my duck breast and scallop again! Lol..

They will cook you pasta on the spot! My squid ink carbonara pasta! Hehe..

Again my octopus and scallop! Tell you how much I love them! 


Ahh..take as many macaron as you want! Macaron feast! First time seeing buffet provide macaron as dessert! 


I never love macaron cz to me it is too sweet and nothing special. I think the last time I tried is from Komugi Cafe *too sweet and nothing else* but this one is so delicate and I just love the thin crust with the soft filling in it! Awesome!


Rare moment trying macaron cz it is too expensive!

Their dessert is too yum but too bad I'm bloated! We both agree that I eat more than him! Lol..I'm super in love with this mousse dessert! Forgot what it names! Hehe..


The happy darling is receiving his anniversary present!


I'm thinking what to have for this 5th anniversary pressie. I have not given him present for so so long already cz seriously I don't know what to buy. At last I saw this! Hehe..transforming our instagram picture into magnet! Personally I think this is not a expensive gift but special la..for future fridge decoration purpose! Lol..

The most left picture is my first Instagram picture! :-) Hope you like it! 




Saturday we decided not to "nua" at home so go for a movie in the evening. 


I was craving for Steven's Corner Maggi Goreng so is enough for the fine dining food and so on! I miss street food! Haha..

Very yummy rendang chicken nasi lemak

My Maggi Goreng Kambing! So huge portion! But very nice la..:-)

And this super awesome Roti Telur Cheese for sharing! But later on this big eater Yeap Wai Kin go order a maggi goreng biasa for himself! Lol..

We watched Escape Plan on that night with the complimentary birthday treat from GSC movie. Haha..I thought Escape Plan is a plain, completely flat macho movie but surprisingly I love the story about prison breaking! 

The next day which is Sunday is my time going back! Aww..thanks for everything dear! I seldom sounds so allow me to be cheesy in this post! Anyway is our 5th anniversary post leh..haha! XD

Thanks to my love! 

Before leaving, again don't know what to eat, then we try to crash GK hawker to see whether my favourite butter chicken stall is open! Finally, IT IS OPEN! Wah..wait till my neck long d! I super duper miss this taste!!! 

Aww love it! 

Then chu char before I leave! Haha..street food is still my love la..I wonder how can people have fine dining almost every meal, they missed out a lot la, peeps!

Was craving for the sotong! Hehe..

We reached early in LCCT so chilling in Coffee Bean but the air condition is like not functioning. =="

Thanks darling for every everything! Despite of ups and downs, you always give me your best and cares me like nobody does! I love you so so much! All the best in your undertakings and love you as always!