Friday, March 15, 2013

Signature Bamboo Charcoal BBQ Pork Burger @ Stacks Burger Georgwtown

Aloha tonight I am back with the long awaiting food review! ^^ *excited*

Has been so long since the last update on food post..hence this update must be a special one! 

Bamboo Charcoal BBQ Pork Burger!


Recently charcoal bun is a hit huh?! Many places selling it including New York Pizza which is somewhere located in Sg. Dua. The trend is originated from MyBurgerLab in KL if I'm not mistaken but no worries now you can have it in Penang!! Stacks Burger has it all! 


Walter, the griller! 
He is my junior when I am in Saints! Proud to be the ex-Xaverians! Lol..BOL rocks!! Haha..


Checking on the heat..make sure it is perfectly cooked! :-)


Sorry to make you hungry at this hour! Haha..


Adding their signature house made smoke BBQ sauce!
Miki loves their flavourful sauce so much and we think it makes the overall taste more robust! *thumbs up*


Stacks Burger Menu.
Today is the fourth day of them launching their stacking business so pork burger is the first and only burger served yet other patties will be introducing soon.
You shall like their Facebook Page for latest updates on their new patty launch!


The bamboo charcoal fresh made daily without preservatives. Don't know why I always think that the bun is very "chubby" due to the fluffiness! Lol..

I know you may think it doesn't make sense to relate chubby and the bun at the same time but I seriously felt so ma..haha! Alright..ignore me! ><


Smoked BBQ Pork Burger with Bamboo Charcoal Bun RM8.80
stack-ons egg RM1
The juicy hand crafted pork patty is sandwiched between two bamboo charcoal bun, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, tartar sauce, smoke BBQ sauce and fresh coral lettuce. The moist pork patty is served without MSG and house made by them.

If you crave for more, you may request for double patties and it just cost you RM3.80 for an additional pork patty!


Yayy! My partner-in-crime for charcoal pork burger hunting! Thanks for the company!
We love the black colour charcoal bun..hohoho!



Can't wait to try it out huh? you go for the location.

They have moved to a new place at Siam Road. This post was written based on the old address.
So here is the new place. It was located opposite SO Hotel. Do you know the famous Siam Road Char Koey Teow? If you know where is it then you can probably see Stacks Burger!

Be sure to be there before 8.30pm cz it may sold out if you reach late. They are selling fast although the business hour stated until 11pm. So be quick if you want to try out the freakinlicious pan grilled smoke BBQ pork burger! 

Some of the pictures taken from Stacks Burger Facebook Page! All photos are credited to them! 

It looks real yummy right?

Visit to their Facebook Page for more! :-)

Call for reservation
Stacks Burger
89, Siam Road,
10400 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 016-441 9721
Business Hour: 6.30pm to 11pm from Wednesday to Monday
Closed on Tuesday


  1. haha nowadays really all sort of burgers also got.

  2. everywhere! But glad to see F&B industry in Penang growing rapidly! Is a good sign..healthy competition..:-)

  3. I must confess I have never eaten before at a Charcoal BBQ restaurant. But by your pictures, the meals looks very appetizing so I am definitely willing to try it and will hopefully enjoy it! Thanks!

    1. Hi, anyway the burger still far from my liking because after I've tried other burger out there I would think there are still room of improvement for stacks burger, the pork is too soft to me. If you happen to try that out one day, share with me how do you think about it! Anyway nice to meet you! :-)

  4. at my hometown, there's a cafe which share the lot of sunflower cake house serve from 6pm till midnight. of course they are pork free but they do serve it with other bun beside bamboo charcoal and they also had another branch in gurney paragon food court which is also serving spaghetti and only one type of bun available. ps: they also got ostrich meat beside beef or chicken