Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Most Fascinating Pureology New Strength Cure

Welcome to the World of Pureology! 

How many of you have heard about Pureology? I fall deeply in love with Pureology the first time after I discovered what is it about! 

Pureology is a coloured care shampoo that has anti-fade complex that helps colour-treated hair retained its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with every use. Most of the time when you buy shampoo, is either coloured care shampoo or hydrate shampoo, you wouldn't see a shampoo that is targeted specifically for coloured treated hair. Pureology is the first ever haircare that has it! Shampoo that retained your hair colour, at the same time provide custom care for every hair type! Great isn't it? Hold on, this is only the first best part about Pureology! 

Let's go on to have a tour at Pureology Strength Cure Press Launch in GTower! Strength Cure is the latest range from Pureology that offers you extraordinary colour protection at the same time ultimate strength and absolute softness! 


The press launch was a garden themed and everyone have been asked to attend with Tiffany blue attire.



Display corner to showcase the fragrances that are available in Strength Cure. 


Guests get to pick flowers to bring back home! So much love from the team! 


On top of that, they get to bring home the personalised signatory fragrance of Pureology lotion with them!


Did you spot Astaxanthin at the middle left corner? 
Astaxanthin is one of ingredients used in Strength Cure. 

What is Astaxanthin? 
It is one of the most powerful antioxidant with up to 500 times the antioxidant action of Vitamin E, and is 10 times more powerful than beta carotene. 
Apparently, Astaxanthin is used in anti-aging skincare brands, in fact, Strength Cure marks the first time this unique antioxidant has been used in the haircare market! 

Imagine having skincare ingredients in haircare products? Most pampering ever! 


Not forget to mention, 
Pureology is 100% vegan formulas are made with plant extracts bring together nature and indulgence!
Zero sulphate shampoo are formulated with naturally derived coconut, corn and sugar to gently cleanse while maximizing colour retention!
AntiFade Complex includes essential antioxidants to defend against colour-fading free radicals, plus full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to help colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy!
No animal testing!

Last but not least,  
Dual benefit Formulas provide custom care for every hair type, from volume to hydrate to smoothness and more!


Media and celebs are arriving. 



Celebrities that have been using Pureology prior to the launch! 

Celebs who adore Pureology very much, they are Ning Baizura, Nadine Ann Thomas, Deanna Yusoff, Tung Mei Chin, Belinda Chee, Patricia K, JoJo Struys, Genevieve, Chelsia Ng, Vanida Imran, Lexie, Ong Ai Leng and Lina Teoh.


Picture with Vanida, Ning Baizura, Deanna Yusoff and Joyce. :-) I love my bouquet of flowers! 


New Strength Cure is the perfect hair system for all consumers with micro-scarred damaged, especially those that colour treated their hair. 

Before and after. 


Introducing New Strength Cure system for micro-scarred/damaged, colour-treated hair. Formulated with exclusive Asta-Repair including Astaxanthin, that can be customize to ensure perfect balance of the internal restructuring strength and Pureology signature velvet touch! 

From left:
Strength Cure Shampoo 230ml RM78 Concentrated sulphate-free base
Strength Cure Conditioner 230ml RM85
Strength Cure Masque 150g RM115 Ceramide-rich masque formula
Strength Cure Split End Salve 50ml RM80 "The Healer" Apply to ends 
Strength Cure Fabulous Length 100ml RM88 *Star Product*"The Protector" Apply to mid-lengths to end 


The very signature aromatherapy scents that Pureology has! 
The moment you wash your hair, you will first expose to freesia and lavender fragrance. 
After a while, it will turns into floral, creamy and peachy smell. 
After a few hours, you will eventually expose to the bottom notes fragrance! 
Amazing isn't it? 

Have you fallen in love with Pureology already? 


The results after one use of Strength Cure. 


Love Pureology as much as I do? 
Visit to your nearest Pureology authorized salon! Bare in mind, Pureology is not available in drugstores such as Watson or Guardian. It is selling exclusively in professional hair salon. 

You may randomly visit a salon nearest to you to see whether are they selling Pureology! 
Happy shopping! 

p/s Leave me a comment if you need further clarification! :-)


  1. Great post about Pureology! May I know other than G Tower, which hair salon or shopping centre in KL is selling their products?

    1. Hi Sharon, G Tower is not selling Pureology products, just happened that the media launch held there. Come to your question, as long as you see any salon window display that has Pureology products meaning they are selling them. A Cut Above Salon or Centro Salon are selling Pureology products. Quite many salons are selling it. :-)

    2. Oh I see~ Thx so much for taking your time to reply me!! ^-^