Thursday, February 28, 2013

Favourite pick of the month:February

I know I haven't update my blog for some time already cz I am actually very free nothing much to do so nothing much to update. Lol..and school just started last week so tutorial haven't begin yet. I even have time to watch movie alone..haha! Darling say if friends see me in mall they will think I emo. Lol..

By the way, I watched Beautiful Creatures, so so nia..but the story line kinda special la. It is an American romantic fantasy film based upon the bestseller novel! The story is about a supernatural drama centred on a local teenager and the mysterious new girl in town who uncover dark secrets about their respective families. 

I thought Amanda Seyfried casting in fact it is Emmy Rossum. As usual she is pretty in the movie. :-) The poster catch my attention, don't you think it looks very beautiful? 

This is the trailer, don't freak out by looking at the preview of video. No horror nothing. Don't worry! Sorry if I scared you! :p Unintentionally..I couldn't find any extended trailer clip already. Paiseh..hehe! You just think it is spider web la..haha!

Ok, time to share with you about my favourite pick of the month. January! 
If possible next time I will share things that I bought la. ^^

 photo IMG_1942_zps0835513b.jpg

Yeah! Showing you my Valentine's pressie! Hehe..he never buy such expensive gift for me before. I appreciate it a lot! It doesn't mean he must buy me expensive pressie then only I appreciate but I don't have a watch so he decided to buy me one. We survey and asking around. 

After considering, we think that Tissot is worthy than fashion watch cz all their watches are sapphire glass..I prefer sapphire glass so I think very worth la! it so so so so *x100 times* much! Thanks dear! I love you! 

 photo IMG_1743_zps5c17f082.jpg

Then Darling's turn! His valentine's pressie! His wallet spoiled d so I bought him wallet as present. Love the design so much lo..and he is happy with his wallet! Both of us love our present so much!! 

Actually valentine's is not an important festive to us, we don't have any fine dine dinner, in fact he see I don't have a watch and his wallet spoiled already then only we buy pressie for each other. ;-)

 photo IMG_1828_zps755f4800.jpg

Bought Maybelline Babylips Lip Balm! Love the pink colour. After applied it will turn into pink colour, so my lips no longer pale now! Hehe..

Then bought Canmake Lip "..." I don't know it should be called lip gloss, lip butter, lip stain or they have too many names already..I can't remember what is this called! Lol..

 photo IMG_1975_zps6bd8c28c.jpg

Currently doing embroidery when I am free! watch in china or hk drama those girls do at home when they have nothing to do ah..haha! Chinese called 刺绣. 

Very ladylike hor..:p haha..nowadays not much people want to learn d..feel like I am belongs to that century! Lol..I learnt it when I worked part time, a china sifu taught me..hehe! Anyone want to learn, tell me, if you don't mind, I can teach you..haha! 

 photo IMG_2155_zps83fb6d07.jpg

And I play Candy Crush as well! Finally know how to play! Haha..last time just simply click will think twice! Sometimes really pek cek with the chocolate! Trust me everyone who play Candy Crush hate chocolate VERY much! Lolol..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Woody Cafe.Homemade Patty Handburger

Yesterday was walking alone at Georgetown looking for some nice place to have my dinner. 

Walked all the way from Campbell Street to Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling near to Eu Yan Shang. 

Finally stopped by Woody Grill Cafe. Actually I saw some cafes along the way like Cafe 55, Nostalgie, Micke's Place, Rainforest Bakery but most of them are selling sandwiches, coffee, pasta and so on. I don't want to have sandwich as my dinner fact that should be order as brunch! Haha..

Woody Grill Cafe just located a few steps away from Sip & Chew. The price isn't that expensive so decided to give it a try. :-)


Basically this is the only types of burger that they bacon or anything..only chicken, beef and mutton patty. 



Nowadays, most of the cafe have their menu written on the blackboard. It is easier for them to update the menu regularly.


Yeah! My burger is served! Erm..I ordered single beef patty. *can't finish twin patty la, fat die me ah* I am so unhealthy! Showing you guys this kind of food..full of meat! Lol..

It tasted not bad la..but I think is a bit salty perhaps due to the beef patty. Overall still not bad..:-)


The interior decoration. Oldies. 


Spotted HSBC Bank at Bishop Street! *in the picture* :p


The server bring me to visit the second floor. They said customers can request to dine in upstairs as well. 








Dear someone's husband, 
Your wife love you forever...
From your wife 



"Grilled corner"! Haha..


Woody Cafe is located along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. 


Spotted Eu Yan Shang. Ya just somewhere there. :-) 


I never tried Marshall Burger before so couldn't compare both. I know I am super duper outdated already. :-( Is hard to look for parking so I always refuse to go there. My friends asked me to park in Penang Plaza...>< 

May be burger is not my first choice so it never comes to my mind. And I heard we have to wait very long to be serve might as well I go other places la..:p

Anyone want to offer yourself to treat me for dinner? Lol..

Call for Inquiries
Woody Cafe
64, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
10300 Georgetown Penang. 
Contact: 04-261  2421
Business Hour: 6pm to 12am
Open Everyday

Monday, February 18, 2013

Second Last Semester Begins Tomorrow!

Holiday ends by today which means going back to campus tomorrow for a new semester! If you ask me whether do I look forward for this new sem..ehhem..I would say haven't really prepare for it la cz I am still in my holiday aka cny mood!

 photo no-one-dislike-button_zpse8f14209.jpg

There goes my 2013 CNY! Very fast huh..everyone haven't prepared to go back to study yet! Apparently my life is not that hectic anymore for countless meetings and activity deadlines but this semester is going to be a tough one.

20 units for me. Although 5 subjects but 4 units each. That means if any one of it has done badly then GG for my GPA! The weightage means a lot to me..even worst still cz I am taking calculation paper in this semester! Say hello to numbers again, you have been away for two semesters..I don't want to see you la!

Besides that, Darling going back to KL as well which means there are no longer any semester break for us until my next long sem break which fall on August! Gonna see him three weeks once again that lasts not more than 48 hours! >< Really envy those couples who can see each other everyday. You should appreciate your partner staying all day long with you! Don't take it for granted cz you would never understand how it feels until both of you need to be separated from distance. It feels awful...T.T

 photo IMG_1607_zps47fe7af3.jpg

Although I dislike holiday is going to end real soon..but think of the positive part la. I should appreciate the last two semester in my study life. *hypnotizing myself* There is no more turning back after I start involving in working career. So I should appreciate instead of grumbling all the time. Another thing that I feel grateful about is studying in my hometown, in fact I no need to be away from my family. I know once I have started my internship, I am gonna miss home so badly..I think I will probably cry la! My first time ever away from home leh...:-(

Happy Working and Happy Schooling to all of us!

Tomorrow is going to be a great day! Anyhow life still goes on why not you smile instead of feeling upset all the time..

Cheers peeps!
#nofilter #smile
 photo IMG_1858_zps6f3547bf.jpg

p/s Inside my heart I really miss him and my holiday....:-(


Saturday, February 16, 2013

CNY Chor Yat to Chor Sam

Short CNY updates! Photos are all taken with my phone during CNY. So all here and there photos from reunion dinner till Chor 3! CNY moods almost gone cz school reopen soon although it still haven't end. Aww..I'm so gonna looking forward to the next CNY! :-(

This year reunion dinner at relative's house. Pat Leung prepared lots of ho liao for us, you can see fish balls just one large bowl only..others either are ready cooked food or seafoood! Love it so much! And I love the fried "sui kao" (dumplings) and the soup based one! We still have popiah! So so yummy! That night really too many food to choose from! Lol..wanted to try all but stomach can't fill in already! 

 photo IMG_1367_zpsdebeceaa.jpg

Pat Leung still prepared homecooked Roselle Tea for us. So nice! And this chicken wings I really want to share with you..inside has fillings with prawn, meat, fish, and chicken without bone! You can bite the whole thing left only the bottom part! Seriously awesome..That's is why you see the chicken wings so "fat" cz inside full of all the yummy ingredients! 

 photo IMG_1368_zpsefba7b38.jpg

After that surprisingly we still have 爱玉冰 for dessert! Haha..the jelly also prepared by pat leung! ;-)

 photo IMG_1372_zps99531488.jpg

Chor Yat flowery top from H&M!

 photo IMG_1384_zps438b6828.jpg

Mum's Chor Yat dishes! She will certainly cook this on the first day of CNY and I always look forward to these! of the reason I love CNY is also because of this! I love "Tu Toh Teng" 猪肚汤 so much! Some don't like to eat the pig intestine because of the smell instead just take the soup only! Mum cook this once a year la so I liked it very much! 物以稀为贵嘛!Haha...

Can you see the sweet potato ball on the tong sui? We handmade it on our the one that I mentioned which is like Taro Ball..may be will demonstrate it next time to you all then next year CNY you can make it on your own..then you will realized the one you make is so much better than those selling and yours without preservative. :-)

 photo IMG_1446_zpsa01c0599.jpg

Chor Yi went to Ah Kim house! Got Tu Toh Teng again! Yeah happy! Photo with baby girl! Love her! The whole day spending time with cousins and family! You know what to do during cny la! Gambling! Haha...

 photo IMG_1511_zps54b6695e.jpg

Night time family photo taken at Darling's grandpa house! Is so happening! Everyone with happy faces! 

Chor Sam in my new baseball jacket which is so damn cheap! Haha..Breakfast with dear at Subway! ^^ Then shopping only la..

 photo IMG_1540_zps69f8d82f.jpg

Afternoon my girl friends visit to my house! Ordering Pizza Hut for the feast! 

 photo IMG_1545_zps3c32602c.jpg

Still the 9 of us without Mei Xun around cz she went outstation. Happy meeting up with them! Bff ya! We said we can't imagine if one day we bring our kids along during gathering! Haha..shall see who is the first one! Lol..

 photo IMG_1546_zpscf0d292f.jpg

Will continue with the other day soon! 

CNY Chor Sei To Chor Luk

Chor Sei gathering with darling's cousin! Sing K session! Hehe..We have the VIP room at First Avenue Red Box! So much fun mingling with them! Red Box VIP room surround daebak! The echo just so nice! You can feel like you sing in a concert! Lol..Is totally different experience with the standard room! Next time if you have any party can visit there! :-)

 photo IMG_1555_zps6b86ad78.jpg

Selca for my Chor Sei ootd! Sometimes I love geometric prints top! 

 photo IMG_1573_zps407cc2ba.jpg

Night time dinner with Darling's family! My review for James Foo All Season Place at Farlim. :-) 

 photo IMG_1631_zps0f960f1d.jpg

Chor 5 morning sing k with my family! Yesterday with his cousin! Lol..our cny holiday just accompany our family, meeting up with friends and shopping only la..have to make full use of our time cz he is going back soon. T.T He will be busy with his events already..

Korean Palace for Valentine's dinner with family! Lol..ya lo..that day is Valentine's but we didn't celebrate. Is ok..valentine's is not a big day for us. Korean Palace changed new boss already! But the food menu is still the same. :-)

 photo IMG_1682_zps699e68b2.jpg

I love the grilled mushroom.

 photo IMG_1693_zpsdfd90695.jpg

 photo IMG_1691_zps4318e9e7.jpg

 photo IMG_1690_zpsd96a0317.jpg

 photo IMG_1689_zps096a27c8.jpg

I love this! Rice cake and dumpling soup! The pepper taste very strong so is kind of like maggi mee soup! Haha..but this is so much better la..

 photo IMG_1688_zps9da645a3.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day! Haha..

 photo IMG_1676_zps0728e60c.jpg

 photo IMG_1685_zps26ca557e.jpg

Chor Luk shopping again! Went to Queensbay, Gurney, First Avenue and Prangin in three days! Lol..went to Prangin to have the Tomyam Mee and bought two sundae cone for ourselves. First time trying ChocoTop Sundae Cone. Didn't realized it taste so good with the Cadbury chocolate! Lol..

Tonight hopefully we can go Asia Cafe to have the tomyam porridge! Craving for it already! 

 photo IMG_1713_zps05cd82cb.jpg

That's it for my CNY celebrations la..F6 gatherings had it one week ago! So this week not much gathering! Didn't watch movie together as well..I have no idea how come the time flies so fast and looks like we did nothing but the time so pack! Haha...

Happy Chinese New Year again! 

School reopen soon! I don't want..many of my friends refuse to go back to!

Friday, February 15, 2013

James Foo All Seasons Place Farlim

Went to James Foo Western Food at All Seasons Place outlet (Farlim) with Darling's family. Always tried from Fettes Park outlet, wondering whether the quality of food still the same in different branch. 

You must be expected to wait for at least 15 minutes to be seated during weekends and public holiday. But is quite fast la..just be patient..:-) 

The taste and the quality of food served is consistent with Fettes Park outlet. So not to worry about the down grade of the food quality. 

Signature Orange Juice (Combo) RM7 


We need to share this among three persons cz is quite a big portion, I think you can hardly finish them by sharing of two. But I remember I finish the whole thing before in Fettes Park outlet. Lol..

Signature Watermelon Juice (Combo) RM7


Salmon Steak RM16


Grilled Chicken and Lamb Combo RM12
Somehow felt this is quite worth cz Chicken Cordon Blue also selling at RM11 already what. Huge portion of the grilled chicken.


Grilled Chicken and Pork Combo RM11


Chicken Cordon Blue RM11
One of their signature. I can't find any Chicken Cordon Blue in town which can beat this. May be I don't explore much but so far this is my favourite among all. They have generous portion of ham and cheese and the flavour goes well cz I tried others before, the ham and cheese doesn't comes along one. Thumbs up for James Foo Chicken Cordon Blue la! ^^


Remember to request for their tartar sauce!! Omg! It goes so well with the food! Especially with the fried one like Chicken Maryland, Chicken Cordon Blue and so on! Unless you don't like garlic then I don't encourage you to take this! Lol..It tastes superb la! By the way, it is FOC. They used to charge RM1 per plate in Fettes Park outlet but soon they cancel it out already. 


Yea Darling and I had a great dinner with family! 


No reservation can be made prior visit. They just offer call upon ordering and pick up by yourself. Good thing is they open everyday! :-) 

Call for Ordering
James Foo All Seasons Place
Tiger Thang (Manager)
Contact: 017-443 1152 / 04-827 0451
Business Hour: 5.00p.m. to 11.30p.m.
Open Everyday
James Foo Fettes Park
Contact: 012-4383 671
Closed on Monday