Sunday, March 24, 2013

What keeps you waiting?

Welcome on board to view ugly pictures of mine since 4 years back! I believed many of you click the link due to the sentence saying it contains ugly pictures! Haha..we can't denied people like us like to see ugly side of a person!

Alert: Beware of the pictures! Hope it won't scare you away..:p Btw bro ask me not to upload because he thought it was really ugly! Haha..

Those days when I am still in Saint's school band! Yea I joined but after some time I quit already cz I seriously can't commit to those activities that expect me to train twice or thrice a week for competition! ><

I joined Chinese Orchestra in sec school before but also quit after some time. After that I realized I am the type of person who can't go through this..

I understand every performance call for tough practice one or two weeks beforehand..I salute to them who can gone through the entire training cz I just can't make it through! T.T Thanks to you guys so that people like us *lazy people* are able to enjoy your marvellous performance! *clap hands*

 photo 31082008119_zps0bce5d81.jpg

Joined school band when I am in Form 6! I don't know why Mr. Yeap loves me during that period of time..Lol..I think myself look very super duper common face and really like those girl walk by you, you also won't see one la..LOLOL!

 photo 31082008135_zpsf811aaca.jpg

 photo 31082008139_zpseeaecf04.jpg

Show you the most ugly one! I told mum this can be enclosed in the Indonesia maid catalogue already! Lolol..*hope you don't ran away yet* 

 photo 28082008069_zps6bd6574e.jpg

Before I proceed I would like to show my appreciation contributed to all the performers! I really salute to your dedication by contributing most of your time just to perform 5 minutes up on the stage! You guys are the best! 

Guess what! 

We have great performance coming up soon! Mark your date on the 30th March 2013 (Saturday) attend to the 36th Kung Fu Night in USM! Even you have couple date, bff date, friends date, family gathering or whatsoever also change venue and bring them along! Let's enjoy the show together!

 photo poster_zps71e9ce41.jpg

The long awaited 36th Kung Fu Night with the theme 武德鼎 Virtue Personified will be presented to you by USM Kung Fu Club! 

Kung Fu Night is the biggest annual event performed by USM Kung Fu Club where five divisions perform their dazzling and fascinating arts from the fierce Shaolin, the harmonious Taiji, the superb Wushu, the glorious Drum Team and the enthralling Dragon and Lion Dance. You rarely have the chance to catch it live right? USM Kung Fu Club hereby give you the chance to enjoy the show! 

In conjunction of 36th anniversary celebration of the Kung Fu Night, this year special arranged performance include TaiChi Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Boxing by Shaolin division; Young Style and Chen Style Taiji by Taiji division; Chang Quan, Nan Quan, broadsword and fencing by Wushu division; new drum set performance by Drum team; and luminous dragon by Dragon division and last but not least the Lion team! 

Are you ready to go on an martial art adventure with us?
*photo taken from last year MKF*

 photo 166621_490899261378_668816378_6226243_478645_n_zpsd16f7bc6.jpg

 photo _DSC5688_zpsf6814a1f.jpg

 photo 164372_490898006378_668816378_6226168_7741232_n_zps533b2ac1.jpg

 photo 163633_490897301378_668816378_6226130_4320230_n_zps0b290c17.jpg

My bias liking and the most anticipating performance throughout the night was performed by Drum Team! I've watched drum performance before and it's really mind-blowing! Can't wait for this year performance! ^^ Peeps you should go for this! Seriously overwhelming performance! They have trained so hard for the 5 mins performance! All you need to do is to buy the ticket to show them your support! 

 photo IMG_1678_zps646ada22.jpg

Besides the ordinary group performance by drum team, they will also present you a newly arranged drum set! Can you spot the combination of big and small drum in it? ;-)

 photo _DSC5488_zpsd00400b3.jpg

Dragon Team is going to present you the luminous dragon this year!

 photo 168626_490921771378_668816378_6227061_152939_n_zpsc7737528.jpg

Captivating programs awaiting you! So what are you hesitate for?

Therefore, don't miss this great opportunity to grab yourself a ticket with only RM10 *affordable and cheap right?* to enjoy this brilliant martial art feast! Show them your support by purchasing the tickets from the person in charge! 

Moreover, there will be lucky draw session and special invited performance! The special performance may surprise you! Hehe..

All of you are cordially invited to attend this event! Few more days to go to kick start the show, so act fast, grab your ticket and see you there! 

 photo 313330_609328429093697_1043934777_n_zps7a7158e6.jpg

For ticket enquiries, kindly contact:
Adam Lai 016-438 8022
Teck Jiang 016-665 1282
*Tickets will be selling on the actual day at the booth if you are keen to purchase. While ticket lasts.

Like and follow USM Kung Fu Club for more info and updates! You can get further details from USM Kung Fu Night 2013 Blog as well! Feel free to browse through the details of the event! See you there..