Friday, June 13, 2014

#MameeChefDay at Malacca!

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Blog about something fun today!

I believed some of you may have seen my Instagram posted pictures about my visit to Malacca Mamee Factory. Glad that I managed to join the bunch because this is the first time they open to public. :-)

We were given Mister Potato during departure. So this is my breakfast. Lol..Mister Potato crisps made from 100% imported potatoes of the highest grade. Sinful breakfast, I know. :p


Arrived at Malacca Mamee Factory around 10.30am! This Malacca Mamee Factory is currently their headquarters and it is the first Mamee Factory in Malaysia.

Recent research carried out by Kantar WorldPanel shows that Mamee Double-Decker holds 4.2 million households out of 5.47 million total households. On top of that, Mamee Double-Decker products export to over 100 countries worldwide! What a amazing figure!


Shot taken with our childhood snacks Mamee Monster! So lucky to be able to witness the manufacturing of Mamee Monster.


Proud to say, Nutrigen Lite Yo is one of our home grown Mamee products!


To create a better texture of Mamee Chef instant noodle, the springy noodle, Mamee Chef team recruited La Mian Lady from China to produce the "Mi Tarik" secret recipe. With this twisting and subsequent stretching the dough into strands, thus it produces many thin and long noodle.


Picture of the representatives from Mamee Factory and La Mian lady. The second man from the right is Mamee Double Decker Executive Chairman, Mr. Pang Chin Hin.

Under the guidance of Mr. Pang, the company has won the Bronze Award under Food Stuff Category in Putra Brand Awards 2014. Moreover, Mamee Double-Decker is the proud recipient of Frost & Sullivan's Home-Grown Packaged Food Company of the year for 2 consecutive years.


The girl from the R&D team demonstrating how they cook the noodle paste from freshly prepared ingredients. It was very aromatic throughout the cooking process.


The recipe of success for Mamee Chef, reason being they provide generous amount of condiments, Mi Tarik secret recipe of the noodle and the authentic and local flavours that represents Malaysia with the collaboration of Dato' Chef Ismail.

Mamee Chef launched in December 2011 and it has contributed 30% to the total business in the first year of its launch. Hence, Mamee Chef to the company is certainly a great success!


Kenneth brought us to visit the production site of the factory.

Mixing process comes first. To mix the flour and therefore make it into dough.


Next, it goes into the rolling process. The dough made into sheet and put through the rotating rolls. Later part of this, the dough has made into wavy noodles.


Then is time to steam the noodles! The noodle will go through slitting process before steaming.



This is the part where they make the Mi Tarik. The company invested RM80 million on the machinery and technology to imitate the La Mien technique for better and springier noodle texture. With this machine and technology, the noodles will be able to go through the same pulling and folding process like La Mian noodles.

Spotted the right side of the machine? The noodles need to rinse under cold water before it goes through the pulling and folding process.


This is where the cutting process begins! The workers observe to see whether are all the cup noodles amount being distributed evenly.


This huge machine serves for frying purposes!


The workers will eliminate those that has burned, only the one that fried perfectly will be able to go through this.


During the cooling process, it helps to remove excess oil before it puts to the container.


This is the packaging section, you will see the top is a whole bunch of Mamee containers. So impressed by how the machinery works for a very simple task and helps to ease worker's job. :-)


It then go through this. They have to manually insert the condiments. So all the Mamee cup noodles that you had will go through this conveyor belt and these people. Condiments were put in manually that is why sometimes you will see your cup noodle has two condiments or some even none. Don't complain, because is all done manually. Sometimes there are human mistakes. :-)


Cup noodle sealed! Everything has done! Then they started to arrange it into 6 or 8 cup noodles for the promotion pack!


Promotion pack of 8! That was the entire process of how Mamee Chef cup noodle was cooked!


Mamee Monster Snacks

The opposite side is the production of Mamee Monster snacks.


Those defect ones will be rejected.


Last but not least, it will be sorted accordingly and put into family pack. They have reduce the consumption of the seasoning due to health conscious of public.


After the factory visit, lunch served! Food was from Mamee Jonker House.


Malacca signature chicken rice balls. Mamee Jonker House is selling this at RM8.80 for a single serving and is Halal! Great news isn't it!

This delicious authentic Hainanese Chicken rice balls is a top-secret recipe by Grandma 'Mamee' Pang herself. Succulent tender chicken served with a trio of home-made sauces for that extra zing.


I personally like the cake. It was so rich in flavour and not overly sweet.


Thanks to Mamee Chef for the awesome goodies bag! So glad that I can stock up my Mamee Chef Tomyam at home. Tomyam flavour is my favourite! 

Share a hint with you. When I cooked my instant noodle, I usually pour away the water that I used to boil the noodle. Reason being I realised the water is very yellowish but this doesn't happen in Mamee Chef noodle. The water appears to be much clearer than the other instant noodles which to me is better because it means they don't have so much wax or some other contents.


With Livian, the blogger that I met during the factory visit.

Not forget to mention, Mamee Double-Decker signed a sponsorship deal with Manchester United in year 2011.


This mega size Mamee Chef cup noodle is no kidding. It is much heavier than you can ever imagined! Lol..

Photo May 31, 1 13 37 PM

Second part of the day, we were brought to Mamee Jonker House located at the famous Malacca Jonker Street for a visit.


Signature mascot at Mamee Jonker House.

Photo May 31, 2 21 46 PM

Mr. Steven the store manager explaining the story behind Mamee Jonker House. This is the first Mamee concept store after over 40 years of food manufacturing. It opened in August 2013 with the five core concepts which are Noodle Doodle, Lil Monster Kitchen, Mamee World, Mamee Cafe and last but not least Merchandise. 


Merchandising corner.


Their new Mister Potato are now crunchier than ever in new packaging. There is no trans fat and no unnecessary additives. It were made from the 100% imported choice potatoes that are free from bacteria, fungi and pesticides!

Photo May 31, 2 24 02 PM

We went to Noodle Doodle to doodle our personalised Mamee Chef noodle cup. We were able to mix and match our favourite condiments! Thanks to Mamee Chef! 

I love my design so much, what say you? Mr. Yeap said it looks like 3 years old kid drawing, ok la, I admit is quite!


 I picked all the!

DSC08024 customized Mamee Chef noodle is done! :-) I even keep the drawing after finish the noodle.

This Mamee Chef flavour was Curry Laksa and recently Mamee Chef Curry Laksa has been rated Top 10 best instant noodle in the world for 2014 by The Ramen Rater. is based in U.S. and has reviewed over 1,200+ different type of instant noodles.


Little Monster Kitchen is place where you will understand how Mamee Monster snacks were made and you will be able to make your very own Lil Monster Noodle Snack!


Yippie, so glad to be able to take picture with Mamee Monster! You can view more Mamee Chef factory visit pictures by searching #mameechefday in Instagram!

Photo May 31, 3 12 09 PM

It was indeed an eye-opening and fun experience one day factory visit with Mamee Double-Decker!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Mamee Double-Decker for the great hospitality and wonderful arrangement for the fellow bloggers.

You can visit to Mamee Jonker House to try the authentic chicken rice balls and see whether are you lucky enough to bump into Mamee Monster!

Where is Mamee Jonker House?
No. 45 & 48, 
Jalan Hang Jebat, 
75200 Melaka. 
06-286 7666
*walking distance to Jonker 88

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