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His Belated Birthday Present Flying with Royal Selangor Flying Club

Hello! Has been a while since my last update! You after work, and I finished work around 7 something, go for gym once in a while so when I arrived home is probably around 9 something then time for dinner *I know is late..that is why I'm fat even though I worked out! Ishh!*

Was planning to give my dear a surprise present, cz fyi I haven't been buying him any present for quite some time *guilty max* so might as well give a full shot! Lol..

Flash back last 2 years during my birthday we went to Uncle Zack by The Beach Parkroyal Penang, last year he bought flight ticket to fly me to KL to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday therefore this time round, I seriously need to contribute something special for his birthday! *stress die*

We had dined in by the beach so is time to fly up to the SKY! 

I knew one of my friend who has a pilot boyfriend, *romantic right* so I was really excited and quickly ask for his number so that I can schedule a time for this flying arrangement. The schedule was supposed to be on the day after his exact birthday but we need to go back to Penang to celebrate his mum and my brother's birthday and due to some last minute changes so I got no choice but to postpone until last Saturday which is on the 7th of June. 

That's the whole pre-flying story. Appreciate if you finish my "grandma" story..Lol! 

Both of us at the hangers. Layman term is the place where they parked their plane. >< *why am I so noob didn't wear my sunglasses*


With my parents and relative. They purposely travel to KL because of this flying appointment.
So much love from them..XOXO!


Selfie before he fly. Anyway my seat is at the is suppose to be the pilot's seat!

Photo Jun 10, 10 59 37 PM

Luckily we managed to take some shots before he fly cz when we touched down, I wanted to vomit so badly. XD
totally not in the mood for selfie..all I want is to step on a solid ground! Lolol..

Photo Jun 07, 11 52 11 AM

Engine starts..wind blowing like mad!


Let's fly! I recorded this video when we takeoff. I don't even bother to edit the video cz I got really no time so..sorry, "Mum you are in the video.". Lol..and I got no idea why is the video clip appeared to be so small..><

Pictures! Midvalley from 1500 feet! 


I have no idea where is just take pictures to show you how beautiful is Malaysia skyscrapers and greenery! 



We are so blessed that the sky is clear. When you fly, you really need to pray hard for a good weather!


Selfie at 1500 feet! I'm trying hard to open my eyes wide cz is really bright!

Photo Jun 10, 11 02 47 PM

So so nice! So blessed for the clear sky!


Back to KL city!


Lots of skyscrapers!


When you are on the plane, KLCC is really near, too bad it can't portray how it exactly looks like in the picture. :-(



HE IS FLYING THE PLANE! Seriously..scared my ass off when I see him flying the plane. I was like thinking "you are asking a person who has no driving licence to drive?!", both are the same meaning! Worst still, this is up at 1500 feet! I don't want to die! Please...and we are flying at 110 knots which is 200km/h!

When my dad fly the plane, John is still holding the control wheel but during his turn, John is giving him taking full control of it! So is depends on your flying condition. :-)

Photo Jun 07, 11 03 53 AM

I was taking pictures all the time that is why I feel so so dizzy during the later part of the journey. The reason why I took so much pictures is because I want to blog to share my experience with you.

So if you don't blog then I will strongly advise you to just sit back and relax along the way.



That is the end for my flying post. His name is John. Our pilot. I make my appointment with him for the flying schedule. Thanks for the ride! It was indeed a pleasant flying experience with you!

Photo Jun 10, 11 00 27 PM

You guys must be wondering what is the rate? Sorry for keep you so long. Lol..

The rate is varies according to the availability of aircraft. 
It ranged from RM600 to RM800 for an hour of flying duration. You can also fly for 30 minutes based on your own preference! 

I brought my parents along so he is flying for 30 minutes and my dad is another 30 minutes. Our aircraft rate for an hour is RM700 which we find it reasonable cz a fine dining meal/buffet is around that price so might as well go for this once in a lifetime experience! :-)

Where are they?
Royal Selangor Flying Club
Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
P. O. Box 11769, 50756 Kuala Lumpur
p.s Is located right at Simpang Airport. When you are at the security check, kindly tell them you are looking for Royal Selangor Flying Club.

The flying schedule can only be make on the below days,
Monday to Saturday 9am to 7pm 
Sunday Close

John is my pilot so feel free to contact/whatsapp him should you have further queries or make an appointment with him, he can be reach at 017 332 3652. 

Is time to arrange for your Father's Day surprise! Wait no more cz who knows it might be full?! :p

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