Friday, January 3, 2014

Exam week..meh?!

It is now too late to say Happy New! Everyone start working and schooling already so those festive mood has all gone..haha..

I am having exam apparently life is quite bored. >< Below are the pictures that sum up my study week. week during Christmas and New Year eve. I wonder who's "the great" who planned this and have the study leave fall on this week. 

Pretty fireworks during NYE. 



The very boring-old person stay in during NYE. Ta pao James Foo Chicken Cordon Blue back for dinner. Not so bad got lots of programmes showing especially in HBO..*self consoling* those blockbuster movies. Watching Pitch Perfect while having my meals. 


All these pictures are in my Dayre. can follow me for daily updates there. @guenxgwen. Nowadays getting lesser people update in Dayre, is always the same person in my news feed. >< *forever alone* 

The so called Penang famous white curry mee in Abu Siti Lane. I think so so only la..the steamed chicken is too salty, I prefer the one in Air Itam. The white curry the one in Lorong Seratus Tahun which you can add the amount chili paste as you wished 
People from outstation likes to dine in here. Penangite still prefer those selling in hawker like in Chulia Street. :-)


Selfie. Picture edited with PhotoWonder just in case you wondering. Lol..
See I'm so good, tell you I edit picture, still share the apps with you. If you can't read Chinese, this is the English version of Meitu XiuXiu.


Workout time! Love to exercise especially in the gym. I don't like outdoor exercise. I always prefer cross trainer in the gym. I usually push myself 35 minutes for cardio and the remaining I will go for other weight machines that focus on certain body parts. 

I really think gym should implement no wifi zone in their workout area cz 70% of girls like to look at their phone while cycling or whatsoever. Never truly believe when girls tell you they go for gym cz most of the time they didn't focus exercising. ==" *girlsgonnahateme*


Bumped into this apps when I'm searching for an apps. o.O


Read the description to see how it works. So geng ah..someone go try it out then tell me whether it really works! Lol..


Thanks Sue for the Christmas card! I love it very much! 
I will also send CNY greeting cards to some of my friends who are studying overseas. I miss you guys a lot! Is time to hunt for some pretty new year cards already! :-)


Tomorrow is my first paper and I have tons of things to do in this month so I guess I won't have so much time updating my blog already. Will still publish once in a while. Please stay with me! ;-)

Follow me in Dayre. I update regularly there. Lol..Dayre: guenxgwen

See ya!