Friday, June 19, 2015

How Are You Doing? has been so long since my last update. A long 6 months huh...

How's everyone doing? I am all well. Working in an industry that I wanted badly and company that I desired for. No regret so far and I love what I'm doing now. Is something that I enjoy doing it and learning new things, trying to overcome my fear and stepping out of my comfort zone, trying to change lots of bad habit.

Apparently my daily routine is going to work, come back from work, constantly looking at my phone *part of my job, lol, can you guess what am I doing?*, eat, shower and sleep. Guess everyone is doing the same thing workout, purely because of my laziness, that is why I'm growing horizontally. T.T

Life has been amazing thus far. I make new friends (they are really nice), have a bunch of lovely and nice colleagues, travelled to Japan, have a stable relationship, have a place to stay in KL, so on and so forth. I couldn't ask for more. ^^

I have changed so much since then. I have learnt to see things in a new perspective. Talking about blogging, I no longer blog for the sake of updating. Don't really like to blog about food or beauty as well cz I don't want to make blogging as an obligation. I will only blog when I feel like doing it. Aiya, no one bother to read also la! Blog traffic is not my main concern as well. Anyway, I am not doing this for a living.

I am blessed with what I've got. Will learn to make full use of everyday. Learn to take ownership of my work. I still have goals, I have dream, I know what I want, I hope I can keep my passion burning.

So, how are you doing? I hope you are doing well, shining in your field and most importantly live happily! Stay strong guys..