Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pleasant stay at The Blocks Hostel, Sukhumvit Bangkok

Hello! Back here to blog about the hostel where I am staying in Bangkok. I was really looking forward to our 4 nights stay because most of the backpacker travellers were raving about this hostel. Therefore, I was wondering, is that really so good?

The Blocks Hostel at Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Fall in love at the first sight when I saw the loft design.






TV lounge area.



Free laundry but you are required to pay for the detergent. 


Elevator in the hostel so need not to worry about carrying your heavy luggage up to your room. 



Triple room that we booked. Around RM89 after 16% tax from Agoda. 




Rooftop area to chill at night. 


Here's the pros and cons,

1. Comfy and clean bed linen.
2. Strong AC and high water pressure.
3. Toiletries (soap and shampoo) is provided.
4. Excellent location. The Blocks Hostel is located between Nana and Asoke BTS station (5 mins walking distance to each station) and 5 to 10 mins walking distance to Terminal 21 (Asoke BTS station).
p/s If you happen to go Terminal 21, please try out Pad Thai at food court, it is awesome!
5. Price is reasonable. RM89 for a triple room.
6. They provide king size mattress and the bed is so comfy!
7. They gave us triple room with window that we requested.

1. Wifi is quite weak in our room at level 1. It always disconnect. Anyway, we have bought sim card so issue solved for wifi!
2. They never reply my email even though I have sent in twice.

All in all, I will recommend this if you are looking for budgeted hostel and expecting for a pleasant stay. You can read through other travellers' comments on Agoda and Trip Advisor.

The Blocks Hostel Website
The Blocks Hostel Agoda
The Blocks Hostel Tripadvisor

I hope this review helps and enjoy your stay in Bangkok! :-)

Monday, October 6, 2014

5 Top Beauty Shopping Tips for the Lovelies!

Hey lovelies, I have a few simple tips for the beauty junkies out there. All these tips are based on my personal experience, hope it helps!

1. Check Out Manufacturing Date
I will advise you to check out every product's expiry date before you make purchases especially sales item. There are always sales/clearance for make up/skin care products due to two reasons.

Scenario 1
Make up/skin care is categorise as fast moving consumer goods so for instance if there is new mascara released in the market then it is very likely to see promotion for the existing mascara.

Scenario 2
Clear stock. They want to clear the stock on hand for the existing mascara to bring in the new one to the market.

p/s Manufacturing date is relatively important for mascara compared to other make up products as it may dried up a little and isn't perform as good as before if it has been kept too long. 

2. Label the Date of Consumption
Label the date you started to consume the product with a sticker on it. Every products have its lifespan. If you see the below logo in your products, that means you can only used up to 12 months once the cap has opened.

Scenario 1
A girl usually own a few lipstick. Hence is best to label the date when you started using it, of course you don't wish to use a lipstick that has keep for more than two years.

3. Test It Before You Buy
This is so true when it comes to foundation.

Scenario 1
I always go to brand counter at departmental store to try out foundation before I purchase. Firstly, I need to make sure I have chosen the right shade. Secondly, will the products oxidised on my skin? If foundation oxidised on your skin, the make up will turned one shade darker or orange after application.

Scenario 2
I understand everyone loves to try mascara especially in Sephora. Always get a new mascara wand from SA. It is very unhygienic if you use the mascara wand straight onto your lashes.

4. Do Not Be Skeptical Towards Brand, Product Efficacy Always Come First
It is not necessary that high end products are always good. Look for a product that suits you best instead of believing in the product claims on advertisement or commercial. *Trust me, I study marketing.

Some products may suits your friend but it doesn't suits you or vice versa. Be a smart consumer unless you have lots of money to spare.

5. Never Follow Blog Reviews Blindly
Many people doesn't do judgement by themselves.

If 5 bloggers tell them this product is good then they will opt for it already. You never checked whether is this a sponsored review, paid review or whatsoever.

Recently there are many young girls like to become bloggers, they are not really giving constructive review, in fact they just took a few selfie then blog exactly according to the press release instead of providing their honest feedback. *because it is a paid review

Hence, you can't really judge whether is this product really does what it promised based on blogger reviews especially from the amateur bloggers. Try to listen from two-sided, be it good or bad then judge and evaluate it by yourself. Please don't follow blindly, is really saddening to see so many bloggers emerging but really little of them are quality ones.

Ultimately, everyone just wanted to pay for products that provide highest quality of all. Hence, I hope these tips/tricks help you in selecting your best cosmetics and skin care products!

Enjoy shopping! I love buying beauty products. *wink

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Take A Step Back From Blogging

Saving pictures to my MacBook and it screens through so many pictures that I have taken in these two to three weeks, is like walking through a memory lane.

I will miss my holiday after I start my full time job. Is like finally..time to say goodbye to student life. When I knew the commencement date, it makes me appreciate my holiday even more.

Appreciate my cafe hopping days, appreciate time spend with family and friends especially in Penang, appreciate the carefree life I have with my dear, went to market and cook for him. Counting down the days.

Let's recall what I have done in the past two weeks in Penang and KL. Travel back the time machine. :-)

And yup, I have cut my hair. From long to short like secondary school back then. No harm cutting so short, hair grows anyway. If you browse through my hairstyle from Form 6 till now, it changes regularly. Lol..


Meeting up with Wai Yee and Jean Ray who came to Penang. 


My order at Chocolate Passion, Avocado with Chocolate smoothie something like that, don't quite remember the name. Lovely drink. 


I'm always so in love with Penang blue sky and beaches. 


Met Siew Ming, Jewel and Lee Yin at Secawan & Such.

They were so shocked seeing my short hair. Lol. 


Of course, I spent most of my time with family. Knowing the truth that I no longer have such a long holiday spending with them makes me appreciate my time more at home. 

Prepared lunch for my family. :-)


Parents brought us for dim sum at Butterworth. This deserves a shot because I never had dim sum in KL, it is so freaking expensive compared to Penang. 


Ong Cheng Huat Seafood. Is always in one of my top craving food list. 


Super huge and juicy clams. People who went before know what I meant. 


Dinner with family at Route 9. Typical Penang western food restaurant. Food and price is very similar to Harvest Inn. Nothing much special so won't go back again. 


Glad to have brought my parents to try Crepe Cottage. 

I believed many Penangites have forgotten how good is Crepe Cottage in fact patronise all the overhyped cafes namely The Safe Room, Secawan & Such, Coffee Smith so on and so forth. 

I think many youngsters who frequently visit to Penang cafes have never come across Crepe Cottage in Gurney Drive. If so, you will know all the new cafes are really mediocre. 


My mum loves Crepe Cottage a lot. She asked me how come you never bring me here. She said luckily just now that cafe *I brought them to Coffee Affairs* is fully occupied if not she won't be able to discover this hidden gem. 

Pros of Crepe Cottage, delectable crepes. Cons, you have to wait super long. Lol..therefore go there after dinner so you can afford to wait. 


One of my favourite, Jawi Chai Kuey! 


After dinner at Air Itam hawker, I brought them to All Season for coffee. 

We don't usually take dessert or coffee after dinner but I thought since I will only be in Penang for such a short period hence should bring them to explore cafes in Penang. 


They are always the special ones in my heart. Irreplaceable. 

Timer wefie! 


Not to forget to visit Ah Yi who is my babysitter when I am small. She sayang us very much and always cook for us when we visit to her house. Thanks Ah Yi! I always visit her when I come back to Penang. :-)

She prepared my favourite prawns and Tu Toh Teng. 


Her grand children are all grown up.


Cafe hopping in Penang too! My first visit to Huey&Wah at Belissa Row, Pulau Tikus. Quite favour their Lemon and Passion Fruit Smoothie but is quite pricey, RM13 or 14 with two flavoured marshmallows.

Anyway I root for the quiet and cozy ambience at Huey&Wah.


Full of Beans at Straits Quay. 

Cons: Very poor wifi connection. :-( Makes me pissed.
Pros: Comfortable couches and parking at Straits Quay sheltered car park is relatively cheap.


Beaches and sea are always my favourite.


Acupaday at Bishop Street. Same row as Coffee Affairs.

Highly recommend for their super comfy couches and is very quiet comparing to some of the Georgetown cafes which can be as noisy as market.

Hmm..whereas their recommended coffee is ain't promising. Not to my liking.


Then, parents came to KL with me. Dear and I brought them for some good food. They like this Japanese buffet restaurant so much. RM60 after tax and eat-all-you-can. Damn awesome!


Next day Sae Ma Eul at Mont Kiara for dinner. The price is quite reasonable. :-) Will come back again.


Caffe Bene for dessert cz there are tables available. Rare scene huh?! Lol..

I love their green tea ice cream but not the shaved ice. Coming to Gurney Paragon very soon. I can see another Caffe Bene-Instagram-wave coming soon! Lol..


Yesterday cooked for my dear. We can finish everything! Lol..and he likes it very much! :-)


My final cafe hopping day in KL. This final day spend at Coffee Olle at Desa Sri Hartamas. 

This cafe runs by Korean and airing Korean songs in the cafe. Very cozy and strong wifi.

Finished FanGirl already. Teen Romance Novel I would say. And this is so easy to read after My Sister's Keeper. Lol..Still prefer Eleanor & Park! 


Next up, Me Before You! 


Recently, I am switching focus from blogging to reading. Need to see what's your priority at that point of time. Blogging was my priority back to third year in university. 

I share and update very frequent in Dayre. I explained why is time to step back from blogging and chose to read instead. 

I understand is certainly a waste if I just left my blog aside that has almost constant traffic everyday even though I am not updating. That was my hard work that I have done in the past two years. Thanks to all of you for reading!! 

Give me some time to look for inspirations in blogging. 

I will surely miss here. A lot. A lot..I know I will be back one day. :-) 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Rich people ah you?!

I'm blogging at this place, VCR cafe at Jalan Galloway. 

Thought the ambience is quite nice and contemporary therefore wanted to share it with you. 

Parking is definitely a hassle for this cafe. I couldn't manage to find any legal parking lots nearby hence you may need to take the risk to park at the road side. Then be prepared you may receive DBKL fine! 

Caffeine fix of the day
Latte. RM11


Love the first floor absolute glass view and rattan-chair setting. 





Was here doing some English grammar revision. You may say me silly or too rich ah..come to cafe to do revision. Lol..

Okay I will reduce on that. XD 
I have tried my best not to go cafes that are located at the mall to avoid paying for parking fares and I usually ordered a cup of coffee and sit here the entire day. I think the bosses must be hated me. 

Okay, think on the bright side, I can save money on electricity while enjoying a cup of coffee with air-condition. LOL..but I know waste money on petrol la. ><


Feels great to be back to study again. 


If you are looking for places to catch up with friends at Bukit Bintang area, this is rather an ideal place for a group of 4. 
*very awkward closing to end this post. Lol*

2, Jalan Galloway, 
Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur
016-668 0135
Business Hour
8.30am to 11pm 
*Opens daily

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Caffeine Escape

Back to blog again! Chilling at Thursdvys for today's caffeine escape! 

Just done with gym so explore new places again. Most of the time I didn't have my lunch then take coffee straight after that. Lol..had 4 slices of bread before gym but wanted to save money so just take coffee only. 

Furthermore, I need to park my car! Aiks..parking is so expensive here! Never go to the mall for cafe..even cafe at the roadside also damn hard to locate for empty lot! That you will need to pay RM5 for MBPJ parking. I have been issued lots of fine before so better to park at the lot. 

All in all, the cheapest way is staying at home enjoy your 3-in-1 coffee! >< Lol..


I love this cafe. Not overly crowded and the coffee that I ordered tasted just nice. The amount of acidity and sweetness is just right cz I don't like coffee that has too intense flavour. This one is just perfect for me. 

I ordered Ristretto with milk and a dash of chocolate undertones. Not the ordinary mocha if I want a hint of chocolate flavour. 

Yesterday I went to Artisan Coffee at TTDI that many people hype about it. I ordered their signature Nitrokopi but I don't favour it. As to me it is more to acidic side and slightly sour to my liking but they have won Best Place for Coffee by Time Out KL Food Awards 2012. 


Anyway, there is no such thing as best cafe or what so ever. As long as you love the cafe and coffee then it is certainly your cup of tea.

By far I have visited to three cafes this week, they are Coffea Coffee at The Curve, Artisan Coffee at TTDI and Thursdvys at TTDI. Thursdvys is my favourite thus far but I will still explore more if time is allowed! 

Back to work!