Monday, October 6, 2014

5 Top Beauty Shopping Tips for the Lovelies!

Hey lovelies, I have a few simple tips for the beauty junkies out there. All these tips are based on my personal experience, hope it helps!

1. Check Out Manufacturing Date
I will advise you to check out every product's expiry date before you make purchases especially sales item. There are always sales/clearance for make up/skin care products due to two reasons.

Scenario 1
Make up/skin care is categorise as fast moving consumer goods so for instance if there is new mascara released in the market then it is very likely to see promotion for the existing mascara.

Scenario 2
Clear stock. They want to clear the stock on hand for the existing mascara to bring in the new one to the market.

p/s Manufacturing date is relatively important for mascara compared to other make up products as it may dried up a little and isn't perform as good as before if it has been kept too long. 

2. Label the Date of Consumption
Label the date you started to consume the product with a sticker on it. Every products have its lifespan. If you see the below logo in your products, that means you can only used up to 12 months once the cap has opened.

Scenario 1
A girl usually own a few lipstick. Hence is best to label the date when you started using it, of course you don't wish to use a lipstick that has keep for more than two years.

3. Test It Before You Buy
This is so true when it comes to foundation.

Scenario 1
I always go to brand counter at departmental store to try out foundation before I purchase. Firstly, I need to make sure I have chosen the right shade. Secondly, will the products oxidised on my skin? If foundation oxidised on your skin, the make up will turned one shade darker or orange after application.

Scenario 2
I understand everyone loves to try mascara especially in Sephora. Always get a new mascara wand from SA. It is very unhygienic if you use the mascara wand straight onto your lashes.

4. Do Not Be Skeptical Towards Brand, Product Efficacy Always Come First
It is not necessary that high end products are always good. Look for a product that suits you best instead of believing in the product claims on advertisement or commercial. *Trust me, I study marketing.

Some products may suits your friend but it doesn't suits you or vice versa. Be a smart consumer unless you have lots of money to spare.

5. Never Follow Blog Reviews Blindly
Many people doesn't do judgement by themselves.

If 5 bloggers tell them this product is good then they will opt for it already. You never checked whether is this a sponsored review, paid review or whatsoever.

Recently there are many young girls like to become bloggers, they are not really giving constructive review, in fact they just took a few selfie then blog exactly according to the press release instead of providing their honest feedback. *because it is a paid review

Hence, you can't really judge whether is this product really does what it promised based on blogger reviews especially from the amateur bloggers. Try to listen from two-sided, be it good or bad then judge and evaluate it by yourself. Please don't follow blindly, is really saddening to see so many bloggers emerging but really little of them are quality ones.

Ultimately, everyone just wanted to pay for products that provide highest quality of all. Hence, I hope these tips/tricks help you in selecting your best cosmetics and skin care products!

Enjoy shopping! I love buying beauty products. *wink

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