Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gala House Restaurant & Cafe at Georgetown, Penang

Gala House Restaurant & Cafe commences its business on the 14th of October 2013. It is just their third week of business but I have read positive reviews about this restaurant. It is a great start to have word of mouth sharing their experiences dining in Gala House. 

It is located in one of the hotspot in Georgetown which is Muntri Street. 




Coffee blended with liquor is the speciality of Gala House. Sometimes, you would rather have a cup of handcrafted coffee in a cozy cafe instead of the take and go Starbucks coffee. Indeed, the experience is different. 



Love how the VW car bonnet brings out the quirky feel of the restaurant. 

On top of that, they have own bakery to serve you delicate cake with top notch quality. Liquor is blend in their cake as well which is the Jack Daniel Choc Cake and Tiramisu Kahlua Cake. The owner, Monsak told us that Jack Daniel Choc Cake and Red Velvet Cake is their best selling thus far. 


Marilyn Monroe RM11.90
Ice blended chocolate strawberry

Strawberry and chocolate are good complementary in beverages. It has intense flavour of strawberry with a hint of sourness. A perfect combination of strawberry, strawberry syrup, milk and chocolate. 


Wild Mushroom Soup RM11.50
variety of mushrooms finished with cream

This is not the rich texture of wild mushroom soup that you will get. In fact, more creamy with slight amount of mushroom. Anyway, is still a pleasant one.


Uncle Toni's Fish & Chips RM13.90 *signature
Fish fillet with a light crispy beer batter

This dish named after the head chef Uncle Toni's signature dish. One of their recommendations. Lovely light batter with the fish perfectly cooked inside. They served it with the original and wasabi tartare sauce. 


Chicken Martini RM20.90 *signature
crispy fried chicken breast with mozzarella cheese and martini reduction

I would say the chicken breast is slightly overcooked and rough in the inside. You must dip with tomato dressing to arouse the sensation of this dish. 


Gala's Rendang Spaghetti RM15
Your choice of chicken or beef rendang served with homemade rendang paste

We thought of ordering a special dish from the menu instead of the ordinary Italian pasta. This dish is definitely our choice. Rendang chicken is a local food and it has crossover with Italian pasta which is one of the exciting dish in their menu. Indeed, it isn't over powering but still remain the savoriness of the rendang chicken.

Not forget to mention, we have been told that most of the food served are prepared with spices and herbs.


Gala's Signature
Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti RM24
Korean-Italian fusion pasta, served with kimchi and salmon

This pasta compensate very well with kimchi. Very refreshing and mouth-watering dish. The kimchi tasted pretty mild so I think is bearable for those who dislike the spiciness and sourness of kimchi. 

We would recommend the Rendang Chicken Pasta and Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti to you.


Bon appetit!


Farewell for our dear Miki. Take care in Germany!


The boss, Monsak was kind enough to serve us a complimentary coffee. 

Orang Kaya Coffee RM14.90
Chocolate Brandy Affogato

The coffee is delightfully creamy and delectably rich. A mixture of chocolate, espresso, brandy and vanilla ice cream. 


The name of this coffee was inspired from the Muntri Street. Muntri street used to be patronized by the upper class people. It is named after the 19th Century Menteri of Larut, Ngah Ibrahim. As Gala House Restaurant & Cafe is located along Muntri Street, hence Monsak named the handmade coffee as the Orang Kaya Coffee. 


Check out the crowd dining in the restaurant even with just 3 weeks commencement of business. Penangites never lie when it comes to food. 

The servers are showing good courtesy and very attentive at the same time. 


They may serve breakfast and supper menu in the coming days. Stay tuned and keep an eye on their Facebook Page for more updates. 


Call for reservation
Gala House Restaurant & Cafe
102, Lebuh Muntri, 
10200 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-261 3118 / 012-597 2104
Business Hour: 12pm to 12am daily 
*Service charges applied


  1. Nice, shall check this place out soon. Btw, you look familiar, i think we were from the same primary school- Union last time, born in year 1990 lol

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  4. Isn't this was Soul Kitchen formerly????

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