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OmNomNom in Seoul Part 2

Okay there are tons of food pictures in this post. 

My words are not the main purpose you visit here, food pictures are! So now..I'll bring you to explore this incredible food journey that I had in Seoul, Korea! Btw I miss all of them! 

First station! Jejudo! 

Black Pork that I had in Jejudo. People told us we must have this in Jeju and this is our first Samgyeopsal in Korea. The kimchi damn nice cz it absorb all the essence of the pork oil! Superb! We had this near to our hostel which is HK Jeju II. 

And why is this called black pork? Cz no doubt the pig is in black colour! I have the picture but didn't upload it here..:p


Bulgogi Pizza that we takeaway from Pizza Hut cz it is cheaper! Hehe..
*bare with the horizontal picture, I didn't know that till uploaded*
Pizza Hut in Korea is really nice! Very very huge portion with chips on the crust so super crunchy and the crust is very soft.
Anyway I would prefer Mr. Pizza than Pizza Hut due to Mr. Pizza's salad bar but Pizza Hut win in terms of the bigger portion and it is slightly cheaper!
*nothing related: Song Ji Hyo endorsed Mr. Pizza! Hehe!*


City Hall Subway Station

Very random cream puff, just wanted to show you the chocolate cream puff! Hehe..RM1.50 each! 


Long Awaiting Myeong Dong!
p/s Please be aware that the food you have in MyeongDong would be slightly expensive or smaller portion compared to other branches in other places. 

Mandu! The korean dumplings! 
I'm so in love with this! Personally love dumplings especially steam dumplings! Please have it when it is hot and dip it with black vinegar. It tastes very similar to xiao long bao. 
Major love! 

Mandu 8000 won RM24

Kalguksu! Love this too!! The speciality of this dish is the garlic kimchi! You can hardly get this kind of kimchi in traditional korean restaurant but be prepared cz it is spicy and garlicky at the same time!

I shall not say much, I would just tell if you happen to visit Myeong Dong, please look for Kalguksu shop, famous outlet named 明洞饺子, they have two branches in Myeong Dong, you ask around and they shall lead you the way!

Kalguksu 8000 won RM24

BigMac. Ordered this because got hungry so easily as we keep walking around.

Around RM12 (ala carte)

Bulgogi burger

RM6 (ala carte)

Myeong Dong street food! Miss authentic Tteokbokki very much!


See how huge is the rice cake! I found out this is nicer than the one selling in my uni cafeteria! Not so sticky.
Remember must have this with the soup as well! Is something like our Yong Tau Fu soup.
And no sharing cz we knew that when the auntie staring at us.. ><

One bowl 3000 won RM9

Rice Story Kimchi Fried Rice!

Kimchi Fried Rice around 5000 won RM15

Hey, if you want to have economical yet filling meal then come to Han's Deli! Love their cheese pork cutlet! So good..one of the food that you couldn't get in other places beside Korea so you shouldn't miss this!

Han's Deli Cheese Pork Cutlet around 5000 won RM15

O'sulloc, korean famous green tea retail. Tried once on their green tea latte with ice cream! So expensive so I will only try it once! Lol..erm it is not extraordinary but if you are a green tea lover then why not give it a try.

O'sulloc Green Tea Latte 7000 won RM21

Famous green tea patbingsu! Too big portion so it is for sharing!

Erm..around 9000 to 11000 won? RM30 for a bowl! Haha..don't be surprise! Is normal with this portion of patbingsu!

Oppadak Chicken! Nice nice! You should try this out! It is located somewhere near to the M Plaza if I'm not mistaken.
This platter has two scoops of ice cream as dressing for the salad! Yumm! And the chicken very tender, so far the best fried chicken that I had in Seoul..I did not manage to try out Chicken Mania. Too bad..

12000 or 13000 won RM36

10000 won RM30 

To prevent your hand gets dirty, so they prepare this tong for customers. Why can't we have this in Malaysia huh? So user friendly..


The container to throw chicken bone. Must have fried chicken with beer la if not is a miss!


Hara Donuts! 
This donuts originated from Japan but quite a hit in Korea. Young adults love this because the speciality is it made from soy milk and soy. No water, preservatives and what so ever. You can give it a try anyway since it is only available in Japan and Korea. Hehe..Kind of expensive ya..

Range from 1300 to 1800 won RM5

Next Station Gangnam! 

Oh gosh, major love this food! The shop named Kong-bull! Go check this out! It transform from this! 


To this! Add in rice!


And tadaa! This it is! Is something like Uncle Jang in KL but so much better and cheaper than Uncle Jang! I really miss this food! So so delicious! Dine in during lunch hour is cheaper.

5000 won per person RM15

Wanted to try Okrumong Patbingsu but it closed under renovation so we went to Pasiya.

7000 -8000 won I think..RM18

You can skip the two above but must try this Oreo patbingsu if you go to Pasiya. All of us think this is the best compared to the other two.

Around the same price with the two above. 

You must try this out in Gangnam!!! Best patbingsu I've ever had so far! Wanted to go back for the second time but too bad it closed for renovation!

Ask the locals about Okrumong Patbingsu in Gangnam I think they will be able to lead you the way but it is kinda far from the Gangnam station so you might need to walk quite a distance. :-)
Kong-bull and Okrumong is quite near.


So nice, even my korean friend Sunny also said this is so far the best patbingsu she had ever tasted!


Now we are not in Gangnam..bought this Hershey's ice cream in Seoul Tower convenience store. Thought Malaysia don't have this ice cream so I bought it! Lol..


Hongdae Station

Samtong Chicken in HongDae. Korean loves to have fried chicken with pickle. 

13000 won for two as supper. RM20 for each person. 

KFC! When you want to look for cheaper alternatives for dinner then I will go for fast food cz no need to think and the taste is universal. This is for set of two and they served hard boiled eggs..lol..but the chicken is too small pieces. So might as well you spend more for better food.

4500 won RM13.50 for each person. 

This is cheap in fact not filling! Lol..just wanted to try this out cz we is always full house. When it serves, it is wrap with foil, then you have to press, press, press till the shape that you desired for like a hamburger shape, then you open! Tadaa..can eat la!

2500 won RM7.50

Coco Bruni that I had in Korea. This one cost me RM18! Ishh..can have a pretty nice main course in Penang already! But in Korea you can only buy a cake..:-( We ordered this because of the gold foil on the top! Lol..

6000 won RM18




Another day dinner in Han's Deli! This one not nice so don't order..


This one is better. Opps..sorry I forgot about the price..but it costs around RM18..:-)


Hello Kitty Cafe in HongDae! Guys would feel quite awful to go in! Haha..because everything is in pink! Yet THEY DON'T PROVIDE MALE TOILET!! As if guys won't visit here! Lolol..
my friend said they are sexist! Haha..

Hello Kitty Cake 10000 won RM30


Express Terminal Station (Hangang River)

We had this along Hangang River. Too bad I went there twice but still not able to see the rainbow fountain. Korean always likes to order pizza delivery when they go there. Quite nice though! 


Army Stew in one of the famous retail outlet. Forgot the name but remember the sign has a old uncle face. Army stew is the mixture of sausages, american cheese, macaroni, instant noodle, tteok and assorted vegetables like kimchi and so on.

The food army stew was created dates back to the aftermath of Korean War. Because the meat was scarce, hence the cooks found alternatives to replace the surplus food from the American army base stationed in Seoul, hence the stew's name. :-)


Apgujeong Station

Meal Top Patbingsu. They received rave reviews but I still prefer Okrumong patbingsu. In fact, the ice cream is nice. Very creamy. 


Went for samgyeopsal in garlic and red wine flavour. My korean friend said this shop is frequently visited by SM Entertainment Agency artists. The restaurant name Deung Na Mu Jib. 





Kimchi Kalguksu. Same noodle like the one I told you selling in Myeong Dong, the one that is selling mandu. Both of the ingredients used is the same is just that the difference is the soup.


Ewha Station

As this is beef bibimbap so it is more flavourful compared to the ordinary vege bibimbap.

6000 won RM18

I'm super in love with this udon beef noodle. Both of the food are from the same restaurant but I have no idea what is the shop name..we just randomly walk and bump into this shop!

6000 won RM18

Itaewon Station

This is also a random traditional korean restaurant. Super in love with their bulgogi stew! You see it is still boiling when it served! Too bad they are closed when we went back the second time! :-(
And do you spot the side dishes on the upper right corner? Love that mushroom so much! Wish I can go back again..:-(

7000 won RM21

PARIS BAGUETTE CREAM PUFF! My major love!!!! Please don't miss this out when you go Korea! Is so damn good I tell you! If you are a cream puff lover, you will fall in love on the first bite!
Please have Paris Baguette cream puff when you go Korea!

800 won each RM2.40

Their cake very lovely huh!


Paris Baguette patbingsu. Very normal one..


Random places

Tosokchon Samgyetang! The very famous shop for samgyetang! Is so delicious..I also miss this very very much!! Slightly regret for not going back the second time. Click here for the exact location.

15000 won RM45

You can drink this glass of ginseng wine solely or add it in the soup!


Ishh..why didn't go back again! :-(


Schneepang is a kind of waffle ball which is topped with different flavours. When we ordered, we wonder how to eat this.

2900 won RM9

Then the server knock the ball with a small hammer and it breaks into small pieces. It tasted quite normal, we ordered this out of curiosity. Lol..


Dongbinggo patbingsu in Ichondong. Erm..is famous as well cz have to queue for quite long but I think this is due to the very limited seats in the cafe. You know right..illusion to make you think it is highly rated.

Anyway, still have to give credit to the Royal Milk Tea Bingsu on the right. This is much better compared to the ordinary red bean bingsu.


Random pictures that I captured in the hypermarket. :-)

Rice cake! Who loves?! 

Giant size crab meat! See the top row. 

Super "fat" sausages! 

Pineapple ring but so expensive! RM15 each! Expensive one goes up to RM18. o.O

Lots of shabu shabu meat!

Very cute melon! But price also very "cute". RM53 for a melon!!
Cheese instant sausage! Not everyone can accept the taste! 


Our Popcorn when we watch 4D World War Z movie! So awesome with the 4D experience but it costs us RM54. Still worth it with the experience gained..:-)

Giant size popcorn in two flavour! Garlic and cheese! Can't even finish with 3 people sharing! 

That's it for all the pictures! Finally..phew! Not able to upload all so I just picked some of the really nice one to show you. 

It can be your guideline when you travel to Korea or leave it as a memories to me then! Helpful for me one day if I happen to be back to Korea again..hehe! 

My top 3 must have food in Seoul
1. Samgyetang (Tosokchon)
2. Okrumong Patbingsu (Gangnam) 
3. Buffet Bbq Samgyeopsal (Hoegi/Hongdae)
and many more to go but this is anyway the top three based on my preference! 

If you missed out the OmNomNom in Seoul Part 1 then here's the link!

Much love if you finish reading this post! XOXO..Thanks yea..

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