Monday, June 3, 2013

Kiram Village Cabin! Somewhere that I miss!

Hello guys, today showing you the pretty Kiram Village. The place where we stay when we are in Kundasang, very super near to the Mount Kinabalu! 

Get amazed with the pretty pictures ba..not forgot to tell, the weather is so cooling during late night and early morning. I think it is as high as Genting so you can merely imagine how was the weather! As it is too cold in the morning after we wake up so we warm ourselves with cooking fire! Lol..


The one you see at the back is Mount Kinabalu! 


This white chalet can fit in exactly two persons! Cute lo! It is named Broccoli Cabin.


We rented two chalets for that night. This is the one that I am staying in, there is another one further up.





We are so near to Mount Kinabalu! We can tell people we are half way up already but travel by!


Morning breakfast! Roti Telur and Teh Tarik! Prepared by the village owner but of course you have to pay, no breakfast included for one night stay. Lol..but is only RM2 if I'm not mistaken!



Upside down beetle and do you see cat sleeping beside at the corner! My God, this place got so many insects even you are in the house, you can accidentally step on a small beetle in the house and even bee flying, cat will jump in from the window and etc.


Wah..beautiful daisy!


I don't think I can ever see another beautiful Daisy like this in Penang even during the flower festival happening this month in Botanical Garden. Lol..


Calla Lily! 


This is the other chalet that I mentioned just now. Girl's dorm! Lol..


Welcome to Strawberry Cabin! All sorts of name for different types of chalet.


This is the house that the cats jumped into cz the day before we cooked crab for our dinner. Haha..


The hallway.


We cooked with limited resources cz we don't have enough of salts, drinking water and so on. Lol..but very fun la..use what we have and cook what we can!


This part they can even make it as a room! o.O Cz beside is toilet already and no door for this "room", only a curtain covering it.


Another quad room with 4 single beds.

DSC00608 DSC00609

Beautiful flowers around Kiram Village. 
All this credit to the owner of this village. :-)


Roti telur alone is not enough, ordered another plate of maggi goreng for breakfast! Lol..Their maggi is very nice lo, the noodle very thin, not like the usual one that we have here.


My first time seeing counter like this. Haha..but is another kind of experience! I like it! Is absolutely their hard work and details that the owner put in to decorate this place. To me, it is way much better than those 5 stars hotel reception!



Just in case you want a chalet facing right in front of Mount Kinabalu then this place is definitely the right choice! Call them up or browse through their homepage for details.


Their are more chalets at the back facing Mount Kinabalu.


Up there is another resort, my friend told me is even expensive. Not sure about the price. If you are interested, may google for more info. :-)

Just to show you how near we are to Mount Kinabalu! I miss you Kundasang! Traveling so far to this place is totally worth of it!


If you are looking for accomodation in Kundasang and want to have a relaxing getaway then choose Kiram Village for your overnight stay. It is at affordable price with beautiful scenery!

Look for them at

Last but not least, bye bye to Mount Kinabalu! I can only see you from the pictures now..:-( But I have videos with me so I can play it anytime I want when I'm missing it! I love Kundasang and this Sabah trip!


The view is breathtaking! I can't believed I am seeing it with my own eyes..never expect one day I will visit to Sabah..thanks for the Utar graduation trip for making it come true! Love you guys..

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