Monday, June 17, 2013

Papa's Day Celebration at Morganfield's Gurney Paragon

Yesterday is papa's big day aka Father's Day! all the greatest dad in the world, 
Happy belated Father's Day! 
You guys are every daughter's hero! Hehe..

Same goes to my family! Celebrated papa's day..haha! 
Knew my dad love ribs so was asking him to try out ribs in the Morganfield's Paragon. But he said he prefer the one in Chicago Rib'
I don't really fancy TGI, Morganfield, Euro Deli's food..perhaps American style of food like burger, sandwiches is never comes to my liking. I would prefer pasta than burgers. :-( 
Kinda phobia with the big serving of meat! o.O

 photo DSC01773_zpsd7ea2ee2.jpg
Happy Papa's Day

Food food here you come! 

Soft Drink Bottomless RM8.90
Left: Clearly Citrus Right: Groovy Grape

I love the Grape's one..

 photo DSC01741_zpsf3ca0523.jpg

The Smokin' Duck RM29.90
Delicious smoked duck slices, bacon and cheddar cheese in between crispy grilled Panini bread.

Siblings said the duck tasted like it has wasabi..I don't know why..haha..

 photo DSC01753_zpsdfd317b9.jpg

Full Slab Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs RM69.90
Tangy, sweet, spicy & loaded with garlicky goodness, the succulent concoction will surely blow your mind & the vampires away! Served with crispy French fries & coleslaw. 

Dad preferred the one in Chicago Rib's. What say you? 

 photo DSC01761_zpsacc743b5.jpg

Seafood Gumbo RM35.90
Thick and savory seafood stew served with toasted baguette. 

I knew stew is soup typed but never expected it to be served this way. o.O It doesn't looks like main course anyway and is too expensive with only a few squids, a few slices of fish, two prawns with RM30 above! Luckily this is the free meal for Father's Day if not customers gonna complain this gao gao! And we all think it tasted like having hokkien mee soup. Lol..not worth at all la! 

 photo DSC01763_zpsc1c55662.jpg

Tequilla Spiked Chicken RM30.90
Halved chicken marinated with spicy tequila, lime paprika & char-grilled. Served with crispy French fries & coleslaw.

Just a normal grilled chicken I would say, nothing special..

 photo DSC01765_zpsc4a6f16b.jpg

Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseburger RM24.90
Grilled and glazed with Hickory BBQ sauce, topped with Cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and crispy pork bacon.

Normal though. 

 photo DSC01767_zps5aac7c99.jpg

All the food taken yesterday isn't that important! What matters is the quality time spent with family during the dinner! I love them so much..

 photo DSC01777_zpse0ea434a.jpg

With the beloved dad, although I knew he don't really like the food but he is happy throughout the dinner! 

 photo DSC01785_zps9550ade8.jpg

Sistery love! 

 photo DSC01790_zps0c87eb1c.jpg


 photo DSC01792_zpsd9ac1882.jpg 

Mummy, mei mei, bro and Jesline. 

 photo DSC01802_zps9c26a4c3.jpg

Bro and sisterhood selca time! *wink*
The smile until very "yam" bro..ishh..

 photo DSC01813_zps7028d520.jpg

Bloated face! 

 photo DSC01817_zps1413eac1.jpg

Erm..overall the food isn't up to our expectations. So sorry to say that no second visit again.  
Food is way too normal and nothing much to highlight about. 

Anyway we enjoy our Father's Day dinner spending quality time together..purposely blog about it to commemorate this day! Never wanted to forget something that is so meaningful to us. 
We love you papa! Next year either you visit us in KL or we come back to celebrate your birthday and Father's Day with you ok? Hehe..

p.s my car tow to the service centre today so I'm quite tiring. You may see I am rushing through this post but even I am tired I still want to mark down this date. :-)


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