Saturday, June 29, 2013

Korea Travel Book: Arrival in Korea

Hello I reached Korea d! Long time didn't update my blog cz my last paper is on Thursday then Friday night gonna fly to Korea already..too rush so got no time to update it at all! :p

So some short update about my first day here! I just reached this morning at 7 something..then done quite a lot of things are some of the updates!

Photo taken somewhere else from my bus..has no idea where is this but pretty nice view! Hehe..

 photo IMG_2346_zps49423f35.jpg

The administrative building in Kyung Hee University. Is like USM Chancellery building but this is 10 times offence ya..

 photo IMG_2348_zpsc5487aa5.jpg

At the back is a church! Impressive huh?! Will take more picture with my camera during Campus tour..hopefully they bring us to this place. :-)

 photo IMG_2349_zps017d1e48.jpg

My room! Is a shared room. My roommate is from HELP CAT..nice to meet her!

 photo IMG_2351_zpsc4b480bd.jpg

Haha..attached bathroom!

 photo IMG_2353_zps3d729564.jpg

I never expect to have a washing machine in my room..Lol..

 photo IMG_2355_zpse2f48424.jpg

 photo IMG_2356_zps4641f2bd.jpg

Streets around my uni..the church is at the far end..

 photo IMG_2360_zps1dfdaa91.jpg

 photo IMG_2363_zpsedad4652.jpg

 photo IMG_2365_zps9f4ad387.jpg

 photo IMG_2366_zpsb76c57bb.jpg

 photo IMG_2368_zpsbb61c204.jpg

Korean even placed their phone outside the shop so that they could attached to the speaker to play music..if is in Malaysia then say bye bye to your phone right after that! I never worry someone would snatch my phone or bag even I'm surfing net with phone while walking on the street..haha..

 photo IMG_2371_zps189a362d.jpg

My hostel..6 storeys building!

 photo IMG_2372_zps31d0c0fe.jpg

 photo IMG_2374_zpsd8565cda.jpg

Lunch! 5000 won shared among two persons! Food here is way too big portion. o.O And they eat so fast you know..regardless of guys or girls! Moreover, they finish the whole thing solely by themselves!

 photo IMG_2375_zps5ce43dd1.jpg

5000 won as well *approximately 15MYR*..cold noodle..naeng myeon..they treat this as their quick lunch!

 photo IMG_2376_zps003b38c1.jpg

One of the university entrance which is very near to my place.

 photo IMG_2379_zps7cadb0e9.jpg

Haha..anyone recognize Issac Toast is actually having a newly open store in Queensbay? It is originated from Korea actually..

 photo IMG_2381_zpsde3fd659.jpg

That's it for my first day tour around my hostel! They have Burger King, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Nature Republic, Olive Young *anyway I must say I'm madly in love with Olive Young* lol..those that you name it la..but I plan to save all that for Myeong Dong! *evil grin*
p.s Olive Young is like our Watson, but their variety of products is much more than us. 

Tomorrow we will travel to Myeong Dong by subway! Gonna survey price for cosmetics first..I still have plenty of time to go back rush no a smart consumer! Hehe...

That's the day! Dinner tonight and will visit to Seline's room later! A few blocks from my place.

Everyone enjoy your holiday ya! Take care...

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