Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swah Birthday Lunch at Lunarich Pizza One Pricinct

A short catch up with the girls for Sin Wah's birthday! Love it! Some of them couldn't make it cz we have it during normal working days..:-( Majority of them are in Bayan Baru area so we decided to go there for her birthday lunch! 

Anyway, major love for our lunch in Lunarich One Pricinct. The restaurant has a delightful ambience, service is attentive and courteous, the food is pleasing, thus overall is satisfactory.

By the way, they serve Set Lunch from 11.30pm to 2.45pm during weekdays whereas ala carte menu will be serve on the weekend. 

 photo DSC01825_zpsa33686ee.jpg

If you are concern with the price of the ala carte menu, here you go. Anyway they have vast selection for pizza and pasta.

 photo DSC01827_zpsd79bf302.jpg

 photo DSC01828_zps509065c9.jpg

May try out their risotto some day then compare it with Itallianies. Lol..

 photo DSC01829_zpsbe8004ed.jpg

 photo DSC01831_zps81571af8.jpg

Set lunch comes with a drink, salad and soup of the day.

 photo DSC01835_zps054dde34.jpg

Tomato soup for soup of the day. The tomato soup is really rich.

 photo DSC01840_zps53873687.jpg

We must dip the garlic bread with the tomato soup so that it won't be overly sour. The garlic bread  accommodate nicely with the soup as it is not too hard yet crispy. 

 photo DSC01842_zpsdd72c6f6.jpg

Main course of the day

Garlic Chicken Diavola RM36
Cream sauce based with mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, garlic and chili-flake.

 photo DSC01844_zpsbf1d0913.jpg

Funghi RM33
Cream sauce based with mozzarella cheese, wild mushroom and grana padano.

 photo DSC01848_zps8f7619ee.jpg

We ordered pizza cz we think it is more worth compared to the tiny portion of pasta. Lol..and we share among five girls. 3 slices for each person so is more than enough to us! 

 photo DSC01850_zps0545808b.jpg

All of us prefer this than the Garlic Chicken Diavola and for those mushroom lover this would certainly be your choice! The wild mushroom is aromatic and cooks perfectly. On the other hand, the crust is light and crunchy. If you don't mind certain part of it is slightly burned but this would just be the minor flaw. Cheese is a plus point for Lunarich pizza.  

Another good news to share is that they offer this Set Lunch menu as well in Lunarich Gurney Paragon during weekdays. *clap clap*

 photo DSC01852_zpsc57a02f3.jpg

Haha..all of us still 22 except dear. Finally understood why people always wish to be forever 21. :-(
But slowly would be our turn to be 23..T.T I don't want...

 photo DSC01862_zpsf21b9bcb.jpg

Happy Birthday dear! 
Hope you have a blast birthday with blessing from friends and family! Hehe..Love you always! 
My second soul mate besides Mr. Yeap..haha..

 photo DSC01865_zps22a0d61c.jpg

Picha picha..I miss all the girls! 
Must have a gathering real soon and take tons of picture with everyone in it! Lol..

 photo initpintu_526F672C1_zps49071dc1.jpg

 photo initpintu_526F672C2_zps6de62634.jpg

Pretty dear with her mint jumpsuit! A hit colour this year! 

 photo DSC01892_zpsf73c6527.jpg

Collaged all the pictures abuthen pictures will be overload! Haha..heart you girls! 

 photo initpintu_526F672C_zps0a2b0e92.jpg

And Lunarich is so amazing! They even request us to wait for extra 10 minutes before we leave to make this cup of cappucino for the birthday girl! So good la them...
They said usually they present the birthday girl or boy with mug but they have run out of stock so a cup of cappucino as substitution. 
So so sweet..with the pretty "coffee art" written SW Happy Birthday! Hehe..

 photo DSC01898_zps818035f3.jpg

Lovely! Happy birthday once again! Love you as always..hehe..

 photo DSC01916_zps1bc76257.jpg

 photo DSC01912_zps44fa434c.jpg

Lunarich Pizza & Pasta is located opposite the Bayan Baru market.

 photo DSC01908_zps694b09d1.jpg

Somewhere near to Suntech. If you unsure about the location, then click here for Google Map! Hehe..

 photo DSC01907_zpsf4d09f67.jpg

Call for reservation
Lunarich Pizza & Pasta
Lengkok Mayang Pasir 11950 Penang.
Contact: 04-611 5340

Business Hour: 11.30am to 10.45pm
Set Lunch 11.30 to 2.45 during weekdays *available in Lunarich Gurney Paragon and One Pricinct

Ala Carte Lunch during weekends
Open Daily
Service Charge 10% included
No government tax

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