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Kanebo KATE Spring Summer 2013 New Collection

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Have been invited by Nuffnang to attend Kanebo Kate Spring Summer 2013 Collection Penang Roadshow. You guys know I love make up and skin care products so much and I reviewed some of them before so I am so excited to be able to select as one of the bloggers to attend this exclusive event. 

I have been loving KATE cosmetics long ago and so obsessed to their Powderless Liquid Foundation. I have been told by the Marketing person, this powderless foundation is one of their best selling products. I even have my confession towards KATE cosmetics posted in my Twitter before. Lol..

 photo DSC01587_zps01603539.jpg 

This event is specially organize to introduce KATE Spring and Summer Collection 2013. The trend in eye makeup is shifting from colourless to shiny makeup thus KATE is proposing shiny, high-impact eye makeup created by combining various shades with gold. GOLDISH EYES from KATE is this season's must have for eyes that shine and shimmer with the most luxurious gold effect.

 photo DSC01584_zps35a5228a.jpg

There are four beautiful goldish shades from KATE that has been launching in the beginning of May 2013. Gold is often represent as glamorous and gorgeous and it blends well with skin tone to create healthy-looking eyes. It can be used with any style of makeup to provide a gorgeous finish. 

 photo DSC01585_zps53d33edd.jpg 

We have been given the opportunity to make up with KATE cosmetics after the demonstration by KATE amazing makeup artist Hirai-san from Japan. 

 photo DSC01583_zpsc3db49ec.jpg 

Items that featuring in the door gifts are basically their latest products which has been launched not long ago. Thanks for the munificent gift from KATE team. I heart every single one of them so much..  

 photo DSC01594_zps6a5d8156.jpg 

First to review, the KATE Goldish Eye series which is the hit in this season. This palette contains two unique gold pearl powders which is Real Gold Pearl, a pure gold pearl powder with 0.1% 24k REAL GOLD, and Nuance Gold Pearl, a bright pearl powder with a hint of gold. Combined in a beautiful eyeshadow palette, the two powders *D and C* create a gorgeous shimmer that is glamorous and sophisticated.

Looking at the D content is the Shiny Gold. It is a bright gold pearl powder realized by combining Real Gold Pearl with rich shines of real golds. The content in B is Deep Brown color which is to emphasizes the contours of the eyes. Content A is Soft Beige as highlighter for the whole eyelid. Colored Gold in content C is created by combining a regular shade with Nuance Gold Pearl; it blends well with skin tone to create a gorgeous shimmer.

 photo DSC01597_zps90866fe5.jpg

One thing that makes me favor KATE cosmetics among the others in Watson because the attentiveness of the team providing steps to consumers on how to apply the eyeshadow color. Sometimes consumers may doubt on the techniques applying the 4 colours as shown in the picture below.
I don't see any counter in Watson displaying these info to the makeup newbies like me. Lol..So take a look again to KATE counter when you visit to Watson, you will come upon this interesting scene. Hehe..

 photo Untitled_526F672C_zps140b4d5e.png

This series is fragrance-free and comes with a sponge-tipped applicator. It would be suitable for OL and Party Look. 

 photo KateGOLDISHEYESopen_zps65e20a4f.jpg
KATE Goldish Eyes RM59

KATE Slim Gel Pencil is another new product launched this season. It is somehow different with other types of gel liner where most of the time you found them separated the gel and pencil. This comes two-in-one! Convenient not?! Hehe..This gel eyeliner pencil has a special pencil holder for creating fine lines. 

 photo DSC01598_zps96179cf8.jpg

I tried it during the workshop and it seriously blend easily and easy application for newbies like me. Lol..The 2-mm diameter pencil is easy to draw with. The gel pencil can be twisted in increments of 0.07mm for fine pencil adjustment. This prevents too much of the pencil from being let out of the holder. Fyi, it can't be twisted down so apply it carefully. :-)

On top of that, it can achieve strong coloration as the soft pencil allows for a generous amount of pigments to adhere to the skin. For BK-1, which I have been given the chance to try on, contains black pearl, realizing a gel-like luster and a very dark black to enhance the depth of the shade. 

Moreover, it contains a large amount of water-repelling pigments. As a result, the pencil has high sweat, water and sebum resistant.  

 photo KateSLIMGELPENCIL_zps5edcb5ce.jpg
KATE Slim Gel Pencil RM44

The next product I am so gonna buy it! KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner which allows girls to create larger and more impressive, captivating eyes!

This Shiny Eyelid Liner makes use of the illusion of brightness and colors. Applying a very bright color to the lower eyelids not only makes the eyes look larger but also makes the lower eyelids look full and plump. When Shiny Eyelid Liner with a shade similar to the white of the eye is applied on the lower eyelid, the eye is perceived as part of the white of the eye. This causes the entire eye to appear larger.

I tried this and it does makes my eyes looks sharper than before! I want to buy this!

 photo KateSHINYEYELIDLINERPK-1_zps8e9f275d.jpg
KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner RM44

The upcoming products which is Freshel under Kanebo targeting for busy people who want to stay beautiful! Freshel brands itself as time-saving skincare which has multi-functional purposes and offering benefits all-in-one bottle! Innovative right? Suitable for lazy people like some of us and travel-friendly!

Kanebo Freshel is a high quality skin care series that offers multifunctional items containing carefully-selected ingredients, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, and technologies to quickly and surely provide ingredients developed based on years of cosmetic research by skin specialists. 

We received Freshel All-in-one Whitening Gel as complementary door gift. I can't wait to try this out after I finish my lotion and moisturizer because it says it has 5 functions in one item!! Oh Gosh!! I shall recommend this to my sis since she is so lazy carry out her skin care regime! 

Freshel Whitening Gel serves as lotion, essence, emulsion, cream and moisturizing makeup base. It controls melanin generation and prevents spots and freckles. Besides that, it is a cosmeceutical and whitening Perfect Gel that hydrates skin and makes it translucent. I believed anti-dark spot care and brightening is the main concern for all girls. So..this products suits you all if you are lazy to apply layers of skin care products! *wink*

Btw, Kanebo always encourage their consumers to carry out double cleanse procedure even without make up. Hence, would encourage you to double cleanse after using this whitening gel. :-)

Visit to Freshel Malaysia Facebook Page to check out the available stores and more info about other products. 

 photo DSC01595_zpsaeec5594.jpg
Kanebo Freshel All-in-one Whitening Gel RM67

Light refreshment is provided to the guests. 

 photo DSC01588_zps715a34be.jpg 

Make up demonstration with KATE Spring Summer 2013 Collection by very amazing make up artist Hirai-san from Japan.

 photo DSC01599_zpsaddd984f.jpg 

Firstly, he is demonstrating OL look with KATE Goldish Eyes Collection.

 photo DSC01607_zpsaba681ff.jpg 

 photo DSC01614_zps4adfd187.jpg

 photo DSC01630_zpsea3c68ba.jpg 

Done with light make up for OL look! 

 photo DSC01633_zps6a58a02a.jpg 

Immediately transform to the party look.

 photo DSC01638_zps05764233.jpg 

Left: OL makeup Right: Party makeup

 photo DSC01642_zps1bafbdf7.jpg 

Done! The real person looks much more prettier than the picture itself. Hehe..

 photo DSC01650_zps2dbbd54b.jpg 

We have been given a full makeup bag with all sorts of KATE cosmetics in it! 

 photo DSC01652_zpsc73dd525.jpg

My first time ever seeing so many make up products displaying right in front of me with different color tones and textures available! I am so lucky you see! Love it! 

 photo DSC01654_zpsaacddde1.jpg 

We have Cover Concealer, Lasting Base, Slim Create Powder, Powderless Liquid, Brightening Makeup Base, Eyeshadow Base, Lipgloss, Mascara and so on. You name it, we've got it all!

 photo DSC01656_zps7a9a9256.jpg 

I want to recommend this cz I found it very functional. It is Freshel Cleansing Lotion that acts as a makeup remover, facewash and pore cleanser. It is water based and so you just have to pump it on your cotton then remove makeup as usual. It can completely removes BB cream, foundation, and point makeup. 

 photo DSC01658_zps26adc882.jpg
Freshel Cleansing Lotion RM44

Chia Yi, another blogger that I knew during the event. She looks young right? Taking picture with her makes me looked so much older although we are just one year difference..T.T 

 photo DSC01660_zpsc7f5543c.jpg 

Applying make up makes me smile so awkward! Lol..

 photo DSC01662_zpsa719440f.jpg 

Picture with Hirai-San! Indeed a wonderful experience! I love attending make up workshop!

 photo DSC01667_zps2fa95e47.jpg

Back home taking more pictures with the make up look. 

 photo DSC01678_zps6e60e551.jpg

Found both eyes have unbalanced is lighter than the other. Ok la..I named the left as OL makeup and right as party makeup. Haha..*self-disclaiming* 

The right eyebrow I am using Kate eyebrow softerner in brown color. If you think you prefer brown and lighter eyebrow to suits your hair colour then I can recommend you to grab this product. It is somehow like a mascara brush so very user-friendly. 

 photo DSC01677_zps6643911b.jpg 

 photo DSC01688_zps5600d0c7.jpg

Thanks for the natural light for making my skin looks radiant! Lol..
*love my camera make up mode so all the selca pictures here needless to edit!* Yippie!

 photo DSC01702_zps8b710e15.jpg

For more info about KATE cosmetics, visit and like their Facebook page

Fill up a form at KATE Malaysia Facebook to received "surprise gift" from KATE at your birthday month. Don't missed it!

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