Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tonkotsu Ramen 豚骨拉面 at Restaurant Xuan Feng, Krystal Point

A very quick post for this review. Never meant to review this restaurant but decided to do so to recommend you guys the yummy and not-so-expensive ramen. :-)

Went to Justart to buy some of the yummy little tart. The top will be different flavour whereas the filling mostly custard based. And the crusts is not crispy one..erm..don't know how to describe may try it yourself. Gurney basement is selling it, if I'm not mistaken, student entitled 10% disc on weekdays..but please confirm before you buy ya.. 


I love the Green Tea tart..most of my friends love it after I recommended so try it out la..RM1.90 each..I bought it from Krystal Point..Gurney Justart also supply from their main branch which is Krystal Point!

Lunchie! Taiwanese Pop Corn Chicken. 台湾咸 酥鸡。

The tart and this pop corn chicken selling at different shop so don't mixed up. Their chicken also not bad..very tender and quite a big portion of it.

Taiwanese Pop Corn Chicken RM6.90


Ramen with Deep-Fried Pork Chop 猪扒拉面 RM12.90 (Big)
The pork chop doesn't taste very rough like how you see from the picture. It is crispy at the outside and moist in the inside but I think is a bit over salty. It would be perfect if you dip with the soup. This ramen will be clear soup based. 


Tonkotsu Ramen 豚骨拉面 RM15.90 (Big)
I wanted to try tonkotsu soup based long time ago but never get to try that. Knew Goku Raku Ramen Paragon selling it but theirs is very expensive..priced between RM20 to RM30. This one ok la can fix my crave. ^^ This is my first time trying Tonkotsu Ramen so can't really compared how well is it but overall I liked it. Hardly you can get this price for this kind of ramen in Penang so okay a above average for me with the price and not-so-bad taste. :-)  We request to add some soup initially it was so little..haha!


Btw, both of us ordered big one and we can't finish the pop corn chicken end up ta pao back. The portion is very big. Full if you want to order side dishes then I would encourage you to go for small one..small one RM3 cheaper. Overall this place is 7/10..would recommend you to try and their food is quite cheap with air conditioned environment. I will visit again! :-)

Call for reservation
Restaurant Xuan Feng
No. 303-01-30 Krystal Point
1, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 
11900 Bayan Lepas Penang.
Tel: 04-643 7220
Business Hour: 11am to 10pm
Open Daily!
*5% service charges, government tax not applicable

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