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Flash Back Homestay.Cafe at Lebuh Acheh, Georgetown

Blog as frequent as I can in this week. Blogging is never an easy task especially you have to squeeze your time between tight schedule yet this is solely an interest. To be honest, it is self discipline and perseverance that drives you a long way in blogging. 

I wanted to treat it as my habit cz I found my sense of belongings here. Moreover, I want to know how far blogging can leads me to, and I know I will never regret to choose this as part of my life. :-)

Here I am, squeeze time from my study week and two more weeks would be my final exam already. Thus I will make my recent posts as simple as possible. :-) 

Flash Back Cafe at Lebuh Acheh. 
*bad photo quality due to the program mode of my camera. Didn't noticed about it until I've seen the pictures from my laptop* time would be extra cautious about it. 

 photo DSC01356_zpsfc468eb2.jpg

Just a street away from Armenian Street.

 photo DSC01354_zps8ca5f65e.jpg

 photo DSC01352_zps13b23733.jpg

 photo DSC01358_zps121d42f5.jpg

 photo DSC01359_zpsa034e859.jpg

They are offering homestay booking as well but this promotion is over so now will be back to the original price.

 photo DSC01350_zps16bda618.jpg

Greetings from the bear!

 photo DSC01363_zps9a50137c.jpg

His order.
Hazelnut RM4
Erm, don't expect much, just a very normal cup of coffee, don't forget you are not paying premium price for it. :-)

 photo DSC01336_zpsf7bb385b.jpg

My food hunting partner aka boyfriend who are always willing to explore nice cafe with me.
He is checking the flipping table whether can it afford the *laptop, gadgets, coffee* weight. Lol..

 photo DSC01337_zpsfab0d230.jpg

As you see..clearly written here so better double check. Lol..but obviously it is just a laugh la..

 photo DSC01340_zps84ed933e.jpg

My order.
Iced Cappucino RM4.50
Ain't your expected nice brewed coffee.

 photo DSC01341_zps4ae1308b.jpg

Anyway, I am contented with a cup of iced cappucino at this price.

 photo DSC01346_zps6bc4f991.jpg

I didn't realized it is that blur. =="

 photo DSC01373_zpsa6877be0.jpg

 photo DSC01367_zpsb3919b50.jpg

I once raised at Lebuh Acheh by my nanny. So Lebuh Acheh 打石街 has lots of my childhood memories. I always sneak to Khoo Kongsi when I am small. At that time, they have many entrances lead to Khoo Kongsi and it is not a tourist attractions yet so this place used to be unagitated.

All in all, this area has been very commercialized with cafe and hostel everywhere so nearly all the uncles and aunties who stayed in this neighbourhood has moved with their children.

Thinking of this, I am feeling the same like the teddy bear here. :-(

 photo DSC01370_zpsd6600fe6.jpg

 photo DSC01372_zps05dc8c93.jpg

 photo DSC01378_zps43130916.jpg

 photo DSC01375_zpsc7cefb77.jpg

 photo DSC01380_zps554dd67e.jpg

Anyhow, Georgetown is evolving so there must be some sacrifices that has to be made. Homestay is provided everywhere in Georgetown area, Flash Back either.
Reminder once again, this promotion is over, I am just showing the leftover flier in their cafe.

 photo DSC01426_zps430eaadc.jpg

The current room rate is based on the original price which is stated in flier.
Single Bed Room RM55
Twin Bed Room RM84
Double Bed Room RM88
Triple Bed Room RM132
Quad Bed Room RM168
Family Suite RM350
You may enquire for details and offer that they could provide by email them at

 photo DSC01428_zpsa5815252.jpg

Flash Back Homestay.Cafe
No. 41 & 43, Lebuh Acheh,
10300 Georgetown, Penang. 
Contact: 016-602 8696 Jessie / 012-475 2453 Tan
Business Hour for Cafe: 12pm to 6pm and 7pm to 11pm
Opens daily but it is not fixed so call upon visiting

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