Saturday, May 11, 2013

Western Spices at Green Hall, Georgetown

Time to update blog again! Don't want to delay all the pending that I surely can't finish them if I keep dragging cz more posts coming up real soon! Stay tuned..^^

Went to lunch with *dear* Sin Wah this Thursday..we forgot to take pictures! Ishh...just managed to captured all the food

We went to Western Spices for lunch as there is cash voucher promotion in Living Social..haha! Knew this restaurant long ago but never try their food before. Since they have 50% off cash voucher so made up our mind to dine in for our lunch..

We have RM80 in total so we order the food "chun chun" *exactly* that amount of money. Lol..

Quesadillas RM10.50
Mexican Wrap

Vegetables underneath the wrap is not so fresh and the quesadillas tasted they served 3 pieces only..


Soup with Pastry RM14.90
Mushroom or pumpkin soup baked with puff pastry

We think the pumpkin soup is very rich so if you can't accept the smell or taste of pumpkin soup then better order mushroom soup. We share but can't finish it all, I think if ordered mushroom soup then I should be able to settle it! Lol..


And the pastry weird weird one..outside is crispy but inside is a layer of crust which tasted like it doesn't cook completely. Haha..


Chicken Delight
Nick's Special - our Chef's special RM22.90
Chicken served with homemade spicy sauce with Rice & Bean. Specialty for Spicy lovers!!

Both of us don't really know how to describe this. Lol..erm..the sauce like some mixed up is not the spicy extract from some rempah type of sauce. Anyway I don't like it la..haha..then the rice like brown rice but it is not exactly brown overall to me 4 out of 10 point in total! 


Chicken Delight
Pollo Mango RM22.90
Grilled Chicken Drumstick with our homemade mango sauce. Served with mashed potato & veggie.

I prefer this than Nick's Special due to the mango sauce but also so so only la..:-) nothing much special.


But the presentation of mashed potato impressed us..haha!


The good thing about purchasing this voucher is to dine in a fine dining ambience lo..but frankly speaking I won't visit during normal days without promotion. :-)

The Living Social Deal that we bought! One day can order any food from the menu, they have plenty of choices so if you are interested then go ahead, may be other food is nice..who knows? Hehe..Menu is available in the website. Aware of the terms and conditions okay..:-)

Western Spices is located at Green Hall which is near to Penang Court and Dewan Sri Penang. Behind Convent Light Street only. 



Call for reservation
Western Spices
No. 1, Jalan Green Hall 10200 Penang.
Tel: 04-261 1553
Business Hour: 
Lunch 11.30am to 3pm
High Tea 3pm to 5.30pm
Happy Hours 5pm to 7pm
Dinner 6pm to 11pm
Closed on Monday
10% Service charges and 6% Government tax is applied. 

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