Friday, September 21, 2012

Blast Birthday at Micke's Place, Love Lane Penang

My first time of writing a food post! Is very excited of me writing variety of posts because you can actually learnt from it everytime by writing a different story. It is not just upload photos and crap all the way to write a post. Have to prepare for it, looking for information and etc. Especially I have to write it in English! But we have to learn from it since there are nothing easy. *Cheers* I guess one day if you ask me to write about football review, will I take up the challenge?! Lol..may be, as boyfriend is good at it, he may be my personal advisor! lolol..

Wednesday we went to Micke's Place at Love Lane, Penang to celebrate Shu Vern's birthday! We usually have dinner with all of us gather to celebrate for the birthday girl. We went for Japanese cuisine in the previous celebration so we decided not to have it again although initially the birthday girl wanted to go for Japanese food. End up, Micke's Place is our choice! 

It is a very small shop perhaps you may missed it when you pass by Love Lane including myself. I didn't realized until Sin Wah told me is just located behind 7-eleven. When I saw the restaurant exterior from other's photo, I thought the Love Lane sign board is just for decoration! Lol...

It is located behind 7-eleven along Love Lane. Spot the broken-hearted telephone booth?

Left: The vegetarian speciality. Nowadays those cafe, bistro around Georgetown like to write their menu than a proper menu instead. I found out two reasons behind it. It can be treat as a decoration, other than that they can change their menu regularly! 
Right: Another corner of the shop. Those "ko-cha" chairs and table! Tourists like to sit here as they can enjoy the breeze while having their food. 


The girls. You can see how small is the shop! It is almost full by only 8 of us in it. 

Left: DIY corner with plants and antique clock.
Right: Menu everywhere. Their food served is very cheap right. Don't you agree with me? :p You can hardly get this price along Love Lane restaurant. 

Tourists and locals scrabble their message and drawing on the wall. You can see it everywhere. :)

Decoration even on the ceiling. 

A pretty bar corner. It is all antique. *Opps, except the toilet rolls at the back*

The birthday girl. Shu Vern. 

 Group photo with the birthday girl.

Here come the food. I am so sorry I forgot what pizza is this but most importantly it tastes good! If you come in two, you may order a pasta and pizza, to try both at the same time. 

The Grilled Lamb with Napolitana Linguine. 3 or 4 of us ordered this! Lol...RM15 only! Serve with a lamb chop and small portion of linguine so is quite worthy of price. 

Upset with the group photo turns out quite blur.
Left to right: Sin Wah, Chia Hoey, Shu Vern, Guen, Li Ching, Choon Yann, Mei Xun, and Hui Ping

Before we left, we took a picture and coincidently a tourist pass by and join us for picture! He is from Italy and very nice. He visit to Penang with his partner, hope they enjoy the trip in Penang! 

This shop is run by an aunty and her son is a chef but he is working in another restaurant. She shared her experience with us, and gave us some valuable yet sincere advice in our future career! Thanks a lot aunty! You may visit here one day to experience the homey ambience by yourself!

Aunty said they open from 4pm to 11pm and it depends on the crowd. They usually off during weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. You may drop by yourself! 

p.s Happy for myself cz done with a food post! :p

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