Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something new to myself

Ahh I am so excited to come back again..Sometimes just feel excited to update my blog instead of lazy to do so..different from some others huh..LOL! 

Something to update from Penang! It has been raining for two days consecutively and it is so inconvenient to go to class when it is raining. I believe many people love raining when they are at home, enjoy the cool breeze, sleep..BUT we hate it rains before we to class, work or school. Anyhow I still love the rain once in a while in Penang, at least I won't feel that I am living in a microwave! But is pitiful when I saw exchange students walking to the class with their raincoat but the lecturer paste a notice out of the lecture hall stated CLASS CANCEL! Oh gosh..this is painful! It is worst when you are there, class cancel then they inform you another replacement class! =="

Yesterday is my first day attending my first ever Bahasa Malaysia IV class in university. I think I am the eldest in class to sit for the exam with majority second year students. Luckily I have met juniors in this class, if not with such a tough subject, I don't know who to talk to..T.T! When we first met the lecturer, the first word he tell us is "Subjek ini memang SUSAH! Paling susah di universiti!" *This subject is really TOUGH! The toughest one in university!* You know how scary it is when you have been informed to this? Hopefully I can still survive and please score better results for my coursework! 

You have any idea on what is Kata Pemeri? Either me...the one who will be sitting exam in the end of this semester! :(

I just realized that laman web is Kata Bahasa Inggeris! Lol

OMG! What the hell is all these? 
I haven't been taking Bahasa Malaysia for ages and now you tell me this is the toughest subject! 
p.s I still wish to graduate from the university! ><

Anyway I know I still have to face it! Every students in USM have to take this subject!

Don't talk about the sad thing..LOL! Yesterday is my first co-curriculum class! I am taking Squash this semester! Previous sports was Swimming, is a easy sports to take as co-curriculum if you know how to SWIM! Certainly! And I am able to FLOAT now after the Swimming course! Last time I am able to swim instead of float..so if you throw me into the water I am not sure whether am I able to survive! Lol...

This squash class is much tougher than swimming, you must have strength, skills, stamina, speed and etc. *according to the instructor* I don't think I fulfilled the above requirements! Lol..Seniors even said this instructor is quite scary..! God bless us then! Squash squash here I come! *determined face*

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