Sunday, September 9, 2012


My first day of establishing my blog before the new semester begins tomorrow.
I will update as frequent as I can and post about things happening around me.

The blog header design is actually quite challenging to me. I am a design and techno-noob in every single things including my blog templete and design layout! I cannot sit in front of the computer for hours to explore it by myself on what software to use. So usually I ask friend for help. I used to visit other's blog with pretty and classy header but my old blog was like "Yerr..." It looks childish actually.

So it is quite challenging for me to design my blog header and end up this is the outcome! *As you can see from the top*! Nice?! I am actually quite satisfied. *shiok sendiri* All thanks to my roommate Yvette Foo for recommending me to use Photoscape. I didn't read any instructions on how to use it and just simply press any icons and it comes out like THIS! Tadaa! Of course we must have some ideas on how to design it then only we are able to create it.

I will take time to improvise my blog and hopefully it will turns out nicely in the future. So currently still under maintanence! Lolol...

Anyway post a photo to wish my blog a Grand Opening!

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