Saturday, September 22, 2012

Irresistible Love Bites

NOM NOM! Craving for French Toast? You may visit to Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
I am not sure whether is there any restaurant in Penang that serve with French Toast, but so far I know is from Love Bites. It is very similar to the one that I had before in Dazzling Cafe, Taiwan. I guessed some of you might know Dazzling Cafe. Perhaps the owners may bring in the concept and improvised here.
From the crowd that came to the cafe, it proves that the owners has made the right choice as they bring in something that the locals like! Something new to us, French Toast!
Many people came because of the French Toast including us! Yvette Foo jio us to dine in with her!

This is the name card of Love Bites Fusion Cuisine. When the owner pass me this, I don't even realized it is a name card cz it is so tiny! You will bring it back naturally without even noticed it cz it is too cute and at the same time it can be a bookmark! :)

When I heard about this place, I thought the design is retro feel which is something like those restaurant located in Georgetown area. After my first visit, it proves that I am wrong.
The entrance of the restaurant, you may not realized where is this.

But after you have seen this, then you know, it is at Nagore Road! Saw Continental Bakery? Is always my favourite! When you guys go to Love Bites during afternoon, you may go to Continental as well to grab some breads or their famous egg tart! :)

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine is between La Mei Zi and Piknik! Another hang out spot!

Even the sign is in Love Shape! Love is in the air~
Remember guys, they close on Tuesday! So make sure you go on the right day to avoid disappointment.

Interior with cosy ambience and dim lighting. Please be aware that the restaurant is quite small so make sure you have make reservation before you come during night time or weekends. 

The second part of the restaurant. You can see how much effort the owner put and concern about every single details of the restaurant, the tables, chairs, furniture and even the coaster. Hopefully the customers handle everything with care and don't spoil it!

The coaster. Very nice and girly indeed. 

Food served and we are happy girls.
Left to Right: Yuet Ying, Yvette, Jo, Sheau Jeng and Wan Theng

The French Toast served. The signature dessert of Love Bites Fusion Cuisine

Impression of Love (Strawberry Flavour) RM18.90

Half Block of Toast stuffed in stick toast and strawberry ice cream, full of strawberries, puree, and drizzled with White Chocolate. It's born for all berries lovers.

This is the one that I had in Dazzling Cafe, Taiwan. Same strawberry flavour as well. I would think that they still have to put tons of efforts for the dessert they served. Presentation is customer's first impression towards it. Frankly speaking, I don't think I will pay my second visit to Love Bites again. To me, the toast is way too sweet and the bread is very hard. I don't even dare to try the same dessert from Fa Guo Shan in All Season Place, Farlim cz they leave me bad impression after I tried it from Love Bites. 

I would rather wait till my next visit to Taiwan then go back to Dazzling Cafe although the price is much expensive than this. :-)

With my beloved ex-roomie, Yvette Foo! Aww..I miss "sleeping" with her so much! T.T

The second French Toast that we ordered. 

Temtation of Love (Green Tea Flavour) RM18.90
Half block of toast stuffed in Stick Toast with the perfect match of Red Bean, Green Tea Crumble, and Macha ice-cream, Sesame Marsh Mellow drizzled in Caramel Glazed. It is quite Decadent and Tasty. 

p.s They have three types of Toast but we ordered only two of them. The other one is cheese flavour. You can come to try it yourself if you are a cheesie-lover! To have cheese in toast is kinda weird to us.

We went there mainly for French Toast that is why we didn't order any main course. So couldn't share it with you all. By the way, the owner told us 5pm to 7pm is the time that they usually served with French Toast. If you come after 7pm, they may reject your order on French Toast as they are busy preparing customers' order on main course. For your information, the French Toast preparation time is about 30 minutes.

I personally think that the food is quite pricey cz I have seen from other's food and the portion is kind of small. You may come and evaluate by yourself. And this restaurant is suitable for girl's outing or a short catch-up session with your friends.

You may contact them for further details or reservations,
Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
11, Jalan Nagore, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-228 6188

Business Hour: 12pm to 11pm (Weekdays and Saturday) 3pm to 11pm (Sunday)
Closed on Tuesday
Love At First Bite


  1. Went there just now.. the service and food was absolutely disappointing.

    1. Hi, ever since I posted this I've never visit to this shop again. Lol..anyway I don't think it worth for a second visit again! And I dare not to try out any French Toast in Penang anymore cz they don't leave me any good kinda sweet and the toast is very hard!

  2. Well Hello There ,

    Hahaha I somehow found your blog in the web & have been reading a lot about FOOOOOOOD! LOL!
    Anyways, My boyfriend's birthday is coming up next month & i dont know where to take him & since u've been to a lot of ''romantic'' restaurants with ur ''guy'' , i thought maybe u could suggest me some restaurants that i can take my boyfriend to . Well not expensive btw .. dont have much . thank you :)

    1. Hi may I know around how much is your budget so that I can know what kind of food to recommend? Hope that I am able to give you some suggestions..:-)