Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So far so good

Wednesday already..

The past two days happened that my friends came to visit me since we haven't meet up for two months semester break already. We went for singing and shopping in Gurney Plaza, after that Paddington House of Pancake for some starters and desserts since some of us are hungry. *Sorry for the bad quality of photo*

This is one of the starters I forgot what's the name of the food. Is some kind of chips with cheese on top of it and three dressing provided, the top should be some kind of salsa sauce, and two types of cheese below.
But I don't think everyone prefer the dressing, like my friend she don't really like it. Next time should try on other starters instead of their pancakes and crepe. *Btw, I finished the whole portion!* 

After taken such oily food, I still wish to have Sundae Cone. I know it is fattening so I decided if I took Sundae cone then I am going for workout afterwards. As I am esurient in dessert, end up I choose to eat then workout later! can't stop me from eating! I must eat and exercise at the same time! Don't stop me from having my desired food and dessert, if not I will be super down! *Bf understand it well* :p

After my workout session, I realized I have slim down *a little bit*! Girls is very sensitive towards this word, a little bit, I weigh myself, actually I don't see any difference, but I feels it! Lol..from looking myself into the mirror! But the results of working out aggressively is suffering from body aching! Yesterday after went out with my friends, I am extremely tired, and know what...?! I sleep at 9.30pm! just don't understand how pain my body and muscle!

Yesterday woke up at 7.30am, drove to school so far from my house but class cancelled! End up following Yvette back home to Butterworth and have a day trip in Butterworth..LOL! Actually is a eating trip, cz I eat from morning till evening in Butterworth, then back home..SLEEP! From 9.30pm till 7 something..wake up naturally! It feels good...until today I still don't feel any difference between my new semester and holiday!  Cz I haven't attend any class yet. But tomorrow will be a pack day. Classes from 9am to 5pm!

This morning went back to school for Management Society interview session. Happy! *Selca*

Initially I still dilemma whether to attend or not but luckily I chose to come! Very glad to see many of them can handle their things steadily and do it in such a top speed. I don't think I am able to do this though. The number of juniors who came for interview has increase dramatically, so happy to see that! I didn't involve in any decision making, I am just the one who assist or should say *just sitting beside*! Glad to see everything goes smoothly, but I know they will certainly do better than me! :)

Writing this entries in the library, plan to go for steam bath later cz realized there are actually many benefits. Since I said my muscle ache, thus I should go for steam bath later!

Happy day! 

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