Saturday, February 16, 2013

CNY Chor Yat to Chor Sam

Short CNY updates! Photos are all taken with my phone during CNY. So all here and there photos from reunion dinner till Chor 3! CNY moods almost gone cz school reopen soon although it still haven't end. Aww..I'm so gonna looking forward to the next CNY! :-(

This year reunion dinner at relative's house. Pat Leung prepared lots of ho liao for us, you can see fish balls just one large bowl only..others either are ready cooked food or seafoood! Love it so much! And I love the fried "sui kao" (dumplings) and the soup based one! We still have popiah! So so yummy! That night really too many food to choose from! Lol..wanted to try all but stomach can't fill in already! 

 photo IMG_1367_zpsdebeceaa.jpg

Pat Leung still prepared homecooked Roselle Tea for us. So nice! And this chicken wings I really want to share with you..inside has fillings with prawn, meat, fish, and chicken without bone! You can bite the whole thing left only the bottom part! Seriously awesome..That's is why you see the chicken wings so "fat" cz inside full of all the yummy ingredients! 

 photo IMG_1368_zpsefba7b38.jpg

After that surprisingly we still have 爱玉冰 for dessert! Haha..the jelly also prepared by pat leung! ;-)

 photo IMG_1372_zps99531488.jpg

Chor Yat flowery top from H&M!

 photo IMG_1384_zps438b6828.jpg

Mum's Chor Yat dishes! She will certainly cook this on the first day of CNY and I always look forward to these! of the reason I love CNY is also because of this! I love "Tu Toh Teng" 猪肚汤 so much! Some don't like to eat the pig intestine because of the smell instead just take the soup only! Mum cook this once a year la so I liked it very much! 物以稀为贵嘛!Haha...

Can you see the sweet potato ball on the tong sui? We handmade it on our the one that I mentioned which is like Taro Ball..may be will demonstrate it next time to you all then next year CNY you can make it on your own..then you will realized the one you make is so much better than those selling and yours without preservative. :-)

 photo IMG_1446_zpsa01c0599.jpg

Chor Yi went to Ah Kim house! Got Tu Toh Teng again! Yeah happy! Photo with baby girl! Love her! The whole day spending time with cousins and family! You know what to do during cny la! Gambling! Haha...

 photo IMG_1511_zps54b6695e.jpg

Night time family photo taken at Darling's grandpa house! Is so happening! Everyone with happy faces! 

Chor Sam in my new baseball jacket which is so damn cheap! Haha..Breakfast with dear at Subway! ^^ Then shopping only la..

 photo IMG_1540_zps69f8d82f.jpg

Afternoon my girl friends visit to my house! Ordering Pizza Hut for the feast! 

 photo IMG_1545_zps3c32602c.jpg

Still the 9 of us without Mei Xun around cz she went outstation. Happy meeting up with them! Bff ya! We said we can't imagine if one day we bring our kids along during gathering! Haha..shall see who is the first one! Lol..

 photo IMG_1546_zpscf0d292f.jpg

Will continue with the other day soon! 

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