Thursday, February 28, 2013

Favourite pick of the month:February

I know I haven't update my blog for some time already cz I am actually very free nothing much to do so nothing much to update. Lol..and school just started last week so tutorial haven't begin yet. I even have time to watch movie alone..haha! Darling say if friends see me in mall they will think I emo. Lol..

By the way, I watched Beautiful Creatures, so so nia..but the story line kinda special la. It is an American romantic fantasy film based upon the bestseller novel! The story is about a supernatural drama centred on a local teenager and the mysterious new girl in town who uncover dark secrets about their respective families. 

I thought Amanda Seyfried casting in fact it is Emmy Rossum. As usual she is pretty in the movie. :-) The poster catch my attention, don't you think it looks very beautiful? 

This is the trailer, don't freak out by looking at the preview of video. No horror nothing. Don't worry! Sorry if I scared you! :p Unintentionally..I couldn't find any extended trailer clip already. Paiseh..hehe! You just think it is spider web la..haha!

Ok, time to share with you about my favourite pick of the month. January! 
If possible next time I will share things that I bought la. ^^

 photo IMG_1942_zps0835513b.jpg

Yeah! Showing you my Valentine's pressie! Hehe..he never buy such expensive gift for me before. I appreciate it a lot! It doesn't mean he must buy me expensive pressie then only I appreciate but I don't have a watch so he decided to buy me one. We survey and asking around. 

After considering, we think that Tissot is worthy than fashion watch cz all their watches are sapphire glass..I prefer sapphire glass so I think very worth la! it so so so so *x100 times* much! Thanks dear! I love you! 

 photo IMG_1743_zps5c17f082.jpg

Then Darling's turn! His valentine's pressie! His wallet spoiled d so I bought him wallet as present. Love the design so much lo..and he is happy with his wallet! Both of us love our present so much!! 

Actually valentine's is not an important festive to us, we don't have any fine dine dinner, in fact he see I don't have a watch and his wallet spoiled already then only we buy pressie for each other. ;-)

 photo IMG_1828_zps755f4800.jpg

Bought Maybelline Babylips Lip Balm! Love the pink colour. After applied it will turn into pink colour, so my lips no longer pale now! Hehe..

Then bought Canmake Lip "..." I don't know it should be called lip gloss, lip butter, lip stain or they have too many names already..I can't remember what is this called! Lol..

 photo IMG_1975_zps6bd8c28c.jpg

Currently doing embroidery when I am free! watch in china or hk drama those girls do at home when they have nothing to do ah..haha! Chinese called 刺绣. 

Very ladylike hor..:p haha..nowadays not much people want to learn d..feel like I am belongs to that century! Lol..I learnt it when I worked part time, a china sifu taught me..hehe! Anyone want to learn, tell me, if you don't mind, I can teach you..haha! 

 photo IMG_2155_zps83fb6d07.jpg

And I play Candy Crush as well! Finally know how to play! Haha..last time just simply click will think twice! Sometimes really pek cek with the chocolate! Trust me everyone who play Candy Crush hate chocolate VERY much! Lolol..

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