Saturday, March 2, 2013

How To Tone Your Abs

Hello all! Have some changes on my blog pages! Hehe..and I love my new photo as well! I hope you like it..more organized now thus is easier for readers to view accordingly! Hope you find it accessible too! 

Alright! After CNY joyful festivities, everyone is grumbling they turn fat, don't look good, no time to go exercise, so on and so forth..working adults will say they sit in the office for the entire day so they have excess fat around the waistline, so called spare tire la..but the proper word should be love handles. Such a lovely name huh but we hate it...T.T

Everyone dying for sexy and flat abs! I think no one will go against me saying that they don't love flat abs. Regardless of men or women! I think 70% of the adults have belly fat la..except those models, celebrities and that is their job to keep fit! Lol..

I have been searching through some videos on how to tone our abs. I try to look for shorter clip and effective one cz I know people don't like to watch 5 to 10 minutes just on a single exercise. So, you can have those abs simply by working out at home..just depends on you whether want to move your butt from the chair or not..haha!

Please make sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program and doing any exercises.

This first video is a intense one..although is just two minutes but you can seriously feel your belly fat is burning! Since it is burning so I guarantee you it will be very effective BUT remember DO NOT HURT OR SPRAIN YOUR NECK! Careful when you lift up your head. Feel the muscle shaking from your abs instead of using your neck to support it! 

Next, which is the one that I mentioned love handles (spare tire). All these are easy application and I hope you feel your abs muscle shaking while doing it. Hehe..

p/s The preview of her facial expression is really funny! Lolol..

Next up would be plank! By seeing this you will think, aiya easy la...but when you really try it on your own, I can assure you not much beginners *those who haven't exercised for a while* can last for even 30 seconds! Seriously tough I tell you! >< For me, the most that I can hold is just one minute.

Contract your abs and squeeze it tight at your butts so that it can build your core muscles then increase the length of your plank holds and number of repetition. Don't focus your strength on your elbow until it is shaky, it is not the right way, you shouldn't feel pain on your elbow after planking. Repeat three times. For beginners, please start out slow. 

For beginners, do this move on your knees and gradually work your way up to balancing on your toes.

If you push yourself a little, doing planks are not easy and the benefits are outstanding!

Top 5 benefits of doing Planks
1. Works your upper abs, your lower abs, your obliques, and your lower back.
2. Builds the stabilizer muscles.
3. Builds strength for pushups.
4. Promotes good posture and helps prevent back injuries.
5. Teaches your abs to stay contracted in a regular standing position.

The V-Sit Ab Exercise is a tough yet effective abdominal and core exercise that works the rectus abdominis, the external obliques, and internal obliques. This exercise also engages the hip flexors. *picture below to show you the respective muscle*

Obliques are the muscles that run down both sides of the abdomen and should be stressed and toned if you want to trim your waistline. Many people like to target obliques and core abs muscles in order to get abdominal in shape.

We always see men or women has a V on their waistline, this is the exercise that can help you achieve the waistline. Upper body shouldn't be moving. Repeat 20 times.

Plank is suitable for men ask your boyfriend or husband to learn it! No excuses for them to have belly fat! Lol..they will hate me!

I hope you find them easy to learn and remember not to hurt yourself. Take it slow at the beginning since you are not familiar with the exercises.

Gradually, I will show you other exercises such as working on your inner thigh fats, flabby arms and so on. I hope you find it useful and have a healthy month ahead! Tell me if you want more posts on fitness and exercises..;-) Hope you like it!

By the way, I am not a trainer or what..just to share with you some of the videos that I find it useful on myself. :-) Happy working out!


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    1. You are welcome! Hope you like it..:-)

  2. If u need to get rid of spare tyres, you need to do more cardios. sit up and plank only strengthens your core muscles which are still hidden beneath the fats.

  3. When I went to gym I will work on cardio before start doing abs exercise..but last time when I didn't go for gym I will do sit up on my own at home, I can see slight improving..