Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lollipop's Graduation Ceremony

Last Sunday us travelling to Kampar to attend Lay Yin's graduation ceremony at UTAR Kampar! Is my first time driving so far to outstation as well as visit to UTAR Kampar campus. All of us are damn excited la..non stop talking in the car! Hehe..missed those time!

Very seldom we have the chance travelling together! Heart it! 

 photo IMG_9242_zpsf0793633.jpg

Lay Yin's graduation pressie from us! 
This bouquet of lollipop was inspired by her nickname lollipop! Lol..Her nickname since secondary school! *nickname copyrighted by sexy ladies* 
And green is her favourite colour! Naise not?! Hehe..everyone take turn to take picture with thie gorgeous "lollipop flowers"..:-)

 photo IMG_9245_zpsb3f44830.jpg

Yea congratulations to Lay Yin's on her graduation! Pretty girl! 

 photo IMG_9247_zps6e798cd9.jpg

Photo taken with her family!

 photo IMG_9248_zps7409ae78.jpg

Say cheese~

 photo IMG_9255_zpsda2e09fe.jpg

Candid shot! We love it! Wanted to make it as our FB cover photo. ^^

 photo IMG_9256_zps8371fb1d.jpg

In fact I love the blue sky although the weather is freaking hot! ><

 photo IMG_9264_zpsd6d6af75.jpg

Wah..those moment when you smile brightly in front of the camera but deep inside you saying 
"weather so damn hot, faster finish then I want to go inside d..!" 

 photo IMG_9276_zps43f6dc62.jpg

 photo IMG_9279_zps3c2e208e.jpg

 photo IMG_9283_zps649400ed.jpg

While waiting, camwhoring...

 photo IMG_9293_zpsd5c13267.jpg

 photo IMG_9295_zps65d0033d.jpg

 photo IMG_9307_zpsaaa04269.jpg

When will it be my turn?! I am the last among all..><

 photo IMG_9308_zps79d3eb41.jpg

♥ I love this group photo! 

 photo IMG_9339_zps53e67584.jpg

The pagoda looks really stunning! Just can't stop myself from taking pictures of it. 
Thumbs up for the great construction! *the people in the photo is not us* :p

 photo IMG_9342_zps75179208.jpg

Had so much fun on that day and we still go for food hunting in Ipoh afterwards! 
The food post will be up soon. 

p/s recently busy with assignments and tests therefore can't update as frequent as I did..feels so bad..:-( but I will do so at least twice a't leave me!

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