Friday, March 8, 2013

Uniqlo First Day Opening in Queensbay Penang

"Welcome to Uniqlo!"
The typical greeting when you enter Uniqlo Store!
As Uniqlo is originated from Japan, their staff are well trained and with proper etiquette. 
Finally their first store opening in Northern Region! Hopefully the second store coming soon..
Perhaps located in Gurney Paragon? Hehe..
Feels good to see it opens in Penang whereby I no need to travel to kl when they have promotions! Hohoho..

 photo IMG_2432_zps0aa555e3.jpg

Fyi, I queue since morning 9.30am! Fortunately I am standing quite front because...
the first 500 customers can entitle for their tote bag! Haha..
Me too free got no class what so go queue up..and I love their tote bag cz quite good material! 
My friend told me her friend who queue up since 10am don't manage to get it and you know what the queue is until the centre atrium! Yeah you are right! The one near to CIMB Bank! @@

 photo IMG_2433_zps5bca2984.jpg

Lalala...this is still not that long yet!

 photo IMG_2426_zps30e7e740.jpg

Legging for RM19.90 each! They still have S size when I arrived early in the morning but when I return after lunch, most of the S size gone already for tops and legging! T.T

 photo IMG_2434_zpsd2c6eef0.jpg

Can you see a guy holding a card board at the back? 
Somewhere at the left beside the mirror..the queue to fitting room starts from there! Crazy! So long! But quite fast they prepared lots of temporary fitting room. I think tomorrow will have more people since is weekend. 

 photo IMG_2438_zpscaf535bf.jpg

Promotion for skinny fit jeans at RM49.90 each! When I went to KL Uniqlo they displaying a lot but nobody grabs like crazy! 

 photo IMG_2462_zps8c185823.jpg

My partner who went to queue up with me! Touched la! Li ching..trying the caps..yea we like it but RM79.90..too expensive so we didn't buy..T.T 

 photo IMG_2440_zpsf1dcb1bc.jpg

p/s get well soon my dear! 

 photo IMG_2447_zps67f67a17.jpg

With Yann as well! This time trying specs..haha! I personally don't like their specs..not much variety..but I don't think people will go Uniqlo buy specs lo..haha!

 photo IMG_2451_zpsd698cd31.jpg 

Lunch at Xian Ding Wei! 

 photo IMG_2456_zpse81890bb.jpg

They have three different types of paper bag! Hello Kitty, Disney Pixar and Spongebob!

 photo IMG_2458_zps8c1a31c2.jpg

See what I bought! A lot! Bought some for my relatives as they afraid no size left so ask me to buy first! the way according to their policy with terms and conditions apply, you are allowed to exchange the product under certain circumstances. :-)

 photo IMG_2497_zpsfecad48f.jpg

Qiang qiang qiang qiang! 

 photo IMG_2498_zpse03e6739.jpg 

OMG! Mad love the hello kitty paper bag but spongebob looks nice as well la..I wonder is that Spongebob? As I know Spongebob has only two eyes how come this one has three? Lol..

 photo 387e0d56-1512-4a27-bb46-7c3bb33d4c89_zpsff601d8a.jpg

Yea I have three tote bag all together! One is free cz I am the first 500 customers! Thanks har Uniqlo! Haha..then the other I must purchased more than RM200 to get one tote bag. :-)

 photo 87a3c20d-187b-4c61-9cbe-da2a213a51e1_zps31c40dfd.jpg

Thanks to Uniqlo! 
Love it! Have a pleasure shopping experience with the nice paper bag and good courtesy from the staff!
Let's go shopping! 
They have opening promotion from 8th to 14th of March 2013! But if you go late, they may short of sizes already la...happy shopping!

UNIQLO Queensbay Mall
1F-93A & 93 (A), Queensbay Mall
100, Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: 04-644 8300


  1. I love Uniqlo jeans so much!! Infact I think I have more than 5pcs of their promo pants. Anyway! nice post and I love your blog cause its so cute and lovely. <3

    1. Thank you very much! You are so sweet! Your comment made my day! :-) You may follow my blog as well so you could update with my posts regularly! Cheers...