Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gala House Restaurant & Cafe at Georgetown, Penang

Gala House Restaurant & Cafe commences its business on the 14th of October 2013. It is just their third week of business but I have read positive reviews about this restaurant. It is a great start to have word of mouth sharing their experiences dining in Gala House. 

It is located in one of the hotspot in Georgetown which is Muntri Street. 




Coffee blended with liquor is the speciality of Gala House. Sometimes, you would rather have a cup of handcrafted coffee in a cozy cafe instead of the take and go Starbucks coffee. Indeed, the experience is different. 



Love how the VW car bonnet brings out the quirky feel of the restaurant. 

On top of that, they have own bakery to serve you delicate cake with top notch quality. Liquor is blend in their cake as well which is the Jack Daniel Choc Cake and Tiramisu Kahlua Cake. The owner, Monsak told us that Jack Daniel Choc Cake and Red Velvet Cake is their best selling thus far. 


Marilyn Monroe RM11.90
Ice blended chocolate strawberry

Strawberry and chocolate are good complementary in beverages. It has intense flavour of strawberry with a hint of sourness. A perfect combination of strawberry, strawberry syrup, milk and chocolate. 


Wild Mushroom Soup RM11.50
variety of mushrooms finished with cream

This is not the rich texture of wild mushroom soup that you will get. In fact, more creamy with slight amount of mushroom. Anyway, is still a pleasant one.


Uncle Toni's Fish & Chips RM13.90 *signature
Fish fillet with a light crispy beer batter

This dish named after the head chef Uncle Toni's signature dish. One of their recommendations. Lovely light batter with the fish perfectly cooked inside. They served it with the original and wasabi tartare sauce. 


Chicken Martini RM20.90 *signature
crispy fried chicken breast with mozzarella cheese and martini reduction

I would say the chicken breast is slightly overcooked and rough in the inside. You must dip with tomato dressing to arouse the sensation of this dish. 


Gala's Rendang Spaghetti RM15
Your choice of chicken or beef rendang served with homemade rendang paste

We thought of ordering a special dish from the menu instead of the ordinary Italian pasta. This dish is definitely our choice. Rendang chicken is a local food and it has crossover with Italian pasta which is one of the exciting dish in their menu. Indeed, it isn't over powering but still remain the savoriness of the rendang chicken.

Not forget to mention, we have been told that most of the food served are prepared with spices and herbs.


Gala's Signature
Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti RM24
Korean-Italian fusion pasta, served with kimchi and salmon

This pasta compensate very well with kimchi. Very refreshing and mouth-watering dish. The kimchi tasted pretty mild so I think is bearable for those who dislike the spiciness and sourness of kimchi. 

We would recommend the Rendang Chicken Pasta and Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti to you.


Bon appetit!


Farewell for our dear Miki. Take care in Germany!


The boss, Monsak was kind enough to serve us a complimentary coffee. 

Orang Kaya Coffee RM14.90
Chocolate Brandy Affogato

The coffee is delightfully creamy and delectably rich. A mixture of chocolate, espresso, brandy and vanilla ice cream. 


The name of this coffee was inspired from the Muntri Street. Muntri street used to be patronized by the upper class people. It is named after the 19th Century Menteri of Larut, Ngah Ibrahim. As Gala House Restaurant & Cafe is located along Muntri Street, hence Monsak named the handmade coffee as the Orang Kaya Coffee. 


Check out the crowd dining in the restaurant even with just 3 weeks commencement of business. Penangites never lie when it comes to food. 

The servers are showing good courtesy and very attentive at the same time. 


They may serve breakfast and supper menu in the coming days. Stay tuned and keep an eye on their Facebook Page for more updates. 


Call for reservation
Gala House Restaurant & Cafe
102, Lebuh Muntri, 
10200 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-261 3118 / 012-597 2104
Business Hour: 12pm to 12am daily 
*Service charges applied

Saturday, October 26, 2013

23rd Birthday with the Dearies at Namoo on the Park Gurney

Saturday afternoon in KL didn't go anywhere like how young girls do, in fact just nua at home with Mr.Y finish watching 被偷走的那五年 The Stolen Years. Cry so badly. 

I was so reluctant to update my blog but after all thought no more procrastinating if not turn out to have too many pending posts. ><

It was exactly the 23rd before I came here. Managed to celebrate with the girls on the exact date! Hehe..Besides that, I cut my hair! In the afternoon! Lol..damn short..and looks like kiddo la..I think! Lol..

Coincidently, another pretty girl Pei Thyn and I both birthday fall on the same date! Happy! Found another person who has the same birthday as me! Not forget to mention, last Saturday I just went to her birthday party! It was a happening one. 


Alright just a very brief review about the restaurant, Namoo on the Park Gurney Plaza. Hmm..I would say it is not my type. It is the fusion of western and korean food but the combination doesn't amazed me. Unless you are expected to see them in the menu if not is hard for you to pick an order. 

Kimchi Burrito RM20.90 *signature
Special Korean Kimchi fried rice with chicken sausage, rolled in warm mozzarella cheese tortolla flatbread. 

Kimchi rice in taco. Okay new way of eating but is just not my liking. 


Spicy Seafood Ramyun RM18.90
Korean ramyun noodle with prawn, mussel, seaweed and egg in our chef's special soup. 

The first impression "Wow...this is spicy and oily!" My goodness, how to eat...>< I have a sip of soup, is not so spicy after all but choon yann told me it tastes like the ordinary Shin ramyun hence nothing special. 


Ice Chocolate RM10.90


Namoo Lemonade RM9.90


Sweet Chili Omuto RM20.90 
Chicken or prawn . Namoo special fried rice wrapped in egg omelette with sweet chili sauce.

Like how it names, ordinary fried rice in sweet and chili sauce. Sin Wah ordered sweet chili omuto with chicken. 


White Cream Omuto RM19.90 *signature
Chicken or prawn . Namoo special fried rice wrapped in egg omelette with white cream sauce.

We think that this is the most appealing one. Love the white cream, surprisingly it goes well with the fried rice. I ordered white cream omuto with prawn. 


One thing that I would recommend is their sweet potato cake RM12.90. Crave for dessert while shopping then head over for a slice of cake. It is better for sharing. *Picture was taken when Mr. Y and I were at Publika*



Will miss those day when I'm not around in Penang. 


Li Ching managed to reach on time when we are taking these pictures!


Love love love!


Thanks for the surprise birthday cake! With Pei Thyn the 1023 baby! Haha..


Guys, sorry to disappoint you, she has been taken. Haha..happy 23rd birthday once again!


I don't expect my birthday to be full of surprises with bunch of friends celebrating around. In fact, with the true and love ones will be more than grateful. Thanks girls! Forever love..


Selfie time. 


Sexy Xun  we will wait for Terence to buy 自拍神器 ya..then we will have more selfie time! Hehe..*Terence gonna kill me for you having a bad influence*


Sweet Shu Vern 


Loveable Lay Yin 


Pretty Li Ching 


Lovely Yann 


Dear Sin Wah 


Thanks again for everything my deary! 


Happy 23rd birthday to Pei Thyn and I!

Lots more pending posts! Wish myself good luck. ><

Call for reservation
Namoo on The Park Gurney Plaza
170-G-40, Plaza Gurney,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-226 4810
Business Hour: 10.30am to 10.30pm from Monday to Thursday
11am to 11pm from Friday to Sunday

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How do I spend my 23rd birthday?!

Hello all! How I spent my birthday??

Mr. Y is not around so I will manage my time as I wished! Lol..

Initially, we have class at 11am but CLASS CANCELLED! How good to cancel class on my


So I've got nothing to do..>< then..this morning received email from a company. least there is someone who noticed my existence in their mail box! Lol..

Besides this, there is an email from lecturer as well to offer me as an emcee for a session but unfortunately I will be away this weekend, so rejected this offer unwillingly. :-( Anyway is a good thing, at least he first thought of me when he has the opportunity. Appreciate lots!

Then chat with friends in whatsapp and check my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Email, Text Message and so on but still refuse to login to Facebook because I knew that I will have to tons of wishes to reply! o.O But thanks a lot for the wishes! I am very pleased and happy receiving them from you! Thanks guys! Anyway, I assume not so much wishes this year because I have changed the Fb birthday notification settings. Haha..

After that, I called to Apex Hair Studio to appointment for haircut at 1.30pm! Yayy...迎新送旧!

Then I on my laptop, I realized Google also wished me happy birthday! Haha..thanks Google! Ok la, this is because I key in my birth date in some of the Google registration *YouTube* that's why they have a record on that. Hehe..

I planned to go for lunch in Italiannies because I received RM30 e-voucher during my birthday month. Haha..thanks to pinch of salt! But not sure whether can make it before my hair cut or not..see how it goes.

Then go elsewhere after the hair cut. Yuhoo..go buy a slice of my favourite cake then eat alone! *pat shoulder for the great idea* Lol..

Tonight meet up with the girls to celeb my birthday in Namoo in the Park Gurney! Happy..will take tons of picture and upload in my blog and Fb.


You won't see Mr. Y existence today but he has bought flight ticket for me to celeb my belated birthday in KL. Haha..thanks first!

Anyway thanks for all the wishes. Actually birthday to me is just another ordinary day, the special part is that you will be extra happy then that's it. Haha..I am very grateful for long as people around me can live happily and healthy then I am more than happy d!

I did not edit the picture, thanks to the make up mood of my camera make my skin looks flawless! Haha..


Thanks for reading the crap-everywhere and shiok sendiri post! Lol..

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Say Bye to Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara! Bliss Eye Makeup Remover works wonder!

Hello girls! Swatches for eye make up remover today! I've got a very stubborn and really waterproof eyeliner which is Innisfree Eco Dual Black Liner. 

Days back in Seoul, I was looking for a eyeliner that really lasts without smear cz I used the Kate Slim Gel Pencil and it smear like nobody business after whole day outing. 

Hence, I thought that cosmetics in Korea is cheap so was trying everywhere in different stores and finally found one that really stays up whole day. When I bought this, is quite cheap which priced around RM20 plus.


Black Liquid Liner with Gel Pencil Liner. 

However, when you wear the liquid liner, it will anyhow create the heavier make up look compared to gel pencil liner. So depends on which kind of look you want to create. :-) 


Here goes the swatches. 
Will first show you the brand, later on will share briefly about the make up remover that I used. 

For the first swatches, I'm using Johnson Baby Oil to remove the eye liner. The above liner is gel pencil liner, bottom one is my really stubborn Innisfree liquid liner. 


I was recommended by my friend, Yarsh to use baby oil to remove eye make up. She told me it is effective because she has tried to remove her really heavy make up for performance with baby oil and it is really gentle to skin. 


Opps..indeed it can remove make up but it is only effective on my gel liner whereas it doesn't works well on my liquid liner. Told you how stained it is! 

p/s All the swatches that I do is just one wipe so it is the first impression results that you get. 


Second and third swatches was using the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and Banila Co. Clean It Zero make up remover. 

Both are my daily make up remover and I am using them to remove my eye make up but later on I realized with these make up remover, it is so hard to remove my eye make up and I refuse to rub them harshly so I decided to hunt for a good eye make up remover. 



Both of the products will emulsify after you wash them off with water. From what the product promised, it does double cleansing so when it emulsifying, they are actually cleansing your skin. 


The end results of using the Shu Uemura and Banila Co. make up remover. 

It definitely perform much better than the baby oil. Based on the results, I would certainly recommend you to get Banila Co. make up remover as the price is much more cheaper and it performs the same results as it shown. Unfortunately, at this moment Banila Co. is only available in Korea.


Last but not least, this eye make up remover is the main reason why I draft this post. This is a super awesome eye make up remover that I bought from Sephora which is Bliss Lid+Lash Wash Makeup Remover. 

I was looking around nearly all the display shelves in Sephora, try out almost all the eye make up remover including premium brands namely Dior, Clarins, Clinique, Biotherm, Sephora, Lancome and so on but none of it can remove my eyeliner entirely. *I bring along my eyeliner to try out on the spot* 

By the way, I read reviews that The Body Shop Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover is good but I tried it on my eyeliner and it does nothing wonder. On the other hand, Kiehl's Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover only works on removing eye shadow and non waterproof make up products. *smart consumer mode ON*

The only two that perform best among all are Make Up For Ever Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser and Bliss Lid+Lash Wash Makeup Remover. 

All in all, I bought Bliss instead of Make Up For Ever is because the earlier one is more price friendly. 


I put it on around 10 seconds by pressing gently and with only one wipes, the stubborn eyeliner comes off easily like a sticker on my cotton. Moreover, it is gel based so it does not gives you the greasy and oily residue around your eye area. 


Super awesome! If I didn't put the brand there, you may not noticed the eye liner residue already. :-)


Bliss Eye Makeup Remover works magically! So far the best eye make up remover that I've ever tried! 


Product Reviews

Johnson's Baby Oil RM6.95
This only works for non waterproof mascara and liner such as the pencil or gel liner. If you wear very light eye make up, then this is a great choice as it is very cheap and you can easily get them in drugstore.


Shu Uemura Whiteefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil  450ml RM290
I love this cleansing oil but it is pricey thus I'm looking for alternatives in drugstores with similar performance yet much cheaper price. Finally, I found the Senka Cleansing Oil gives you similar results yet much cheaper so I will stop purchasing this after finish up this bottle. 


Banila Co. Clean it Zero Original KRW18,000 RM53
This is a good travel companion for make up remover cz needless to worry it will spilled over as it is silicon based. It works well for daily make up but not my super waterproof liner. 


Besides this, I think it finish off quick fast so I will still stick back to Senka Cleansing Oil for daily make up routine. 

From all the make up remover, you will realize I don't like cleansing milk cz I think it is too mild already although I know this is the most gentle way of removing make up. 


Here comes the Star Product of the post! 

Bliss Lid+Lash Wash Makeup Remover 110ml RM63 from Sephora Malaysia
It is gel based so is very gentle to the eye area. Strongly recommend to girls with heavy make up and safe for contact wearers and sensitive skin types. 

I have a video posted in my Instagram @guendeline showing you how effective it is by only two wipes and it removes the entire liner and mascara completely without residue left. 


The other reviews that I found online in Amazon, read how others review about this product. 


I hope you find this review helpful for those who are looking for effective eye make up remover! 
If this can remove my stubborn eye liner then I find no problem for it to remove yours!

Give it a like to this post if you find it helpful!
If you have any recommendations, feel free to share with me. :-)
Thanks and have a nice day.