Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How do I spend my 23rd birthday?!

Hello all! How I spent my birthday??

Mr. Y is not around so I will manage my time as I wished! Lol..

Initially, we have class at 11am but CLASS CANCELLED! How good to cancel class on my


So I've got nothing to do..>< then..this morning received email from a company. least there is someone who noticed my existence in their mail box! Lol..

Besides this, there is an email from lecturer as well to offer me as an emcee for a session but unfortunately I will be away this weekend, so rejected this offer unwillingly. :-( Anyway is a good thing, at least he first thought of me when he has the opportunity. Appreciate lots!

Then chat with friends in whatsapp and check my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Email, Text Message and so on but still refuse to login to Facebook because I knew that I will have to tons of wishes to reply! o.O But thanks a lot for the wishes! I am very pleased and happy receiving them from you! Thanks guys! Anyway, I assume not so much wishes this year because I have changed the Fb birthday notification settings. Haha..

After that, I called to Apex Hair Studio to appointment for haircut at 1.30pm! Yayy...迎新送旧!

Then I on my laptop, I realized Google also wished me happy birthday! Haha..thanks Google! Ok la, this is because I key in my birth date in some of the Google registration *YouTube* that's why they have a record on that. Hehe..

I planned to go for lunch in Italiannies because I received RM30 e-voucher during my birthday month. Haha..thanks to pinch of salt! But not sure whether can make it before my hair cut or not..see how it goes.

Then go elsewhere after the hair cut. Yuhoo..go buy a slice of my favourite cake then eat alone! *pat shoulder for the great idea* Lol..

Tonight meet up with the girls to celeb my birthday in Namoo in the Park Gurney! Happy..will take tons of picture and upload in my blog and Fb.


You won't see Mr. Y existence today but he has bought flight ticket for me to celeb my belated birthday in KL. Haha..thanks first!

Anyway thanks for all the wishes. Actually birthday to me is just another ordinary day, the special part is that you will be extra happy then that's it. Haha..I am very grateful for long as people around me can live happily and healthy then I am more than happy d!

I did not edit the picture, thanks to the make up mood of my camera make my skin looks flawless! Haha..


Thanks for reading the crap-everywhere and shiok sendiri post! Lol..


  1. Dear guen, blessed birthday ! From siew ming who just finished reading your blog :)

    Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!!
    And ... keep pretty!! Hihihihi :D :D
    God bless you :)

    1. Thanks a lot Rizka! Same to you...:-) You have a great and beautiful always..