Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Original Tonkotsu Ramen at Menya Musashi Jalan P.Ramlee KL

Just had this yesterday and can't wait to share it with you guys! Menya Musashi, a restaurant that is selling ramen which I've heard rave reviews from the fellow KL food bloggers. 

Honestly speaking, I have never try out authentic original tonkotsu broth. Finally we make time out from our tight schedule.  

There are three branches in the KL city. The first branch is located in One Utama shopping mall, this second branch is located along Jalan P.Ramlee, the newly open located in The Intermark. Lol to myself, stayed in DoubleTree Hilton Intermark for five days but never figured out this. 

We went to the one located in Jalan P.Ramlee. Right before this, we went to One Utama and we glanced through their menu, we realized that both menu from the same restaurant priced differently. The ramen selling in One Utama is more pricey than this. I wonder why. Perhaps the one selling there is chicken broth? Cz I heard that earlier ago this is a Halal restaurant but later on they have change to Non-Halal already. 


Thanks to Mr. Yeap who brought me here. Was craving for authentic tonkotsu for so long already. 


Kanzan Ramen with Fish and Pork Brend  RM21
Slow cook 100% Pork bone broth mix with Musashi's original fish soup stock powder. It serves with 2pcs of roasted pork, Ajitama 1pc, Spring Onion and Black Fungus.

 This ramen serves with original broth with fish soup stock powder. I don't really like this because the stock powder makes the broth over salty and to me is like having soup with full of MSG flavouring. As the essence of ramen is the soup but you can't afford to take much because the powder makes you feel so thirsty. 


Original Tonkotsu Ajitama Ramen RM19
Slow cook 100% Pork bone broth, Musashi's original soup. It serves with 1pc of roasted pork, Ajitama 1pc, Spring Onion and Black Fungus.

I prefer this much more than the earlier one. I simply love my first sip of the broth. It is so rich and flavourful with the right texture of ramen served which is springy and smooth. This original tonkotsu doesn't give you the MSG kind of taste. 


Simply love the dinner that we had yesterday. Not forget to mention, I love the ambience as well. 


We ordered two side dishes which is 3pcs of Gyoza and Teriyaki Pork Rice. Each priced at RM5. Never expected it will be this cheap! I mean based on the kind of restaurant that we dine in. 


All priced at RM5 each. 


I think the Teriyaki Pork Rice tasted not bad but he would prefer if the rice served with more teriyaki sauce. On top of that, he thinks that the pork is too rough and rice is slightly over cooked as it is quite sticky. 

For Gyoza, it is juicy and we loved it. 


The very seducing roasted pork. 



Opps! Over cooked Ajitama! Is a big no-no for ramen restaurant. 
Sadly to say they don't have the runny yolk as what we expected. 


Although he finish the bowl but he still think that Marutama Ramen in Fahrenheit 88 is the best. Indeed, many people said so. He would ranked this after Marutama. Most probably due to the overcooked Ajitama.

But one thing to remark is the efficiency and friendliness of the servers in Menya Musashi. 


I can't finish them as I thought that the entire soup is full of MSG. Anyway, if you intend to try it out, would strongly recommend you to go for their Original Tonkotsu. 

Besides this, they have Spicy Ramen, Miso Ramen, Musashi Garlic Black and Black Sesame TanTan Mee as well.


Appreciate for bringing me practically everywhere to eat. 


Is only walking distance from the restaurant to KLCC. 


Right at the back is KL Tower already. Prime location so get ready to pay for parking fee with at least RM5. 


Located along Jalan P.Ramlee. 


Call for reservation
Menya Musashi
No. 18-1, Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 02 9280 1570
Business Hour: 11am to 11pm daily
*service charge and government tax included

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