Monday, June 30, 2014

Review 3CE Pore Velvet Primer and Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer

I'm here today for a review between 3CE Pore Velvet Primer and Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-hr Perfecting Primer. 

Do you apply primer before you put on bb cream, make up base and so on?

Why do we need primer?
1. Primer creates a protective barrier over skin. 
2. Seals in and protects any treatment products used during your daily skin care regimen. 
3. Primer helps makeup to stay longer by smoothing the surface of your skin. 

Now you see the importance of putting on primer before your make up so never skip this essential step. I bought Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer reason being the salesperson from Sephora told me it is waterproof and I realised it worked best compared to competitor's brand primer. 

Recently, I figured out another primer which performs better than Tarte which is 3CE. I will show you the result soon. :-)

My naked face with only primer. 
Left: 3CE Pore Velvet Primer   Right: Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer


You can see my skin tone appears brighter in the left side with 3CE while Tarte on the right side appears to be darker. 

This velvet veiling primer is a pore smoothing gel that applies cleanly on skin to cover pores and rough, uneven skin for a velvety soft skin texture. 


Left side with 3CE absorbs my sebum and oil, and corrects skin tone for bright clean skin. The Amazon White Clay ingredient absorbs sebum and oil and keeps makeup intact and prevents skin from darkening. It creates the matte finishing touch. 

While my right side with Tarte Primer doesn't perform as good as 3CE. 
It clearly shown from the picture below. 

p.s I want to cover my both eyes but the photo editing software doesn't have it so apologise for my awkward eyes. LOL..


My next daily basic make up regimen is HERA UV Mist Cushion! 

I bought 4 to 5 of this when I went to Korea. It is slightly expensive than Laneige BB Cushion and only available in Korea. So far I don't see any online shop or blog shop bring in this product. My Korean friend highly recommend this over Laneige BB Cushion. 

It gives a beautiful glow with flawless and matte finishing. You can still see my left side with 3CE primer appears to be brighter. :-) Just in case you are wondering, I'm using C23 tone. 

When I finish this, I will purchase Estee Lauder Foundation. Love the texture very much. 


Final step is to settle my make up with Banila Co. Prime Primer Finish Powder. 

I bought it from Korea and retailed at RM55.  This is Banila Co. star product and it holds perfect make up condition whole day. Smoothly tidying up pores, fine wrinkles and skin bumps. It is a sebum control powder that prevents excessive glossiness caused by sweat and oils, it forms protective coat to maintain skin in clean condition.  

One thing that I really love about this is the fragrance-free claim. I tried Skin Food Finishing Powder before, I really dislike the smell and it makes my pores looks much larger and visible lines. 

DSC08645 basic makeup is complete! 

Not to forget my brows too..I'm using Shu Uemura Brow Pencil. 
1. 3CE Pore Velvet Primer
2. HERA UV Mist Cushion, Tone C23
3. Shu Uemura Brow Pencil
4. Banila Co. Prime Primer Finish Powder


Want to grab yourself this awesome 3CE Pore Velvety Primer? 

Get it from MakeItBeauty or Instagram @makeitbeauty2014. 

They sell hand picked cosmetics with lowest price in town. Feel free to consult the price via wechat "MakeItBeauty2014". 


The soft cream texture like custard cream can even out your make up easily. This is Stylenanda new products, glad that MakeItBeauty has it! 


I got myself 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker #Pink as well! It has the pink gold highlighter which complement my skin tone and give off a natural-looking glow. 


I used the highlighter to highlight my T-zone and contour the outer part of my chin.

Bottom: Applied 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker


The highlighter makes my nose bridge appears to be higher. 

You can get these 3CE products from MakeItBeauty especially the Pore Velvet Primer! *highly recommended* I will definitely repurchase and recommend it to my friends. :-) 

Girls, don't forget to put on Primer before your basic makeup! 

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