Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wheeler's Coffee at Love Lane for the bicycle lovers!

Stupidity hits me! I was supposed to start drafting the post half an hour ago but I forgot to insert my watermark so deleted all and do it over again! Argh...

Even though is time consuming but I wouldn't want to see some commercial websites using my blog pictures to publish in their website again and yet watermark their own logo! ><

Have you seen that recently there are lots of commercial websites like to publish "10 must visit cafes in Penang", "Top 10 cafes in Penang" and etc, they didn't visit to the cafe but they steal *yes I can say you are a thief because you didn't credit mention the blogger in your recommendation* blogger's picture who took the effort to visit the place, spend money to dine in the cafe, take pictures, filter, edit, upload and spend all their time blogging about the place BUT you, without doing anything, just post our pictures in your website without credit mentioning us in your post. 

I wouldn't mind to see you using our pictures but please credit mention us, for instance "Source from xxx blog". I believed I'm not the only victim, there are lots of bloggers who experienced the same thing but no ones mentioning it. Therefore, commercial website, please value intellectual property on the Internet! We didn't expect much, is just credit mention. Thanks and appreciate that! 


While waiting for my dear playing basketball at Saint's, I drive around to see any new cafe opened nearby. I'm super outdated now. Lol..I used to be the one who have been frequently asked by my friends anywhere to recommend for hang out place but no one is asking me now. Lol! 

Saw this cafe when I drive through Love Lane. The shop name isn't obvious but is just a few shops away from Love & Latte Cafe. 


Wheeler's Coffee just opened a week ago. So lucky to bump into a new cafe to blog and share with you!


They serve Set Lunch as well but is only during weekday. 


By the way, the bicycles are available for rent! 


A very cozy cafe but unfortunately with limited seats. Perhaps they refuse to load the place with so much tables to provide customer better dining experience cz some of the cafes really consume as much space as possible to earn utmost return. :-(


One thing that I realized from cafes in Penang. 

So many of them are serving Mille Crepe. Seriously, are you guys sourcing them from the same supplier? Can we have something special like Pavlova or Earl Grey Creme Brûlée? Everyone is so bored of crepe cake already...:-( 
Any cafe who can serve yummy Pavlova in Penang, rest assured you, your cafe will definitely go viral. Lol..

This is just my humble opinion about the cake menu, nothing to do with Wheeler's Coffee cake. :-)





Second floor has more tables available.


Dart corner. You may consult them for the charges. 


This is an open area for smokers. 


Love all these small details. 


The back section can accommodate for group gatherings. 


I'm blogging in the cafe with my MacBook Air! Ease my job so much with this light and slim lappie!

Affogato is my coffee of the day! Hmm..I still prefer Gala House Cafe Affogato. Review is HERE if you want to know more. 


So happy to be back to Penang. 

Darling and I went to some places to fix my crave for authentic Penang food. Will blog about it when I'm back to KL! 

Till then. Xoxo..

Call for reservation
Wheeler's Coffee
67, Love Lane, 
Chinatown, Georgetown, 
10200 Penang, Malaysia
04-261 3570
Business Hour: 
Sunday to Thursday 9am to 11pm
Friday and Saturday 9am to 12am


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    1. They have nice interior! Should pay a visit!

  2. Hope that I'll get to visit this cool cafe one day :)