Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Saturday Weekend

Finally a weekend that we can stay at home to do our stuff. Is time to do my house chores and tonight I plan to cook again! ^^ We just came back from groceries shopping so I bought some ingredients to cook for tonight's dinner. 

While waiting for my laundry, is time to update a quick post. 

This post sums up my past weekend in Penang. Took pretty pictures so don't want to waste it! Lol..

There are two food that I must eat when I'm back to Penang. First is Super Hokkien Mee second is Tomyam Porridge at Asia Cafe! I won't upset if I don't managed to take any of them but it would be best if I'm able to fix these crave. Lol..

This is the Hokkien Mee that I had in One Corner Cafe. Blogged about it before, you can read from HERE. I included my favourite tom yam porridge in the review as well! :-)


Then I told darling I want to eat cendol, this is not my favourite but since the weather is warm so might as well grab one. Rare scene when you don't see a long queue therefore it deserves a shot. Lol..Fyi, it opens everyday since 10am until it finish selling.


Unfortunately the ice melted when it served. >< 


Then, off to have coconut drink. Honestly speaking, I never really had this coconut drink at Abu Siti Lane before. Most of the time are patronise by tourists, locals seldom take this.


Expensive coconut jelly. RM4.50. Hmm..just a normal coconut jelly, nothing special to shout about.


Always very-pattern expression.


Then I went to visit my dear at Gurney. Celebrated her belated birthday as well. Still owning her birthday present. T.T Will definitely buy her one before she leaves.

Apart from this, Mr. Yeap bought me a pair of ear ring! Kamsahamnida!


Our rare selfie. :-)


Okay I always heard my colleague said this is a must-visit place in Penang, Siam Road Char Koey Teow. Have been so long I never take this due to the long queue, all because of the rave reviews from tourists. Decided to try once to know how good is this!


Left is the Siam Road Char Koey Teow. Right is the one that we had in One Corner Cafe. 

From the picture, it certainly tells Siam Road Char Koey Teow is way better than One Corner Cafe because that one looks dry. >< I always like to order raw egg with raw clams. Haha..I tell you it really tastes 100 times better than the ordinary one!

Personally, I wouldn't think this is the best in Penang but have nothing to complain about it except the clams is too small and little.

IMG_3943 IMG_3876

The next day we went to Yeng Keng Hotel to try out their signature Hainanese Chicken Chop for my sis birthday.


Chicken Pie RM45 for 3 to 4 servings*3 hours pre order*

I guess this is more to Hainanese cooking method because it is different compared to the western ordinary chicken pie. We think RM45 is too pricey nonetheless the crust is really good.


Hainanese Aglio Olio Spaghetti RM18

Sadly to say that, all of us do think it tasted like fried instant noodle. Lol..


Hainanese Chicken Chop RM18 

Heard that this is their signature. I personally think this is above average but not something that deserve for my second visit.  


We still ordered some other dishes but I can't remember the name and price so I don't include in it. Lol..

Bro is the photobomb here.


Grandpa at the back.


Hello my dear.


Just in case you are interested, call for reservation

Yeng Keng Cafe 
Yeng Keng Hotel
362, Chulia Street,
10200 Penang.
Tel: 04-263 3177

Later on, we visit to Dolce Dessert. Went to Basil, Le Bistrot but the queue is too long so we ended up here.

Dolce Dessert cakes are pretty normal which I wouldn't pay for second visit either. Hmm..what happen to me huh, seems like every food doesn't fit my liking. :-(

Fruit Paradise Blueberry RM10

The presentation is really appealing but the taste..hmm..pretty normal.


Creme Brûlée

Sadly to say the caramelized sugar top is too thick. Vanilla custard is quite nice though.


Pavlova RM8.80

How come this is so cheap? o.O I had Pavlova at Alexis costs me RM16! I wouldn't mind paying RM16 again to fix my crave in Alexis for another slice of Pavlova but certainly not this although this is much cheaper.


Turn into Kek Chuan Road which is opposite UMNO building from Macalister Road.
Dolce Dessert is located at the blue corner lot.


Call to order cake for your beloved one,
Dolce Dessert Cafe
No. 18, Jalan Kek Chuan, 
10400 Georgetown Penang. 
Tel: 04-226 9118
Business Hour: 
Sunday to Thursday 11am to 10.30pm
Friday & Saturday 11am to 11.30pm 
Closed on Monday

In the midst of rushing two sponsored post today and still need to prepare for tonight's dinner.

Tomorrow itinerary, 

  • wash my car
  • sweep and mop floor
  • watch movie because we have free movie pass
  • have our dinner/lunch at Ichiban Boshi cz we also have RM30 cash
  • complete my Personal Insight Memo for June 
  • prepare slides for Monday cycle meeting!
I don't think I manage to finish so many things in a day! ><

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