Monday, December 30, 2013

Reflection of 2013

Oh gosh, I fall sick on the eve of new year eve..really wanted to sleep again! My brain is not functioning..diarrhea yesterday after I had milkshake for dinner.

But I will publish a simple summary of my 2013. *pity me..sick people here* I love 2013! Thanks to my blog so I can retrieve back easily from what I've done throughout the year. This is the summary of 2013.

1. Visit to Sabah 


My first visit to Sabah with him and his friends. This is their graduation trip, I saja tumpang a seat! Lol..

Sabah Checked in Marina Court

2. First invite as a blogger

 photo DSC01667_zps2fa95e47.jpg

After nine months of blogging, I have been invited by Nuffnang to blog for an exclusive event. Throughout the year, I have so far received three sponsored post which is really a huge milestone for me. 

3. Summer Program 2013 in Kyung Hee University Seoul


You have no idea how much I wish to go back to Korea! This place has given me such a great memory. If you tell me you don't love Korea after visiting this country, it is simply because you didn't explore this city in and out. Try not to follow travel agencies to Korea, explore on your own, don't worry, you won't get lost! 

Many people think that they can't speak Korean, that is why they can't travel there on their own. Bare in mind, you are visiting to Seoul, not to the rural places, and their map is really comprehensive so you surely won't lost in the CITY. I love Korea very much! 

4. I miss Jejudo


I still remember the sea breeze in Jeju, the friendly driver aka tour guide, black pork, the windmill *I just realized I didn't take any pictures of the windmill =="*, beaches, stadium and everything! This is the fun part of self-travel. You can experience lots of things which are not included in the travel package! 

5. Boryeong Mud Festival 2013


With Ching Ya and Carmen! I nearly missed out this awesome event but luckily Carmen insisted me to join! Miss them so much..They are doing great in Taiwan and Korea. We still keep in touch in Facebook. :-)

6. Management Society

Reminiscing the best part of Management Society. 

7. Axiata University Leadership Development Programme 2013

This is the most suffering yet enjoyable 15 days in my life! o.O Is a steep learning curve, I knew I would never learn all this in my course and thanks, I have given the chance and spent this awesome 15 days with this group of people! Looking at their faces still reminds me of the ups and downs, tears and laughters back then! 

I sincerely love love love and miss all of you! I never believed people like us, so-called so many leaders gather under the same roof still managed to bond so well together. You guys are always in my heart and irreplaceable ones! All the best to you people in every part of the world. I know you guys will shine one day! :-) Xoxo..

8. Heaven Gate Food Review


First invite on a food review. Thanks for given me this opportunity! Appreciate every single one of them. 

9. Global Startup Youth 2013

Meet the aytp gang again in Global Startup Youth! Honestly, most of us join because of the reunion! Lol..some even fly back from US, UK, China just to meet up! Travel 20 hours plus you know! You guys 真够朋友!You say la..should love them or not! *Fly kisses*

10. Welcome on Board achieved 100,000 daily views

I didn't mark down when is the exact date of my blog reached 100k pageviews. :-( Anyway thanks to all! My friends, relatives, strangers, food hunters, everyone who have visited my blog, thanks a lot! 

You guys are truly my motivation and push me hard to continually publish and never give up on my blog. Like even I'm sick now but I still spend time to draft this post! :-)

11. Fly to KL for my 5th anniversary celebration


Last year, we had it in Uncle Zack by the Beach and this year he bought me flight ticket to celebrate our anniversary in KL. It is a simple one but I'm more than grateful for having him around. 

12. I have received my Internship placement


Happy! Will start to work on the 3rd of February! I can't wait to learn new things and I know I need to absorb everything like a sponge in this 6 months period! I'm coming..:-)

13. True friendship never ends! 






Heart them all!

2013 means a lot to me! How about you? I'm so looking forward for my internship and I will try my best not to neglect my blog and keep you updated! Wish you all the best in your endeavour! Take care..


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gift for your love one - Monstagram

Thinking of sending a special birthday present to your friends? Your love one as anniversary/birthday present? 

If you have read my 5th anniversary post then you would probably know that I bought the Instagram magnet as our anniversary present. So far I love the matte quality of the magnet and their efficient delivery. Hence if you are thinking to delivery an awesome present to your love one, you are at the right place. 


One thing that you need to take note, those photos that you choose from must be in your Instagram cz it works by connecting to your Instagram account. You are not allowed to send your personal photos to them. 

Monstagram is what I am sharing today! 


They have clear instruction for first time users. 

They provides three kinds of products namely coloroids, krinkle kuts and magnets. 


Size for Krinkle Kuts is bigger than Magnets and is slightly cheaper. You can buy this and DIY your own magnet as well. ;-)


Coloroids and Magnets. 


For polaroid lovers, you can save on expensive films and have colourful frame with your Instagram caption on it! 


I think Magnets is their popular item that is why is the most expensive among all. Btw, when I ordered mine, it was RM38 for pack of 20. Hehe..anyway is hassle free so I wouldn't mine to order again. :-) But I may try Krinkle Cuts the next time. 

On top of that, Monstagram is considered one of the cheapest Instagram magnet that you can get in the market and they provide free worldwide shipping! How great!!


Here are some of the details about shipping! When I order, I add on shipment traceable cz if the parcel lost, they will replace a new set for me. 


Tadaa! His anniversary pressie. Should be our anniversary pressie la! Next time can stick on the fridge. *wink* 



You can print any sorts of pictures like scenery, food, bff, travel pictures from Instagram! 

Hope you love this! Seems like I should post this before Christmas huh? Lol..

If you need further clarifications, please ask the Monstagram admin. :-)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Merry Christmas! *Pops Confetti*

Merry Christmas! Greetings from me from my blog! Lol..

I know you have overflown with lots of wishes and greetings already..bare with me for wishing you a Merry Christmas again!

Left 6 more days till New Year 2014. So fast! Is time to draft another new year resolution post! Lol..I want to go Straits Quay to see the amazing fireworks! Who wants to date me? p/s boyfriend is not here. Lol..


We had a Christmas party in my house this year.

Posted this selfie cz I love my make up here. More familiar with putting up eye liner already. Practice makes perfect what..Hehe..Will improve gradually.


Collage of the pictures with my girls! Forever bestie! 


Group photo with Instax before the present exchange session. Small Christmas tree overwhelmed by lots of Christmas gifts!


Traffic congested after 12am so they stay late in my place to play Bingo. At first we really found this game boring and I wonder why people love this. So fun meh? Makes me bought one but feels so bored of it.

Later on we suggested those who lost the game will get forfeited then the excitement level has doubled up! Lol..our punishment is to post a damn silly picture in Instagram. I'm the bad person here who contribute most of the ideas. XD


Too late..all gone crazy and overly excited. Lol..


Thanks for the presence girls!
Despite Chia Hoey and Mei Xun are not here, but they will always be in our heart! Bff always! Everyone is busy working and we will have lesser time meeting up together.

So, appreciate all the gatherings that we have! *Hugsss*


Merry Christmas and

6 more days to Happy New Year! *pops confetti*

Monday, December 23, 2013

English-Inspired BIBIS Fashion . Cafe at Kelawei Road

Check this place out when my dear and I have no where to head to for a short catch up. Shopping mall is full of people due to the massive sales. On top of that, parking space is available so no reason for us not to come here. :p

Earlier ago, BIBIS have a store in Gurney Plaza but now they have moved out and expand it into BIBIS Fashion & Cafe. 

Right next to the cafe is the fashion store. 

Dear and I. Heart her so much! 

Macchiato RM8

Brownie Ice Cream RM9.90

Cappuccino RM9

Mocha RM11

I will come back again just because of the cozy environment. In fact most of the cafes in Georgetown are too pack and crowded due to the old building structure but this place is spacious. 

A decent cafe. Nice place to stop by for a sip of coffee. Is definitely a place where you can bring along your novel and chill during the day. 

Stay off from the hectic and busy traffic in Penang island. Recently Penang traffic is crazy! Cars on the road are from everywhere! o.O

They serve breakfast and brunch from 9.15am onwards and they open at 9am daily except Tuesday. 

They are offering extensive selection on their brunch menu. I have never try their brunch before so couldn't comment anything on that. 

Drop by for some sweet tooth. 

Merry Christmas!

It is located opposite Gurney Paragon along Kelawei Road. 

p/s I couldn't upload pictures from Flickr with the HTML posted in my blog. I don't know what the hell is happening? All the pictures in this post I uploaded directly from Blogger that is why the resolution is slight lower. ><

BIBIS Fashion . Cafe
87-D, Jalan Kelawei, 
10250 Penang.
Contact: Fashion 04-227 8108 Cafe 04-227 0108
Business hour: 9am to 7pm 
**Closed on Tuesday
BIBIS Website