Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Merry Christmas! *Pops Confetti*

Merry Christmas! Greetings from me from my blog! Lol..

I know you have overflown with lots of wishes and greetings already..bare with me for wishing you a Merry Christmas again!

Left 6 more days till New Year 2014. So fast! Is time to draft another new year resolution post! Lol..I want to go Straits Quay to see the amazing fireworks! Who wants to date me? p/s boyfriend is not here. Lol..


We had a Christmas party in my house this year.

Posted this selfie cz I love my make up here. More familiar with putting up eye liner already. Practice makes perfect what..Hehe..Will improve gradually.


Collage of the pictures with my girls! Forever bestie! 


Group photo with Instax before the present exchange session. Small Christmas tree overwhelmed by lots of Christmas gifts!


Traffic congested after 12am so they stay late in my place to play Bingo. At first we really found this game boring and I wonder why people love this. So fun meh? Makes me bought one but feels so bored of it.

Later on we suggested those who lost the game will get forfeited then the excitement level has doubled up! Lol..our punishment is to post a damn silly picture in Instagram. I'm the bad person here who contribute most of the ideas. XD


Too late..all gone crazy and overly excited. Lol..


Thanks for the presence girls!
Despite Chia Hoey and Mei Xun are not here, but they will always be in our heart! Bff always! Everyone is busy working and we will have lesser time meeting up together.

So, appreciate all the gatherings that we have! *Hugsss*


Merry Christmas and

6 more days to Happy New Year! *pops confetti*

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