Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gift for your love one - Monstagram

Thinking of sending a special birthday present to your friends? Your love one as anniversary/birthday present? 

If you have read my 5th anniversary post then you would probably know that I bought the Instagram magnet as our anniversary present. So far I love the matte quality of the magnet and their efficient delivery. Hence if you are thinking to delivery an awesome present to your love one, you are at the right place. 


One thing that you need to take note, those photos that you choose from must be in your Instagram cz it works by connecting to your Instagram account. You are not allowed to send your personal photos to them. 

Monstagram is what I am sharing today! 


They have clear instruction for first time users. 

They provides three kinds of products namely coloroids, krinkle kuts and magnets. 


Size for Krinkle Kuts is bigger than Magnets and is slightly cheaper. You can buy this and DIY your own magnet as well. ;-)


Coloroids and Magnets. 


For polaroid lovers, you can save on expensive films and have colourful frame with your Instagram caption on it! 


I think Magnets is their popular item that is why is the most expensive among all. Btw, when I ordered mine, it was RM38 for pack of 20. Hehe..anyway is hassle free so I wouldn't mine to order again. :-) But I may try Krinkle Cuts the next time. 

On top of that, Monstagram is considered one of the cheapest Instagram magnet that you can get in the market and they provide free worldwide shipping! How great!!


Here are some of the details about shipping! When I order, I add on shipment traceable cz if the parcel lost, they will replace a new set for me. 


Tadaa! His anniversary pressie. Should be our anniversary pressie la! Next time can stick on the fridge. *wink* 



You can print any sorts of pictures like scenery, food, bff, travel pictures from Instagram! 

Hope you love this! Seems like I should post this before Christmas huh? Lol..

If you need further clarifications, please ask the Monstagram admin. :-)

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