Monday, December 16, 2013

Never Say Goodbye

Have our Marketing coursemate last gathering in the past Friday. Glad that most of us can make it to the farewell sing k party! Self declared! Took many pictures but most of them are a if not then picture blurred!

The girls who turned up on that day!
I need to write down all the names if not I'm afraid one day I forgot your name then "jia lat".
Sometimes you will forget people's name in fact you just remember them by their Facebook name! Lolol..
Admit that it happens on you..XD

From left: Shi Yun, Wai Yee, Jean Ray, Mei Chin, Yinn Jeng, Sei Mun & Seline

Jean Ray

From left: Kean Loon, Shi Yun & Xuxu

Xuxu, The big boss for the juniors.

Yinn Jeng, our class top student. :-)

On that night itself, attend S.O.M Night which held in DUD.

Need to meet up most of the juniors before everyone left. Especially us who are going to intern real soon.

Lots of vain pictures in below. I need to purposely draft a post for this because I don't want to forget this fruitful day gather with all my friends! Heart them.

With Wai Yee.

Xuxu and Wai Yee

Jean Ray, Chew Hau & Wai Yee

From left: Crystal, Chris, Xuxu, Wai Yee, Zi Cong, Jean Ray, Chew Hau & Roy

My goodness, this one need to write so many people's name!

From Left: Rooban, Zi Cong, Jian Thyn, Xuxu, Roy, Chew Hau, Swin Haur, Ah Pei, Yvonne, Chris, Yi Ze *my direct junior*, Jean Ray, Rui Siang, Wai Yee & Crystal

Management Society colleague and juniors!

From left: Chris, Jian Thyn, Rui Siang, Swin Haur, Xuxu, Yi Ze, Zi Cong, Rooban & Roy

Pretty Ah Pei

Yvonne & Ah Pei

Yvonne! Has been ages I didn't see you!

Yvonne & Ah Pei

Swin Haur, Xuxu & Yi Ze

Ended the post with our pictures. Will upload more in Facebook soon!

I love you guys very much! Grateful to have every single one of you who turning up in my university life! Hopefully one day when we meet on the street, we can still recognize each other and the bond is still there. Please say HI to me one day when you see me! 

Friendship sets an important part in my life. You guys meant a lot to me. :-)


Will be back soon! By the way I complete my graphic design newsletter today.

I'm planning may be to draft a post to show you the final outcome of the newsletter! Stay tuned to see what is my next post! *wink*

Sleep well tonight peepo!

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