Thursday, June 6, 2013

I love Law of the Jungle!

Hello! Just finish drafting a post so might as well spend the remaining night sharing with you guys another random thoughts lately!

Know what..I have been super addicted to Law of the Jungle these day! To me, it is even better than RunningMan! Sorry to RM fans, I used to be their number one fans but now Law of the Jungle has replaced it in my heart! Lolol...

I super love this Korean Reality Show! I bet those who have been watching RM know this team has went to film with RM and they won! But how many of you seriously go look for the reality show and try to figure out how was the show?

Coincidentally, I found it out when I intend to download some reality show and movies from an apps named 风行网。I am so sorry to tell that this apps is only available in Chinese. I have been looking for English sub in Google but as I knew Daebaksub is the only subbing team for English and they have been shutting down. I got to know the info from Law of the Jungle Facebook Fans Page.

Some of the pictures from Law of the Jungle! 

Law of the Jungle is a reality-documentary program featuring comedian Kim Byung Man and his tribe as they explore and survive in nature. This reality show brings you to explore places that you will never ever been to like forests, wastelands, and the deserts. 

This reality show makes me tearing when I see them failed to hunt for food. May be I'm too emotional la..anyway is a show they won't die due to starving. Lol..

They hurt themselves, helping each other to survive through hard times and all. Really salute to the cast members for their effort putting in the show! I will support it all the way through! I have missed the past few episodes of RM in fact solely watching this during lunch and dinner time all the while in study break! I always looking forward to my makan time! Haha..

I even facing hard times looking for preview video to show you guys! Is not even in Youtube! My goodness! So if this show catches your attention then download the apps to watch in Chinese sub if you can read Chinese. Lol..anyway you won't regret of watching it! 

Guys, good luck and all the best in your finals! *Feel sorry to share reality show with you during study leave* Haha..


  1. lol. law of the jungle? the new popular series after running man? haha

    1. Not so sure how others think whether is that as good as RM..but I like it la..haha!

  2. do u know where can watch this show with eng sub?? want to watch it badly leh >.<

  3. Sorry, I have no idea where to look for this series in English sub..:-(