Saturday, June 29, 2013

Never Ever Use Photobucket

I just realized all of blog posts photos has gone due to the stupid Photobucket showing a notice asking me to upgrade the bandwidth! I didn't want to do so then you are blocking my pictures and forcing me indirectly la? How unreasonable is that?! Who teach you do business like are just shooing your customers away!

I really feel heartbroken when I knew this happened! No wonder recently my views are so little..and now is all because of this stupid site!

That's it for Photobucket la! Please closed down your are so damn shitty and I feel like scolding with all the vulgars that I knew...

You know how sad is it when you see all the pictures in every single post has been blocked to view? And I have to reupload it ALL AGAIN! Excuse all again! I have to upload then rearrange again..imagine one post has average 25 pictures then how long am I gonna use?! And I think more than 50 posts has turn into this! T.T you said cry or not la...sigh!

Good thing about here is uploading speed is fast in rearrange the picture is so time consuming! I have no time for this since I am here for the program..I need to travel around, attend classes things like can I have time to sit in front of my laptop and sort this one by one..>< And I have to do it quick if not gonna disappoint lots of the readers..Sigh..

Photobucket really mess up people's lives! Never ever using this..gonna change to flickr right after it!


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