Monday, September 30, 2013

New Menu in the House - Heaven Gate Penang

Has been a year since my last visit to Heaven Gate Penang, is my pleasure to sample a few dishes from the new menu. Heaven Gate offering semi dining environment with fine dining food experience. The classy and relaxing ambience and environment comes with signature food served deliver you a wonderful dining experience.

Once again, Heaven Gate signature menu never failed us. For those who has always wanted to celebrate your anniversary or birthday dinner, this would be the perfect place for you to indulge in a good food together.

Classic Onion Clear Soup RM8.90

The soup has a delicious flavour of caramelized onions and a hint of thyme. 


Cream of Pumpkin Soup RM10.90

Creamy and rich-tasting of pumpkin soup. It doesn't goes too sweet beyond my liking. It has remarkably strong and pure pumpkin flavour with cream. I would certainly recommend this if you don't wish to go for the ordinary mushroom soup.
*love the beautiful flower presentation of the dish*


Plate Principal
Laksa Pesto RM24

This main course pull over the combination of laksa flavour and traditional Italian pesto. Never worry that the laksa flavour would be over powering in fact it enhances the classic taste of pesto.


 This main course is kind of similar like the crossover between local and the western delights. Certainly a highlight in the new menu.


King Prawn Grilled Chicken RM38

The grilled chicken has a crispy skin and the pairing with king prawn complemented well. The meat was grilled tender, exhibiting a slightly smoky aroma with the freshness of king prawn. The gravy was very tasty and goes well with the meat.


The essence of this dish is the flavour of prawn embedded in the chicken. They did a great work bringing out the nature favour of the ingredients.


Lamb Shank RM68

The lamb shank was scrumptious, smooth and melted in my mouth. The orange zest added texture and flavour to the dish. Lamb shank should be braised slowly until the meat was falling-off-the-bone tender and this is definitely one.


The meat was fall apart tender, rich in flavour and literally melts in your mouth! It served with a side of creamy mashed potato.


Crispy Baked Sea Bass served with Cream of Almond Sauce RM38

 This sea bass is a bomb! It is freshly prepared yet you can still taste freshness of the fish. Crispy skin is definitely a plus point for this dish when you have it together in a mouthful of fish. Love the Chef played with interesting colours in presentation and delighted the customers once it has been served!


The accompanied almond dressing with bites of cheery tomatoes make a lovely combined experience. This dish is definitely worth of price with large serving. 


Roast Duck Breast RM58

This is my favourite among all. Is my first time trying duck breast but this have makes me believed that why people said duck breast tastes so heavenly good.


The duck meat have a hint of pinkness with plenty of moisture still in the meat.


When you take a bite of the duck breast, you can equally taste the juicy of the duck skin and tenderness of the meat and it melts in your mouth with every bite of it. Although this is my first time trying duck breast but I bet there will be more to come. It ignites my love towards this dishes. Thumbs up.


You can either dip with brown sauce or take it plainly.


Cream Brulee RM10.90

The desserts are worth saving room for. 


The caramelized sugar top is thin, sweet and ready for cracking.


See how thin is the sugar top? The vanilla custard base is very smooth and creamy as well.


Orange Crepe served with Vanilla Ice Cream RM16.90


Marble Cheese Cake RM12.90

I have confessed my love towards this marble cheese cake in the earlier post. You can view it from here just in case you never read my previous post yet. :-)


With the chef Kacey. Thanks and love all the food served!


Before I ended this post, they will have live band performance such as saxophone, keyboard and so on in the lounge area from 7.30pm to 10.30pm in every Saturday. Thinking where to spend your weekend with your loved one, this is the right place!

Last but not least, thanks for having us here. The food tasting is marvellous. I'm giving my honest opinion with my peers review as well. Anyway, it may be vary for others. 

Call for reservation
Heaven Gate Wine.Dine.Leisure
No. 1A, King Street,
Georgetown 10200 Penang.
Maps location *exactly opposite Great Eastern Life Assurance along King Street*
Contact: 012-488 5979 Mr. Teh
Business Hour: Monday to Thursday 12pm to 3pm, 6 to 12am Friday and Sunday 12pm to 12am
**Opens Daily
10% Service charge applied

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cafe Tour in Raja Uda Butterworth

Off Topic
I was supposed to publish Brew Thirty Two Coffee House post right now but the stupidity of me overflown. I did not save the pictures into my laptop and I've deleted the pictures in my camera! T.T Careless max..all those pretty pictures that I took for the cafe are end up I replaced it with this which I supposed to post it after Brew Thirty Two


Us the girls went to Butterworth food hunting trip in the past Friday. Erm..I don't think this considered a food review in fact it does look more alike to vain pictures post! :p 

First stop to 沿海地带生活馆 in Raja Uda. We just stop by for a while to grab some light snacks before fixing our crave for Tomyam. Lol..








Hazelnut Ice Cream but I forgot the price d..:-(
Very cute presentation which match the beach theme of the shop! 
Btw the four pictures taken below with iPhone 4S after updated to iOS7. 
Heard others said that iOS7 did enhance the camera photo quality. Here's the proof! Haha..
But I did edit slightly on the brightness and sharpness but just slightly la! XD


Seafood Pizza RM6.90
Don't expect this can make you full ya..just a normal bread serving only!


Chocolate Banana Toast *something like that* RM6
I personally think this is more worthy than the seafood pizza. 


6924, Jalan Ong Yi How,
13400 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-323 3449
Business Hour: 
Tue-Fri 3pm to 10pm
Sat-Sun 2pm to 11pm

************************* so far for Tomyam but this is not the regular one that we tried. I brought them to a new place for this but I think is not so nice la..would prefer the one from Asia Cafe in Penang although it is written the stall is originated from Raja Uda..

You won't wish to miss out this awesome food if you super love tomyam! So click to this link to read my hawker food review for Asia Cafe Tomyam exact location! 



Sin Wah recommended us to her friend's shop in Raja Uda named Just Something. It is located at the same row with  沿海地带生活馆 that I mentioned but this is in the second floor so would be harder for you to locate the cafe. 

I would prefer this place than the earlier one..this is more cozy with dimmer lighting and sofa seating. 


Having ample space between seats so talk as freely as you wish! Haha..but must speak softly if you don't wish others heard what you said. Lol..


As you seen from this picture, this is all for the shop so in case you want to come with your friends, to avoid disappointment, is better to call upon reaching ya! :-)


Definitely recommend this place to you if you wish to have a heart to heart talk or mini gathering with your friends! 


This is the Google Map for both of the cafe. They are located along Jalan Mong Yi How, 沿海地带生活馆 located beside a bread shop where Just Something is above a shop selling plate if I'm not mistaken, don't forget it is at the second floor, and they just labelled their shop name in the staircase gate! So don't missed it! 

Just Something (Art Space)
Jalan Ong Yi How, 
13400, Butterworth, Malaysia
Contact: 04-313 0017
*Please call to inquire for business hours 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What to expect?

Recently many ideas running through my mind. Is it true that one's grow older, they will tend to think more and start planning for their future?

Is my final semester in university, no longer honeymoon year, time to learn something new again in the new year. I always give myself one year period of time to learn something new each year in my studies. Every year with every little things achieved will be a milestone to me.

Finally the final sem has arrived, people seems very free but I think I occupied myself with too many stuff happening at one time.

Won't share exactly what's going on currently but I really want to be more discipline in terms of time management. Blogging is one of my commitment as well, nowadays seldom update because I do too much thinking whereby hard to organize them into words.

I think I should bring a notebook around so just in case any new things flashing through I can immediately jot them down. Learn, learn, much more to learn!


Anyway, I didn't realized my blog has come to its first anniversary! *drum rolls* *confetti pops* Haha..seriously neglected it for too long, don't even look into this small details.

Really thankful for having this blog. Is an identity of mine, stories that happening, memories and everything. Something which is significant that represented my true self.

From here, I can see my transformation through years, experiences that I've gained, stories that I've created. Never regret of having a blog. I always remind myself that when I can't make time for it, is totally fine. Shouldn't put it as a burden, must enjoy it and keep the fire burning for blogging.


Some very random here and there pictures that we have taken last weekend when Mr. Yeap came back for break!

Taking picture is not our habit but we force ourselves to do so. Lol..beautiful memories came from pretty pictures ma, right? Haha..

Shock smile! So not me! :p

He is gonna kill me if he sees this! He always says I only uploaded pictures that me myself looking pretty in the picture. Haha..ehhem..which girls will upload pictures that they don't look good in it?! XD


Lunch in Who's Bryan with Groupon Cash Voucher! Edited this picture with apps named Snapseed just in case you question. 


Sprained my leg at home right after lunch. ==" Swollen like nobody's business. And the uncle damn funny, use masking tape to wrap the medicine. 


Having our lunch in Gurney Plaza. I am so indecisive and feel so sorry to him because he let me choose what to eat but I couldn't make decision so we end up walking from Gurney Plaza to Paragon then back to Gurney Plaza to have DOME. Sweat la me..


Creamy Seafood Linguini RM30

The creamy seafood linguini is rich and flavourful. I am always very picky when it comes to carbonara pasta, this is one of my favour but still not the best of all. If you have tried Mizi Bistro carbonara pasta before, this is kind of similar in terms of the texture and creaminess. Not forget to mention, the seafood is quite fresh as well. 


Chicken Pot Pie RM26

I would certainly go for creamy seafood linguini if comparing both of these. If I'm not mistaken, I tasted barley in the pot pie which I think quite weird to me. 


Thanks for Mr. Yeap's treat and the wonderful weekend! ^^

Quite miss the time drafting food review! 

This Saturday going for food tasting. Yoohoo! 
Stay tuned for the review publishing next week! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

OmNomNom in Seoul Part 1

Hello guys is time to back to the blog! This few days rotten at home enjoy my stress free life before the last semester begins. Yet feeling quite unwell lately due to fever, sore throat, cough..everything come at the same time la! So rest at home is the best choice. :-)

Since I'm so free I shouldn't neglect my blog if not soon I will become lazier and abandoned this site already! *sit up and blog*

Has been a very long long time didn't visit to the newly open restaurant in Penang so don't really know what's the new trend in the town. New cafes and restaurants in Penang these days are growing like mushroom. Just been away for two months and everything changes. 

Since I have been away from Penang and living in Seoul for 5 weeks, so might as well blog about food in Korea. Anyway 4 weeks is over, I don't really remember the name exactly for the food that I posted below. Anyway just enjoy the pretty pictures will do la, you will realized food in Korea is not just about Kimchi! ^^

Part 1 of food post would be most likely around Hoegi Subway Station. Hoegi is somewhere near to Kyung Hee University, since we studying here so most of the time exploring food around. These are some of the food that taken throughout that month. 


NaengMyeon. The one and only NaengMyeon that I took in Korea. I still can't accept taking the noodles in cold soup and it is so chewy but this shop is frequently visited by the locals. Always has long queue outside the shop. One bowl of this cost RM15.


Bibimbap from the same shop. In Korea, if there is other options, I will try to avoid bibimbap and NaengMyeon because both are not my liking! Lol..


The 便当 chicken mayo bento! Is the cheapest meal around the area. This meal cost RM8. Haha..but this chicken mayo really nice..I guessed all of us miss this very much!


I love this! Very huge pork cutlet with cheese fillings! But..this picture isn't serve with cheese, if not mistaken, this is with pumpkin fillings. I prefer cheese as it is salty compared to pumpkin tasted sweet. One plate of this cost RM15 but it is very full then. 


Our university cafeteria food. Not really remember the price but food in cafeteria is relatively cheap. If not mistaken this one cost RM10.50. I was craving for traditional chinese soup so I ordered this. It serves with dumpling and ttuk aka rice cake!


Cafeteria food as well. This is two persons serving. I love this cz the food is hot when it served and is a little bit spicy and sweet. RM14 for two persons. 


Spicy pork with rice. Craving for soup again. Lol..and the korean yogurt *on the top right* aka vitagen is what we called! Some people will have constipation when they travel overseas, and if you are in Korea, I suggest you to buy korean yogurt and I assure it may help you out in constipation cz I experienced it myself! Lol..


Toppoki aka spicy rice cake in Korea. One of my favourite dish in Korea. The one selling in MyeongDong is much nicer compared to cafeteria. One of the cheapest food in cafeteria. This meal only cost RM4.50.


Ice Cream ice cream! Snacks that we keep in the hostel fridge to fix the crave when we watch drama. Haha..


Extremely spicy instant noodle. I tried that and never ever pour the whole packet of chili oil into it. Otherwise you will end up with diarrhea! Lol..basically it tasted only spicy and nothing else! 


Ahh! One of my favourite food in Seoul! Oreo Yogurt from The Wayo! The mixture of Oreo and yogurt is the best as oreo is sweet and yogurt is sour, best still when I eat, I can bite the crunch of Oreo cookies in every bites! Heavenly good la this yogurt! This is cheap though, RM4.50 each! I want more! 


Another favourite restaurant of mine. What I missed the most is the steam egg! How can you get this full pot of steam egg yet so fluffy in Malaysia? Apparently, those steam egg that selling in local Korean restaurant, they are very dry and tasted like it burned. ==" The side dishes are very nice as well..I love the dried cuttlefish, fish cake and soup! Yumm...


OMG! I miss this! RM30 buffet samgyeopsal and eat-all-you-can enoki mushroom! I'm a mushroom lover so I can really die for this! Really miss this la..:-(


Steam pork! This is very cheap and delicious as well. The meal cost RM15 only. :-)


Walked into this restaurant randomly without knowing the food delicious or expensive. Unexpectedly, the food turns up great. Although the price is quite costly but we certainly miss this food. It is actually duck meat tasted like german sausages! plate of this cost RM45! 


Fried spicy octopus from the same shop! Is very spicy but you just can't stop taking it! Almost the same price like the duck meat. 


Pizza from Mr. Pizza! The salad bar from Mr. Pizza comes with lots of variety and you can find everything here including jelly, cookies, yogurt, many different flavours of potatoes, crabmeat and so on so forth! Unlike our salad bar in Malaysia. >< 

Basically I love Mr. Pizza and Pizza Hut in Korea but the portion for Mr. Pizza is much smaller than Pizza Hut. If you ask me, I would prefer Pizza in Korea than McD and KFC. But..Mr. Pizza and Pizza Hut is very expensive. One meal would cost you RM30 + per person only for a few slices. 


Small lobster pizza. 


Last but not least! 安东鸡!I have no idea what is this called in English but it tasted like food that we could get from authentic Chinese restaurant in Taiwan or China..because they have dried chili padi so the spicyness makes it more flavourful! 

They have two types of glass noodles..after it absorb the soup, it is so so nice! They have the outlet in MyeongDong as well but I heard that usually restaurant branches open in MyeongDong are usually more expensive or same price with smaller portion. ><


That's the end for the food sharing near to my uni area..upcoming post I will bring you to Gangnam, Ewha, MyeongDong and so on  in Seoul! Stay tuned and I miss you guys! 

Have a great weekend ahead!