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Heaven Gate Wine.Dine.Leisure at Georgetown

Had a last minute gathering last week at Heaven Gate with secondary school friends. Just about to update cz just came back from KL. Did some quick shopping at Bukit Bintang as new year is approaching..:-) 

Heaven Gate is a dining and entertainment house lounge in Penang. Heaven Gate will provide a combination of excellent yet affordable food, with a classic and fun atmosphere. A heritage building designed based on an elegant Rome setting furnished with ancient style tables, chairs, and rainbow bar made from white rubber wood. The chef's speciality menus are definitely food of high quality sold at a reasonable price, and it sure to satisfy all customers. - Heaven Gate

Indeed, it is really a nice chilling and dining place Their service is attentive and the servers are friendly and courteous. We have made a right choice to dine in here. *joyful*

 photo IMG_8808_zps7057df21.jpg

The second floor is the lounge and ground floor would be the restaurant. The appearance of the entrance would make you think that they served expensive food indeed it is not. They will provide you a fine dining experience with affordable and reasonable pricing. 

 photo IMG_8789_zpse4fee3be.jpg

Heaven Gate is located at the same row with The Sire Musuem, somewhere near to Penang City Hall and Esplanade.

 photo IMG_8792_zps40eaa2f6.jpg

King Street is just opposite Dewan Sri Penang.

 photo IMG_8788_zps7a9884d8.jpg

Opposite Menara Great Eastern. 
*photo taken from Heaven Gate second floor* 

 photo IMG_8900_zps40974e98.jpg

They served Set Lunch as well and Happy Hour for buy one free one beer from 3pm to 8pm. I have seen the menu and is really worth of price. You should go try it out! :-)

 photo IMG_8797_zpsfc6c04ea.jpg  photo IMG_8795_zps71608f08.jpg

The interior of the restaurant. Cosy right? We spent a great time here. Come in couple during Valentine's Day. They have special menu for Valentine's. Your loved one will certainly love this place. You may call upon further details. 

 photo IMG_8799_zpse92a7928.jpg

The colourful bottles are the signature design. It makes the interior looked more chic elegance. 

 photo IMG_8803_zps501983d7.jpg

Long lost friends. Lol..since 4 of us are studying at different place. Glad that we managed to meet up for dinner before Jewel left Penang. Clockwise: Geogenia aka Boon Jun, Jewel, Lee Yin and I. 

 photo IMG_8824_zpsa2b200f1.jpg  photo IMG_8881_zps7eec67d6.jpg

 photo IMG_8852_zps363e7e9c.jpg  photo IMG_8873_zps780f266a.jpg

Lee Yin's order. We said the tiny tea cup is like drinking shots. Lol..
Passion Fruit Healthy Fruit Tea RM9.90
Anyway we love how it tasted and it smells fragrant and sweet. 

 photo IMG_8804_zps67c29157.jpg

Orange Juice RM6.90

 photo IMG_8805_zps6390a426.jpg

Poulet Roti Rouge Vin RM22.90
Red Wine Toast Chicken. Seasoning roast chicken with herbs honey and red wine done with potato and salad.  

The portion is huge with the roasted chicken and a few side dishes. We love the presentation of the food and you can see they even putting effort in decorating the cherry tomatoes. :-)

 photo IMG_8826_zps6025ed3c.jpg

Francaises Poulet Epice RM22.90
Spicy Grilled Chicken. Grilled chicken breast with herbs and spicy done with sweet potato and salad.

She loves her main course. The meat is not really rough.  

 photo IMG_8831_zps476aecff.jpg

Saveur de Haricot Saumon Poele RM28.90
Flavour Bean Pan Seared Salmon. Pan seared salmon done with wine and honey. 

I told you their food presentation is nice right? Too bad Lee Yin claimed that the salmon has fishbone. Perhaps if you wanted to try, you may request to them to serve you other parts of the salmon which has less fishbone. 

 photo IMG_8839_zpse2552b5b.jpg

Rouge de Poulet Chop Vin RM21.90
Red Wine Chicken Chop. Seasoning chicken chop with honey and red wine done with sweet potato and salad. 

 photo IMG_8832_zpsd17e60a5.jpg

She is happy with her food. Same goes to us. 

 photo IMG_8847_zps8ef8bf07.jpg

Camwhoring time. Lol..

 photo IMG_8860_zpsb5413ed2.jpg

 photo IMG_8863_zpsf66b75d5.jpg

I love this and kinda miss my hair now..T.T

 photo IMG_8885_zps1e0a39c5.jpg

The second floor lounge. Cosy interior and sofa. You can chill out with friends if you don't know where to head to after dinner instead of mamak, Bed or Twelve! Cz they open everyday until 12am, Friday and Saturday even until 1am. 

 photo IMG_8892_zps5e7f92fa.jpg

Xbox provided as well! So held your private party here la like birthday bash with your friends. Besides that, they will have live band soon, it will be available after Chinese New Year so you say nice or!

 photo IMG_8888_zps8658bc3a.jpg

Me again! How can you not take picture with this pretty interior. *hmph!*

 photo IMG_8902_zpsd0cf84ab.jpg

Lee Yin the pretty lady! Now turn into lady already, we are no longer! *ok la young lady* XD

 photo IMG_8907_zpse5a4639d.jpg

So nice lo this place! You should come..haha!

 photo IMG_8921_zpsab948db3.jpg

 photo IMG_8909_zps5172a51a.jpg

I seldom have candid shot which is nice although I know I looked fat here! That is the truth I know..that is why going for about my review to gym la! Enjoy eating is my motivation to exercise! Lol..a reverse principle from others! XD

 photo IMG_8928_zps0b8b8a1c.jpg

With Lee Yin. 

 photo IMG_8935_zps1b251c21.jpg

Highlight of the night. Received a complimentary Marble Cheese Cake from the manager. The Cheese Cake is marvellous, they said this is one of their signature. The whole piece is purely cheese without any baked cookies. Sometimes it comes with the Set Dinner. You should try it out. Yummylicious!

 photo IMG_8942_zpse420c998.jpg

Had a great night with the girls. We should hang out again someday! Hehe..Love you all! 

 photo IMG_8938_zps4d231e2d.jpg

We would like to recommend their signature Roast Goose Breast. It is their exclusive house speciality. It is crispy, juicy and sweet goose breast gets quick roast with shallots, carrots and sweet potatoes, and served with a specially made wine sauce. The manager said some of the customers will call to order it in advance so that they won't missed it when they visit. If you wanted to try it out, better make a reservation prior visit so that you won't be disappointed! The Roast Goose Breast cost RM58. 

On the other hand, they serve Set Dinner as well. The Set Dinner cost RM78+ with Soup of The Day, any main course selection from the menu *you can even order from their speciality menu such as apple chutney lamb chop, beef liver sausage roll, roast deer thigh, spicy spider crab and so on*, a glass of wine and dessert of the day. To avoid disappointment, you may call for reservation and order the main course in advance cz the speciality menu may prior to availability due to the seasonal stock. 

I hope you know where to head to if you wanted to have a pleasant dining experience with your loved one, friends and family! ^^

***By the way they have bring in new menu to serve the customer a better dining experience, if you haven't heard about the new menu, head to this link for more details! 

Call for reservation
Heaven Gate Wine.Dine.Leisure
No. 1A, King Street,
Georgetown 10200 Penang.
Maps location *exactly opposite Great Eastern Life Assurance along King Street*
Contact: 012-488 5979 Mr. Teh
Business Hour: Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 12am Friday and Saturday 12pm to 1am
**Open Everyday
10% Service charge applied

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