Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love and Hate You at the same time

Okay, bare with me cz this is going to be an emo post. Lol..Actually I have few reasons of neglecting my blog lately..

I realized after a couple months my enthusiasm towards blog is no longer that strong. It is not because that I don't love my blog anymore, is actually a direction-seeking stage. I used to treat it as a platform to release my emotion and so on but recently I found out it has being too commercialized. I don't like it. I still prefer it to be a place where I can share my joyfulness and sorrowness with my friends. I don't wish it serves as a food blog or what, like that I will lost the joy of having my blog. Instead it turns into kind of like "serving" my readers to write more food post to satisfy them. Layman term to me is like working lo...:-(

The initial reason of me updating so many food post is because I enjoy eating hence I wish to share it with people. Despite of thinking it can boost my traffic or those bullshit, I just sincerely wish to share the nice restaurant with my friends since I have visited a new dining place. Eventually I found a new restaurant then I blog about it and sooner it has become most of the posts in my blog. :-(

This has annoyed me for some time. Seriously.

That is why currently I have lots of pending food reviews but I still refuse to post it, I don't want it to become a food blog. Honestly, if you have published your blog so publicly, is so hard for you not drifted away from your original intention. I hope I can post more stories about myself instead of keep posting food reviews. I prefer to have loyal readers and followers instead being the top in Google search engine. *weird thinking huh* I just love sharing things with people la..*is just that simple*

Another thing that annoyed me is my English. I think it has deteriorate. *I am so upset towards this* I have no confidence in writing English. My vocab is really weak, sometimes I wanted to describe something but I don't know how to start the sentence. May be you don't realized but I understand clearly about myself. :-( That is why in my Twitter I posted some status saying "Where has my reading habit gone?" "May be I am not reading type of person." I used to force myself to read books when I am free but what I am doing now is staring at my phone when I am free! O.O Kill me please...have to be more discipline.

Two more weeks till my holiday ends. I still have lots of plans in my head. I don't know why I always thought I have lots of things to do, I am not working or anything ah, but I will think I have endless tasks yet to be completed. May be I want too many things at the same time. :-(

Anyway ok la..I am happy throughout the one month holiday la..^^ anticipating towards the celebration of Chinese New Year! But I bet it will end very fast! >< Then bought new clothes d leh, but without new pants! Sad tops but no pants to match! And I go KL quite often in! Credit to my dad cz he got travel to KL..haha! Then workout ah, do spring cleaning ah, sometimes work for parents ah, wanted to update blog ah, reading ah, want to play games ah, do CNY snacks ah, buy CNY hamper ah, bla bla bla...lots of things to do! 24 hours simply not enough for me! *evil grin*

Appreciate for completing my emo post, lol, I will constantly remind myself what is the identity of my blog and keep holding back for not being so commercialized. Cz I know some of my friends may not like it as it is too mainstream. :-(

Blog ah blog, I love you and hate you at the same time! 我对你又爱又恨啊!>< *sometimes released here and share it with all of you make me more relieved!* ^^

Thanks for reading la and have a great weekend ahead! I will have a great one..haha! *wink*  

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